Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

conversations going nowhere

So after the debacle of last Thursday with MrAttorney.
I should have followed the advice of AM.
Instead I allowed the text messages to go back and forth over the weekend.

Him teasing and saying that he dropped off a hot chocolate for me with the concierge.
Me for a second thinking that he actually did.
Him telling me a should yell at the concierge if it wasn't there because it means he drank it.
Me realizing he was totally just pulling my leg.

Later on this week he checked on me (from being sick last weekend).
At first I thought I would just ignore him but then I caved a day later.
And it kind of led to this conversation.

You see I felt bad because his Grandfather passed away over the weekend.
And in my messed up way I want to be there for him.
Or at least offer my condolences.
And then he will say something like the above "almost as much fun as hanging with me in scars" (scars is slang for the crappy out of the city area I lived in previously).   

And I know I should ignore him.
I am focusing on moving on and filling my life with great things.
Because y'all are right...he is just stringing me along for some weird reason.
I obviously am letting him.
I was so good from September 8th until the end of November and I cracked a little when he reached out to me on my actual birthday.
And lets be real obviously some part of me hoping things had changed and he had come to the realization that he wanted to be in a relationship with me.
The reality is that isn't the case at all.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

living in a downtown world

Y'all my week has been nutty in the best possible way!
First on Monday.
As I figured I got a message from the first date fail the previous day.

Which is just weird.  I mean first you say you aren't that into me.
Then he basically questions/makes an accusatory statement about it.
I'm always perfectly nice and polite.
And I just re-iterated what our conversation was on Sunday.
I don't just go on first date sometimes takes me a bit.
Anywho so at least that's done.

Monday night was the start of our winter book club with the girls.
We did this last year and had a great time.
This month's book selection, The Mountains Echoed by 
Pic from here
A lovely night of chicken curry and bubbly champagne.
These girls are awesome and it is fun to get together and discuss things other than just gossip lol.

Tuesday night I headed to the movies with Kai.
So awesome that there is a theatre less than a block from where we now live.
And it's great to have Kai living in the same building.
We of course went to go see my guilty pleasure of Catching Fire.
Pic from here
Loved it and a definite improvement over the first movie.
It more closely followed the book and the recast the cat.  I'm someone who is detail oriented and insanely bothered by the black and white cat in the first movie when the book clearly describes the cat as a ginger one!

Wednesday night was date number two with someone (read here if you missed it).
I'm a little hesitant because it has been two and a half weeks since our first date.
I was wondering if he actually was interested but on the actual date I find myself pleasantly surprised.
Time seems to fly by and I find myself really simply just enjoying myself.
He picked a fabulous place one of my new favs in the city Patria.
Pic from here
It is a Spanish Tapas styled restaurant and my favourite way to eat.
I love trying little bits of everything.
Not to mention here I was on a date with a smart and handsome man.

He always dresses really well which I find super attractive.
Wednesday night he was wearing a blue and white checked button up shirt with a navy blue cardigan with light blue pipping also buttoned up.
Such great style.
After our date he offered to drive me home (now that I'm a public transit taking kind of girl).
As he drove me up I only made things slightly awkward with the hug and no kiss yet.
We do have date three on the agenda for Sunday so fingers crossed.

Thursday night Val and I headed out for our traditional birthday dinner.
We picked The Grove which was also amazing!
I'm seriously having great luck with restaurants lately.
Pic from blogto
We opted to each do the five course tasting menu but actually split it so we ended up with a ten course tasting menu.  So we tried everything except two items on the menu.
And it was delicious!
Definitely on my list of new favs. 
Pic from here
Finally Friday was upon us and it was our second annual American Thanksgiving potluck at Laurel and her husband's place.
And we ate and laughed and gave thanks and just spent time together.
And it was the perfect end to a busy and fun week.
Pic from here
It is kind of funny us all living in a big city but still pulling together to celebrate.
Some of us are from here, some of us are from other cities in Toronto and some are from across the world.
Such a great group of friends I've made here.
I'm absolutely loving living downtown.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

jeans and sneakers

Pic from here
So against my better judgement AND trying to force myself past MrAttorney.
I had a first date Sunday.
At Joey's at the Shops at Don Mills.
We met for a Sunday afternoon drink.

