Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hail to the Victors!!!

So in amazing exciting news today.
After my crazy fun trip to Dallas in September I will work exactly 1.5 days because then I will be headed to Ann Arbor for the Michigan vs. Air Force game!
I'm going with Will and his two friends from the St. Paddy's day weekend Toronto adventure will be joining us too!!!

It is going to be AMAZING!!!
I'm so so so so so so so excited.
I haven't been since 2008!
I'm hoping to make it a yearly adventure.

Here is a pic from the last time I went.
Seriously how ridiculously excited do I look?!
I had goosebumps the ENTIRE time!
It's also giving me some serious thought of going back dark with my hair colour.
Cannot wait.

And how does the whole you follow someone's blog and want to meet them thing work?
Am I a crazy person because I'm totally excited hoping to meet up with another blogger???
Here's hoping :)  (that I can meet up and it's not weird and I'm not a crazy person!)

Monday, July 30, 2012

The coworker's wedding

So not this past Saturday but the Saturday before.
I attended my coworker's wedding.
Who I actually have secret plans of becoming friends with haha.

Remember back in January when I went on a double date with her and her fiance?
I had a great time mainly because I was with them.
Anywho nothing ever came of MrMarble and me.

So I got invited to the wedding...the one I had invited MrKent to attend.
So I went solo instead.
I got seated at a table with a bunch of my other married coworkers.
Where the topic of dinner conversation quickly turned into the "why are you single" interrogation.

Oh well I put on a brave face and before I knew it I was being set up.
So I guess that's a good thing.
I ran into MrMarble at the wedding.
And we had the most boring conversation ever.
Bless his heart but I had more interesting conversation with our waiter.

So after a few too many cocktails.
I mean if this isn't a clear indication of a European wedding I don't know what is. about you pour a shot if your cocktail waiter is taking to long or if the open bar is too far of a walk...haha!
I decided to take MrDentalSurgeon up on his offer to pick me up.
After all I was all dolled up in a short black cocktail dress and fascinator to as well.
So he picked me up in his cute car.
I was actually standing outside with the bride and groom at the time.

And we headed downtown to a club called Muzik.
(Sidenote: I know I have terrible spelling/grammar but I really don't like things spelled like this.  Why not just call it Music or the word for music in another language like Musique (french))...anywho moving on...
I have not been to a club like this in Toronto yet.
Had the sleezy guys outside driving by continuously in Lambo's/Ferrari's.
Pic from here.

The outside was actually quite beautiful and reminded me of Miami.
This picture was actually taken that was crazy busy.
Pic from here.

Pic from here.  The inside.

Pic from here.  The pool outside.

Actually had a really great time.
Though sometimes I wonder if he actually listens to what I say.
And then there is me doing the AWFUL comparison to hewhoshallnotbenamedMrKent.
Just because I worry I didn't see the signs before.
I just find MrDentalSurgeon so hard to read.

So we headed home and pulled over to make out a little bit.
If I was an adult I would actually invite him up but ummm who knows where that would lead.
Though I end up pulling away/slowing down because this feels like I'm 16 making out in a car worried to get caught.
I'm an adult I should just invite him up.
But it makes things a little awkward when you have to ask the security guys for a parking pass at 3:30am a little bit tipsy!

So that's how I ended off my Saturday night.
And enough of feeling exhausted and hung over to cancel my date with MrConsultant...that or my lack of interest...ugh!!!
Maybe I should just stop dating???

Hmmm well I should have told myself that before my next schedule...

Though I still have to catch you up on last Wednesday's date.

Tomorrow I have a dinner date with B (ummm yup forgot to tell you about that).

Wednesday date number two with MrPravda.
Thursday dinner date with Val (yea girlie catch up time).
Friday hanging out with CanadaCrew.
Saturday date with MrDentalSurgeon.
Sunday 30th birthday party with Canada Crew...80's theme...y'all should see my outfit it is RIDICULOUS!
Monday (holiday here) date with MrConsultant.
Wednesday potential date with another new one.
This is getting a little hectic!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Cracking Update

So I know I still need to write about attending my co-workers wedding last Saturday.
And how I bailed on MrConsultant the following Sunday.
I probably should write to you about my Wednesday date with MrOralSurgeon.
But I wanted to give you a quickie update of this weekend.
Which I will follow up with pictures in another post.

But y'all I felt like I was cracking a little.
And super overwhelmed with multiple dates etc.
And feeling a little lost.
And just well tired.

So I took this weekend off.
Said NO multiple times.
Started to crack a little and considered going out last night but didn't.
Then today my parents came to visit.

Which ended up being good.
Because then I get to eat out and end up with a stocked fridge etc.
And they may have purchased a second Lily dress that I am in love with.

