Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Closer

I am working hard at my first goal of my classic Burberry Trench. 
And I just raided my change baggie! 
Yup I hate change so I dump it into a ziplock bag...and when I raided it I was able to add to my Burberry Trench Fund.  This is super exciting for me and then maybe just maybe I can make this goal (that really has been a dream for years) more of a reality!
As I was typing this I realized I had forgotten another $150 in Birthday Gift Money :)  So now I can add that and maybe just maybe I can fall under the $1000 and be just triple digits rather than quadruple digits!!!  Wahoo look at me go!  Maybe when my bestie Taylor comes for a visit we can go pick it up :)
Ohhhhhh so excited...I might actually be able to make this happen!

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