Just no spark and chemistry really.
And he wore jeans and sneakers (which is the fashion statement I absolutely detest!)
There were some lulls in the conversation.
I think I'm probably just more conservative than him.
He told me he essentially doesn't have a filter.

And that he treats guys and girls the same.
And to be honest he just didn't seem that interested in me.

Also I probably should not have gone on a first date with him seeing as prior to our first date he felt so inclined to ask if I "waxed down there".  
(Obviously I told him it was none of his business).
I need to do a much better job screening these things.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Here's how nothing changed

Sorry to keep you suspense.
I was so nervous I could barely sleep.
Trying to pick the most flattering of my non-flattering work clothes.

I was so so nervous and the day seemed to drag on until lunch.
And as I waited for MrAttorney in the lobby of my work building...butterflies.
He came around the corner handsome as ever.
Laughing and pulling me into him in a hello.

As as we giggled and began a walk to lunch it was less awkward than I thought.
Until 10 steps in we ran into someone who used to be another attorney's assistant.
And this awkward introduction moment of being asked if I was also an Attorney and the puzzled look on the ladies face when I said nope another profession.

We sat to have lunch.
Where it was like we didn't miss a beat.
Giggling and teasing each other.
And me being reminded of how handsome and funny he is.

He kept asking me what was new.
And asked about things I had done like Dallas and Ann Arbor trips.
He caught me up on his family and his life.
Asked me some advice on things.

And as we chatted and caught up I found myself realizing how much I missed him.
He made a comment about how his grandfather who is very ill and soon to pass away made him realize that "life was short"...and my hopeful heart pounded.
And as we made our way back to my office I asked him why he invited me out to lunch.
He said it was because it was my birthday and he missed me.
I joked that well he could check it off the list then.
And as I stalled uncomfortably outside my office he said do you think we should talk.
And I put it back on him I thought so if he wanted to.

And then I was up in my office in a blur.
Where was this going?
I had so many unanswered questions.
So with gusto I messaged him thanking him for luch and asking if we needed to talk.
His response "You want to talk?  As you typically that what you want?"
I said yes.

Being the impatient girl that I am I practically insisted on doing so sooner rather than later.
And with that I found myself out to dinner with him across the street at a little sushi place.
When he saw me he made a comment about it being his lucky day seeing me twice.
And as we sat there eating sushi we reverted right back to our old selves.
Him eating the sashimi part off the top of the roll so I could eat the roll (too much fish on sushi is not my fav...he remembered so he did that).
And I found myself mumbling that I missed him and could you pass the soy sauce.
He said me too oh and I also need the soy sauce.

And so with that I launched into the fact that I missed him but I'm at a point in my life where I want to be in a relationship.
And he is in the exact same place.
He said he hasn't dated anyone since but filled his life with work/sports leagues/family stuff.
I told him I was dating.

He said well at this point really you could have had a boyfriend.
But really he just missed me and wanted to catch up.

And I was upset.
Y'all were right.
And with that we left the restaurant and as we stood outside in the cold neither of us wanting to leave.
He kissed me on the cheek I tried not to cry.

He offered to walk me a little ways towards my place.
Which turned into a side trip to his work so he could grab a bag and then we were in a taxi to my place.
Him leaning against me arm around me.
Me frustrated.

He dropped me off and got out to let me out of the taxi.
He pulled me towards him and briefly kissed me on the lips before pulling me in for a hug.
And with every fiber of me I didn't want him to leave.
He had to meet his parents though.

We briefly texted later that night.
I apologized for the situation.
He told me I had nothing to apologize about and that he always enjoys hearing from me.

The next morning I was full on fever sick so I stayed home from work.
He texted me first thing apologizing for not being able to meet me for a drink the night before and said "I really wanted to come" before asking how my night was.
He joked about bringing me a hot chocolate.
When I asked where it was he said he left it with my concierge and to yell at him if it wasn't there because it meant the concierge had drank it.

And we've been texting back and forth over the weekend.
But I need to stop.
Because really nothing has changed.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blast from the not so recent past...

So yesterday was my birthday.
And it was good.
Usually I struggle and freak out and have just the most difficult time on my birthday.
Not the whole age thing but usually bad staff happens on or around my birthday (hence the Birthday Curse).

