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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slight change in plans...Boxing Day

Sooooo...if you were totally closely watching the Burberry Ticker Tape like I am.  It was a little higher and now lower because of Boxing Day Sales.  In a good way though (I think) haha.  Oh well a little shopping day I think is JUST what I needed.  Soooo I got some cash as Christmas I was going to put a portion to the Burberry Coat fund...then I went and found something I needed more.  I've been debating for awhile on getting a spin bike...vs a gym membership.  Both are expensive but I think part of the reason I would like to have a spin bike is because I'm not exactly feeling social at this point.  I also need to just MOVE again...I haven't ever been this long without working out and its not a weight thing...I've lost quite a bit.  Its more of a "feeling more like myself" reason that I just need to move again.  I also need a way to get some anger out haha.  I talked myself out of buying one because by the time you factor in a regular one at any of the Fitness stores in London you are looking at close to $1000.  If I was to buy it online in the US by the time I pay for shipping and customs it is the same thing.  And that seemed like too much to spend.

So it was really nice at Christmas last night that my cousin Bella and her boyfriend invited me to go Boxing Day Shopping with them.  Boxing Day in Canada is equivalent to Black Friday in the US and is the day after Christmas.  Usually I don't ever brave the crowd but getting out of the house is something I'm trying to do.  So off we went to go shopping and they were nice enough to pick me up too.  So first we went to Best Buy so she could get a Wii (I think we all had so much fun playing Christmas Day).  Then we stopped at Canadian Tire because I heard they had one type of spin bike that might be on sale.  There was one on sale today that is regularly $799.99+tax and it was on sale for $399.99+tax.  So I cracked and I took the $250 out of my Burberry trench fund (that I had placed there 12 hours earlier) and that plus the rest was my Christmas present money used up to get this! 

I'm going to track my distance I think with a ticker too (seeing as I am now somehow obsessed with).  My first goal might be to see how long it takes me to cycle to ...Paris?  Too far for now?  I'm going to think about it before I finally decide.  So it ended up being a pretty fun day.  I'm glad they invited me and I could get out of the house.  At least I got to talk to Bella about it.  She was going to be my maid of honour in the wedding.  She was confused and was like "I JUST don't understand what happened...he was so completely in love with you it was incredible.  Something HAD to happen."  I was like "I know I wish I knew."  In the end though she gave me a hug and said "Teagan I'm really sorry this is happening to you and out of everyone I have ever known you deserve it the least.  I wish I could go beat him up!"  And then I laughed and cried.  It was good to at least let her know what happened.  Then we hung out and talked about my next step which is likely a move.  She has a peaked interest in moving now too and being roomates(I think her boyfriend AND mother may kill me if this actually happens). 

Then I did a very Canadian thing and watched the first game of the junior championship hockey tournament.  Canada vs.Russia ...hmm I bet none of my friends south of the border (meaning USA) would realize such an important sports event was occuring.  My brother and I also decided to make pizza together.  Not at all totally from scratch but it did involve more work than just opening a box out of the freezer and throwing it in the oven.  I meant to take more pictures like an "after" picture but when the pizza came out of the oven we promptly cut it up and ate it!  Oops...well I am getting used to taking pictures more just not a pro yet.  Here is the pizza "before" shots.

And then We won!!!!!!!!!!  What a great game.  Final score was Canada 6 Russia 3 wahoo!

Then I put together the spin bike and I can't wait to get started.  But my brother is having people over so tonight won't be my first spin it will have to wait until the morning.  Here it is by the Christmas tree.  Overall I think it was a pretty good day.  And I get an extra day off tomorrow :)  Things are looking up.


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  1. I'm an American, but I work in an office full of Canadians...the chatter 'round the water cooler this morning was all about Canada/Russia!

    Congratulations on your fancy new bike! :)