Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teagan and Taylor "ruin" Toronto

So I'm so excited for a weekend in mid January.
Taylor is coming to Canada for a much needed girls weekend.
I have a zillion ideas swirling in my head.
We always have the most fun together EVER.
I think it may be her first time in Canada but I'm so excited I forget.
I would love to divulge all my fun plans but Taylor is one of my few friends that know about my blog.
SO it will all be a mystery until after.
I am just so excited!!!!
(insert squels of excitment here!)

Here are some of my fun memories of other cities we ruined before on our trips...

1.  Taylor "I just don't know how to eat this" referring to a burger at the In 'n Out in Vegas.
Me "Just relax your jaw"
That killed us and we burst into giggles.

2.  Pedicures and Manicures at Nordstroms Spa over an American Thanksgiving visit in Dallas.

3.  Our first time hanging out one on one...I remember we were on our way to a Sorority Alumni Meeting and we stopped to get wine at the store and we were chatting a mile a minute and I thought to myself I may just find a great girlfriend in Texas (it was looking bleak then haha)...the good news is I found many.

4.  Pedicures at this little place in Los Colinas it was an ice cream pedicure and we just gossiped and drank wine and got nice pedicures.

5.  A wine tasting party where she mixed too much and didn't eat and for whatever reason (it could have just as easily been me that was way too drunk)...she puked in my car...let me rephrase that she didn't want to puke in my car so she took her shirt off and puked into that to avoid puking in my car. 

6.  Her coming to my rescue after Psychoboy went crazy...she rescued me kept me at her house and we slept in her bed while her boyfriend slept on the couch. 

7.  Lake Tahoe getting VERY inebriated at the Hard Rock Cafe and yelling at each other from bathroom stalls about how much fun we were having together.

8.  Moving from one area in Dallas to another and she came over for the entire weekend.  We watched a gazillion episodes of OneTreeHill, unpacked and arranged my new place and went to Ikea to buy a wardrobe that was way too heavy for us to carry into my apartment so we literally had to unpack it in the street and carry it in piece by piece.

9.  Working out doing 2-a-days...cardio in the morning at like 6am and weights in the evening.  There was this one time where we did legs and she had to call in sick to work for a day because she couldn't walk ...oops but she forgave me.

10.  Eating at Carrabba's one night and the waiter spilling an entire caraffe of wine all over the table.  I think he was a little distracted with Taylor!  We also managed another time to weasle out dessert for free buy guessing the nine herbs in the bread/olive oil seasoning.

11.  Having our One Tree Hill Moment on the front of a boat in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand  minus the flashing.

12.  Splitting a bottle of champagne at the top of a hotel bar in Singapore.

There are so many more memories...just thought I would give you a sample.


  1. Corrections:
    1. "This is so big, I can't fit it in my mouth!"
    "Relax your jaw"
    hehehehe. I can't even type it without giggling.
    8. It was Sex & the City, not OTH that time.

    I forgot about him spilling the whole vase on wine on #10!! And the yelling in the bathroom in Tahoe!


  2. Hi,

    Just found your blog through Goldilocks blog & I just had to comment on what an amazing post this is about a great friendship! She's actually coming to my part of the country next month & we're trying to meet up. After reading this, I am even more excited to meet her!

    Also, I am so, so sorry about what you're going through. I'm still trying to catch up on it all, but my heart aches for you.

  3. Thanks Liz,
    She is an amazing, beautiful and fun friend. She is really positive and can make things like boring old grocery shopping a blast! I hope you do get a chance to meet her :) Thanks for the kind words.