It's no secret that I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to stop thinking about MrAttorney.
Well I hadn't heard from him since this last message.
But I have been thinking if he only reaches out one more time then I will respond.

So yesterday it came as a "Hey happy birthday.  Hope all is well with you."
To which I replied "Thanks.  How are things with you?"
And then he called but I was busy getting Sushi with Kai for my birthday dinner.
Kai is one of the Canada crew who now just so happens to live on the 19th floor (I live on the 20th of the new downtown place).

So I go this text "Things are pretty good.  Just tried calling you.  Doing anything fun for your birthday?"
And I panicked about how to respond or what to do.
So I waited until today.

And with a few casual text messages exchanged it happened...
He asked "Would you be interested in grabbing a coffee or bite?"
And in my hesitation he wrote again "Crickets crickets...haha".

So I have lunch plans tomorrow with him.
And I'm kind of flipping out about it.
Holy moly what did I get myself into.
I'm probably making a big deal about nothing.
Maybe he just wants to catch up.

I find myself wondering...what will it be like.
Will we slip back into the banter we had before?
Will it be awkward?
Will he have changed his mind?
Will he have missed me?
Will things be the exact same?
Will he now want to move forward in some way?
Or is he just curious how things have been for me?
Like he said before he "cares about me".
I'm nervous and hopeful...
Pic from here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Y'all I'm so OVER packing.
Also for the first time tonight I had total anxiety with this move.
So strange...I mean I'm moving downtown.
It's what I've wanted since coming to Toronto.
Only I freaked out a little bit.
So of course I called Taylor who made me feel wayyyyyyyyy better.
And with that back to packing!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised on a Monday Night

After a Fifth Date Bail more than a week ago, I still have not heard a peep from MrTrader.
What is with these boys?!
Even a lack lustre text is better than just straight up falling off the face of this earth.
So annoying.

So I thought my best bet was to move on.
Especially when I got to the point of seriously contemplating contact MrAttorney.

Anywho so back to dating I went.

Last night I went on a fun date with a potential Mr.

We went to a Terroni location I hadn't been before in uptown.

It was great we shared a bottle of wine.
And ordered appetizers.
I went with the cheese/charcuterie board which may be one of my favourite kinds of snacks.
It was super cute inside as well.
Especially as this cooler weather is coming into Toronto.

We had a surprising amount in common.
He lives downtown and doesn't like the suburbs at all.
We even have randomly stayed in the same exact hotel in Seoul before.
We met at 7:15 and before I knew it the clock was striking 11.
I suppose that's a good sign.

The end of the date was only awkward as I make things.
He seemed a little stand offish.
I think he is a little shy (well that or he simply isn't that into me).
I initiated a hug.
Guess we'll see what happens.
But I found myself pleasantly surprised on this random Monday night.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fifth Date Bail

So after my insecure ranting earlier last week.
He did text me about his busy week and asked what my plans were for the weekend.
I agreed to a Sunday date and asked him what he had in mind.
He thought it was my turn to pick...and said he was expecting big things.

I confirmed Saturday night that we were still good to go for Sunday.
He was on his way to a wedding.
I was on my way to Laurel's husband's birthday party.

So I came up with a grand plan of doing my favourite things.
I made early dinner reservations at my fav little Italian place downtown.
And booked us tickets to Second City (Sketch Comedy just like SNL).
And planned for drinks at my fav drink place Cocktail Bar.

So in planning it all I even though I would pick him up.
It's getting colder here and being a Sunday night I knew I wouldn't be drinking.
So around 1pm Sunday I text him "just wanted to touch base about tonight...any way you could be ready for 445?  I mean since you live in the suburbs and all we need a little extra time to make it to the reservation on time ;)" (I joke that he lives in the suburbs though he really just lives "uptown".
He immediately called me.
AND...he wanted to push plans back until 8ish because he got called into work.  He was literally on his way to a 2pm meeting and didn't think he would be ready to go until after 7:30.

Of course I plastered a fake smile on my face and said it was no big deal and reservations could be changed.
He said he felt bad and wanted to know what I planned.  I told him no worried because I didn't want him to feel bad because this was out of his control.  And I would let him know what we could do.
Did I mention the tickets to Second City are nonrefundable or exchangeable?
So I sat there for a minute...partly frustrated and partly annoyed.