I just really needed this weekend OFF.
Especially because I feel like I'm cracking a bit.
It might be the pressure of having to sign a new lease (ummm hello I have only been here since like October!  The reason is they usually require to give you 90 days of notice before increasing the rent
(mine is going up by $24.88/month...which is still about $500/month cheaper than living downtown thought I LOVE downtown I don't think it is in the cards for this next year)).

And then the parents are talking about buying a condo downtown.
Which would be great.
EXCEPT I'm considering changing professions/leaving the country/losing my mind.
I don't know I'm going through a whole bunch of thoughts and generalized anxiety of what the heck am I doing with my life.

Don't mind me I'm just having a little freak out.
But on the surface I look cool and laid back.
But under the surface.
Oh the cracks!!!!

But I breathe and focus on how many days until Dallas.
Because no one quite brings me back to focus like my bestie.
No one quite believes in me like my bestie.
I need to re-evaluate my life in Dallas.
Bounce some ideas off my bestie.
Plus I just have the most FUN ever with Taylor (and hopefully some others I can see while I'm there Will who will be in town for the football game :)

I think I just need a BREAK.
Take some pressure off myself too.
I'm putting a ton of pressure on myself.
And just not feeling that great.

This post really was about nothing.
Just the fact that I'm feeling like I'm cracking a little bit.
And feeling a little lost.
Pic from here.  I don't care what anyone says I totally love KimKardashian....I totally understand her.  She is a romantic and love's love...I totally get it.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

It's my favourite blonde bestie P.Sawyer's aka Taylor's Birthday today.
I miss her so much!
Can't wait to see her pretty face on FaceTime tonight!
Countdown is ON until Dallas!!!!

Pic from here

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday Night

So Friday I had another date with MrDentalSurgeon.
He wanted Thai but the got worried after reading reviews of a new place.
So instead he wanted to go somewhere he had been before 
(obviously because that is what he does!)

So we headed to Thyme 4 Pizza & Pasta this total hole in the wall in the Etobicoke area 
(ie. mega-suburby...sigh!)
I couldn't really hide my disappointment...
MrDentalSurgeon was like "you totally hate this".
To which I plastered a fake smile on my face and said "no this could be totally fun."
Which made him laugh and call me a terrible liar.
Screen captured it for ya off Google earth...I mean come on you may be a tad worried too right?  Seriously the place looked totally sketchy!
Don't let the nonwebsite only listed on UrbanSpoon deter ya!
It ended up being super good.
Even if I was a tad snobby in the beginning.

I had the Mussels and a garden salad.
MrDentalSurgeon had the Penne Arrabiata and added chicken to it.
We shared a half litre of the Chardonnay from Cave Springs (the vineyard we toured for Eva's bachelorette party...and the ones who produce the bottle Taylor and I had during her first visit to Toronto when we went to Auberge on her last day in 2011).

We had some wonderful conversation.
I found myself giggling and laughing and having the types of conversations where in my head I'm like "okay you need to stop talking because you are talking WAYYYYYY too much!"  and then I couldn't stop!
When the bill arrived...we thought there had to be a came to like $52!!!
How great is that???
Which should teach me to quit being such a snob!

We debated on what to do after.
He suggested a movie.
I clearly wanted to chat his ear off.
So I suggested what he had suggested on this date...a trip to Dave&Busters.
Pic from here.

So off we went to another suburbey type activity (I know kinda of cringe-worthy right?)
First we had a couple of drinks at the bar (where I totally still just nervously chatted away...obviously though still clearly avoiding the Spencer topic).

I totally beat him at Basketball!
Which was awesome.
He beat me in Daytona car I guess it was pretty even.
We were having the best time and stayed right until they were closing at 2am!

Then we were sort of driving around.
He asked if I wanted to check out his new office being built.
He hadn't been up to see it in about a week and he was curious to see what they had done.

So we headed there.
I totally though police would see us in the office and ask what the heck we were doing there at 2am.
There is totally no window covering at this point...just flooring, cabinetry/counters, rooms divided etc.
So of course it just led to a funny made for TV movie make out session amongst tool boxes etc.
This man is too good with his hands to be anything but trouble for me!

At around 3:30am we decided to head home for the evening.
He dropped me off at my place.
I was blissfully tipsy and exhausted.
He suggested he pick me up from my co-worker's wedding the next night.
I may have be continued.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday Night Pseudo Deja Vu

Thursday night brought about a first date with a guy I met Saturday night out.
Who I could barely understand over the loud loud music.
Who I was excited to see.

He picked me up from close to my work location.
And I instantly felt like it was a much CALMER start to the date than the one on Wednesday.
In all seriousness I am valuing more and more being able to relax and feel like a woman.
You know to be taken out.
I get it and please don't hate me or think that I'm incapable of a decision or anti-feminist.
It's just nice to feel like a lady...or rather this is what relaxes me.

