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Monday, October 21, 2013

start and finish

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Y'all I just got back form an epic trip to Dallas.
My goodness it was so fun and just flew by!
A catch up post will come but first I wanted to give you the juicy gossip of how I started and finished my trip in a similar manner. 

  • What I thought would be a smooth trip became...

A nail in the side wall of my tire and an emergency car switcheroo with my parents to catch my flight (on the way there).
My expected 4.5 hour journey became 8.5 hours due to some kind of border delay ridiculousness (on the way back).

  • I was hungover BADLY on the way there and back.
On the way there because I had dinner with MrTrader and a bottle of wine and beverages at a bar later (the Friday night on the way there).
I went to Weber's in Ann Arbor and met up with Will and his crew who were out.  My flight landed at 10:45pm and I thought it better to stay at Will's for the night instead of driving home (on the way back).

In the interests of being honest I suppose I can tell you also...
On the way there those late night drinks with MrTrader turned into a sleepover of the randy sort.  Only y'all I so was not prepared for all that to go down.  I'm talking I wore black tights in lieu of shaving my legs etc unprepared.  I'm talking first day of my period unprepared.  I'm talking probably worst way to ever ummm "start" things off.  I literally thought I would not hear from him again but we exchanged a few texts during the week when I was in Texas AND we have date #4 on the calendar for tomorrow.  Maybe he was just as drunk as I was?!

On the way back...well everyone in grad school assumed Will and I hooked that happened after one too many drinks and before I knew it things...happened.  But don't worry I made things sufficiently awkward in the morning when I was shy and embarrassed and naked didn't know how to handle the situation.  Will called me out for being awkward.  

So I oddly started and finished my trip in an awkward, slutty, hungover and very embarrassed fashion.

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  1. Love.

    Good for you! We're all better for having weeks like that:-)