Then I texted him back saying "Hey let's just reschedule for another night if that's cool.  Good luck at work today!"  I decided rather than eat the cost of the tickets I would go with my girlfriend S instead.
His response "Ok...Sorry again, hopefully I didn't upset you.  This rarely happens but every once in a while they call on us during the weekend."
My response "I understand it's important."
His response "Ok thanks".

And I went off on my "date night" with S.
We had a great time but I found myself glancing at my phone wondering if he would text or call.
And nada...haven't heard from him since Sunday afternoon.
And I just keep coming back to maybe he's just not that into me.
That's why you date I guess.
To see if you're compatible.
To see what the other person is like.
This is what he is like...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Busy Fall

This week was good and just super busy I felt like I've been go go going.

Tuesday was super fun.
Laurel, her husband, B and I went on another Burger Club Mission.
We have 54 Toronto Burger Joints on our list and this was #8.
Burger's Priest it was for some Tuesday night fun.
The model themselves after the "classic American cheeseburger joint".
There are whispers that they are trying to do InNOut/ShakeShack kind of things.
Often the scene here.  It was jam packed from when we got there until after we left.  And we went on a cold random Thursday night at 7pm.  Pic from here.
Wednesday I had to rush from work to a meeting.
For that opportunity I keep writing about which is a TON more work for me that I don't know quite how to fit into my jam packed schedule (umm like I move in 2 weeks!)

Thursday was Halloween.
So I went to Kai's place.
We had a girly night of wine, butternut squash soup, grilled cheese sandwhichs and cupcakes.
And we watched my favourite Halloween movie of all time Hocus Pocus.
Pic from here
Friday I did laundry and started the task of packing.
I watched Blackfish (how sad!) and The Internship (to try and cheer myself up!).
Today I'm helping my friend S move (from a third floor walk up to a third floor walk up).
Then I have to rush home and get ready for Laurel's husband's birthday dinner.
And tomorrow date five with MrTrader...who did message me this week....just not sure where that is going...guess we'll see but I seriously cannot add anything more to my calendar at this point!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pump the brakes

I had a crazy weekend.
Coming off my first week back to work after vacation is always busy in itself.
Friday night I finally got to unpack and do laundry.

Saturday I woke up early and spent the day in meetings.
It's for this side project I haven't mentioned but it certainly is causing me a lot of stress.
From there I had to rush home and change into my Halloween costume.

This year I was the Silk Spectre II.
aka a costume only true nerds like myself would know. one knew what I was. one else was dressed like it.
Pic from here
I ended up taking a cab to MrTrader's house afterward.
Where we drunkingly joked around and had a fun night.'s a quirk I haven't dealt with as of yet...someone who showers ummm every time RIGHT that weird?
Should I take it to mean he thinks that's dirty or I'm dirty or something?  All I know is that I should have been gutsy and self-confident and jumped right on in there with him but I don't.
Instead I lay there and over think things.

Anywho I also of course make things always terribly awkward because lets face it I'm terribly awkward.
I think I made a comment about how I think he is way more "experienced" than I am.
I cringe everytime I think of Sunday morning.
Purely based on my behaviour.

While things likely won't work out (let's be real when do they?) I find myself kind of hoping that at least I get another chance to redeem myself.  I mean more in the personality sense.
I think I came across really insecure and not myself Sunday morning.
I heard from him via one text yesterday and nothing today.

So of course in my mind I think he's totally lost interest.
And then I go back and forth on if I should call him or text him....and then I talk myself out of doing that.  Ugh!
I'm probably overthinking it...that or my instinct is bang on.

Either way I think I need to pump the brakes a little bit.
Just for myself...given the absolute madness of these last two to three weeks.
I need to slow things down.
Which is much harder when you're already feel like you're flying down a hill.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Girly Birthday

I hadn't seen Val since August.
So we had planned on catching up over dinner.
Since her birthday was Tuesday I thought I would take her out for dinner on Thursday.

She wanted French so I looked up a cute place we had both been meaning to try.
It is in the Bay/Bloor area (coincidentally the area that I'm moving to) called La Societe.
Their tagline is  "The soul of Paris in the heart of Toronto. "
I mean what could be more perfect for us two girls?

Things I loved about it...
The gorgeous doors...
Pic from here
The customized tile work...
So pretty! Pic from here
The round booths and the gorgeous stained glass windows...
Pic from their website.
Loved their kitchen towel-esque napkins.
Pic from here
I think they describe it perfectly on their website...
A marriage of Canada’s most cosmopolitan city and Parisian bistro style and cuisine, La Société is a dining destination unlike any other in Toronto. Step inside and your senses will be flooded with the sights, scents, and flavours that your Parisian dreams are made of. Gloriously appointed with luxurious furnishings and a breathtaking stained-glass ceiling, a meal, a meeting, even a moment at La Société will transport you to another time and place. 

It was great to catch up with Val.
Hopefully now that I'm moving downtown we get to see each other more often.
What a lovely girly place in the city.
It's one of my new favs!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Next Time

Pic from here
So on Tuesday I was all set to hang out for date four with MrTrader.
I was little a little worried given the previous date (read here if you missed it).
He suggested I come over and we just order in.
So I headed on over to his place (after getting his address from him because my memory was certainly a little hazy.

He is definitely very handsome.
And he had a bottle of red wine decanted when I arrived (LOVED that).
So we sort of giggled and catched up on our respective trips (mine Dallas, him Nantucket).

And he likes to tease me a little.
He said I barely ate and maybe we should just order in a personal size pizza....those who know me well know I can eat like a horse...unless I'm nervous...which I always am on initial dates lol.
So I told him that (look at me being all open and honest).

So we watched the hockey game on TV and chatted and drank red wine and ordered a pizza.
He made me make the selection.
So I ordered the Americana which he teased me even more for because he likes to say I'm American.

After I was a little fidgety and nervous.
He pulled me onto his lap as he kissed me.
At some point I pulled away and called him a bad influence.
He thought if I was going to call him a bad influence he may as well be one.
And that is how one thing lead to another...

After we lay in bed sipping on glasses of wine.
I almost spit my wine all over his sheets when he asked me if the last serious relationship I was in was when I was married.  I definitely did NOT remember telling him that the last time.
And when I thought about's been 3 years.
I can't believe I told him that.
We talk about many different things and I'm starting to really crush on him.

He invited me to stay over but I declined.
After all it was a school night.
Plus I didn't have a toothbrush or anything with me.
He said next time I should bring things and stay over.
Those may just have been my favourite two words he said that time...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

when you sort of want to reply

So what do you do when you kind of want to reply.
Did y'all think it was over when I wrote about the latest message here?
Alas this morning from MrAttorney...(I also left the belt portion of the message in there from before).

What's weird is that I sort of want to text him back.
I haven't thus far.
I haven't even spoken to him since here.
But for some reason I kind of want to text him.
I don't know what I would say...

The funny thing (that Taylor also laughed about)...
Neither one of those dates are actually my birthday.
Go figure.

Monday, October 21, 2013

start and finish

Pic from here
Y'all I just got back form an epic trip to Dallas.
My goodness it was so fun and just flew by!
A catch up post will come but first I wanted to give you the juicy gossip of how I started and finished my trip in a similar manner. 

  • What I thought would be a smooth trip became...

A nail in the side wall of my tire and an emergency car switcheroo with my parents to catch my flight (on the way there).
My expected 4.5 hour journey became 8.5 hours due to some kind of border delay ridiculousness (on the way back).

  • I was hungover BADLY on the way there and back.
On the way there because I had dinner with MrTrader and a bottle of wine and beverages at a bar later (the Friday night on the way there).
I went to Weber's in Ann Arbor and met up with Will and his crew who were out.  My flight landed at 10:45pm and I thought it better to stay at Will's for the night instead of driving home (on the way back).

In the interests of being honest I suppose I can tell you also...
On the way there those late night drinks with MrTrader turned into a sleepover of the randy sort.  Only y'all I so was not prepared for all that to go down.  I'm talking I wore black tights in lieu of shaving my legs etc unprepared.  I'm talking first day of my period unprepared.  I'm talking probably worst way to ever ummm "start" things off.  I literally thought I would not hear from him again but we exchanged a few texts during the week when I was in Texas AND we have date #4 on the calendar for tomorrow.  Maybe he was just as drunk as I was?!

On the way back...well everyone in grad school assumed Will and I hooked that happened after one too many drinks and before I knew it things...happened.  But don't worry I made things sufficiently awkward in the morning when I was shy and embarrassed and naked didn't know how to handle the situation.  Will called me out for being awkward.  

So I oddly started and finished my trip in an awkward, slutty, hungover and very embarrassed fashion.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

a second date fail and a second date pass

Pic from here
This seemed to be the weekend of second dates.
Well two of them at least lol.
So Saturday night I met up with the guy from this first date.

I met him downtown and we headed out for dinner and a movie.
There were again the same awkward stops in conversation.
I found myself searching for topics to chat about.
And he kept leaning to the side (there was a TV behind me that happened to have a hockey game on)...which I found extremely rude.
Heck if he wanted to watch the game he could have suggested wings and drinks and I would have happily watched the game.

And then the bill came and he asked if I wanted to split it.
And I did (though I didn't want to because the restaurant was his pick and he invited me).
It just was weird and I found myself in a little bit of a panic at the end of the date.
Like hoping he wouldn't kiss me or suggest to get together again.
I think I was sufficiently awkward and standing away that he only asked to get together again.
I let him know that I didn't think we were a match romantically.

I met up with Kai at her place after (soon to also be my apartment building too!)
And we both hoped for a better second date the next morning.
So this morning I the guy from this first date for brunch at The Rebel House.
Pic from here
He was on time this time lol.
And with him there is more just "click".
I found myself giggling and really enjoying myself.
Our brunch lasted three hours that seemed to fly by.

And we made plans for Friday night for a third date.
My last night in Toronto before I head to Dallas!
We walked a little down the road before we said goodbye with a quick kiss.
And it was good and totally made up for the not so good second date the night before.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

out of the woodwork

What is up with these guys lately?
So I never expected to hear from MrTenderfoot again.
Do you remember the last post about him? (here)
He like disappeared off the face of this earth.

And then this week...

Here it is zoomed in...
I have not responded because I don't know what to say because it was MONTHS ago 
(six to be exact).
So why on earth would he message me now?

Unless...he is in my cousin Bella's wedding next August.
Oh yeah haven't mentioned that on here yet.

She asked me to be her Maid of Honour.

Which is really great.
Minus the fact that I have to make a speech in the same venue I had booked with Spencer.
(Why of all the venues did she have to go with that one?!).
So that is probably why he messaged me...I assume he is also in the wedding party.

Just a weird situation.
Especially with all the boys coming out of the woodwork like they have lately.
I mean seriously wtf.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Pic from here
Friday night and I've busied myself going through things and really trying to get rid of stuff I don't need.
How did I accumulate all of this in just over two years?!
So I'm just minding my business when...ding!

You guessed it.
"Hey I was cleaning up my place believe it or not and there's a belt.
Did you want your belt?"

I guess this is the point where I'm supposed to step it up and be a little mean, right AccidentallyMe?
Only why am I just hurt and bothered.
WHY message me if you don't want to be with me?
Every time I think I for sure have gotten to the point where I definitely won't hear from him...

PS and tomorrow I will fill you in on how out of no where guys are just coming out of the woodwork...I'll give you a hint...Mr from this past February/March...seriously

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Big news!
I'm moving :)
Finally finally finally.

I'm moving from the far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar edges of the city in a less then desirable area.
To somewhere smack downtown.
Within walking distance to almost EVERYthing cool and fun about Toronto.

The next 6 weeks is going to be crazy.
But I'm so excited.
It has been a long time coming.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good for Me

Pic from here
On Thursday I had a first date with another guy.
A Lawyer that runs marathons.
At first I was a little perplexed.
Maybe he was nervous...I definitely couldn't quite gauge how I felt.

We had dinner at this really cute French restaurant.
Only a few minor pauses in conversation.
And he seems actually quite nice.

Here's the thing.
There wasn't that zing of chemistry.
Or that instant "click".
But I'm wondering if perhaps all that "click" and "chemistry" I have with certain people doesn't really matter in the end.

Maybe I just need nice and kind.
Maybe I should just be paying better attention to only how someone treats me.
Attraction can grow right?
Is there really someone that has it "all"...will there ever really be that relationship where there is click and chemistry and laughter and kindness and someone that would like to be with me as much as I would like to be with them?
I pretty much thought (a few times during the date) that it probably wasn't "there".
But maybe I should give it a chance.
He just might be good for me.