He was all dapper and suggested Italian.
Even though I had it the night before I was excited.
Then he pulled up to Gusto101.

Only he ALSO did not make reservations (seriously PEOPLE!  Make a darn reservation already!) and we were tight on time because I had an appointment to pick up so dresses I was having altered.
So instead we headed to KiWe Kitchen.
(It is on KIng WEst hence KiWe).
King West Kitchen
Pic from their website.

We decided to sit on the patio and soon settled into some conversation.
King West Kitchen
From their website.

And picked out things from the menu we started with the 
Burrata cheese, grape tomato, arugula, olive oil & crostini
It was only soso.

For the mains he ordered Seared Wellington County strip loin, seasoned fries, veal sauce
I ordered the Spaghettini, white shrimp, Orwell Cove mussels, fresh herbs and white wine sauce
Only when the food arrived...I was brought the Spaghetti, tomato sauce, basil, Reggiano
I hate to be high maintenance so I didn't say anything.

MrPravda noticed.

He asked if I wanted to send it back.
I said it was okay (and also we were tight for time).
Even though I know I ordered something different.
MrPravda asked me multiple times but I didn't want to be a bother.

The food was okay.
Nothing really special to be honest.
Before I knew it we had to go.
And as he pulled up to drop me off he asked if I needed to be walked to my car.
I said no (though I really would have preferred if he did).

What is UP with me lately not saying what I should?!?!
Anywho I went to hug him and he pulled me in for a kiss.
It was nice.
It really was too short of a time hanging out to know if there is anything there.
Perhaps more of a spark than with MrConsultant.

But I'm thinking way too much about everything.
Like should I be waiting for a relationship to grow slowly.
Or does there need to be that intangible something.
The thing that makes me fall too hard and much too fast.
Or is that just a huge mistake waiting to happen?
I just don't know.
I just know that I'm kind of getting frustrated...and sometimes bored of all this dating.
Maybe I'm just a little tired is all.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Midweek Date

So Wednesday I had my makeup date with MrConsultant.
After bailing on him this day.
So I hurried home from work to head downtown for dinner.

He told me to meet him at Gusto101.
I was super excited because it is owned by the same people who own Trattoria Nervosa.
The awesome Yorkville place Taylor and I hit up the afternoon she flew out during her 2012 Toronto trip.
Pic from here...only picture this place with people streaming in a line out the front door!

I headed there and was trying to find a place to park when MrConsultant called me.
The place is SO popular the wait was 2 hours at 7pm on a Wednesday!
So part of me was disappointed because I was looking forward to trying this place...the other part disappointed in that he didn't get reservations before hand.
I know I know I'm becoming kind of nit picky aren't I?

So he hopped in my car looking much more dapper in a dress shirt, tie and slacks then on our first date.
So we headed towards Queen West Area to find somewhere else to eat.
Pic from here.

One of the things that stresses me out about Toronto is street parking.
It's just that sometimes it is seriously super busy and to try and parallel park with angry drivers all around you stresses me out!
Enough so that I will park farther away for slightly more money in an actual parking lot.
So it was kind of annoying to have MrConsultant point out parking places that 
1. were too small for my large SUV 
2. it was pretty much as I drove past them.
Which made me feel all self-conscious and silly and apologizing like crazy.
And it just started off the night in the most stressful way.

So finally we turned down a more residential street.
And one teeny tiny parking space was available.
So he jumped out to guide me into it.
Which I was able to do successfully.
Then he high fived me.

Gosh I HATE when boys high five me.
I'm not your playground buddy.
Anywho as we walked up the street he pointed out a very cool thing I had no idea about in Toronto.

Graffiti alley.
Pic from here.
There is actually a documentary made about this place in Toronto called Between the Lines you can check it out in the link above (under the pic).
It was actually a really cool place.

We then headed to Terroni in Queen West.
I had been to the other Adelaide location previously and love it (read here).
Pic from here.

Pic from here.  It was LOVELY spending the night on the patio.

Anywho we shared an appetizer of 

Funghi Assoluti12.95
baked oyster mushrooms, parmigiano, bread crumbs, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, arugola

Mr Consultant ordered
Pappardelle alla Iosa16.95
homemade spicy sausage, button & oyster mushrooms, peas, parmigiano, extra-virgin olive oil

I ordered 
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese16.95
traditional bolognese rag├╣, parmigiano

And we had an amazing bottle of red wine.
For dessert we shared the Tiramisu and sipped cappuccinos.
And it was lovely.

And it's like I'm immensely enjoying the food and the location and MrConsultant is interesting and kind.
But there are definitely some points where I think we don't actually click.
I don't know...its so tough.
Part of me might be a little hung up still on hewhomustnotbenamedMrKent.
Which is just ridiculously super annoying by the way!

Anyway, at the end of our date I dropped him off at his place.
And when he leaned in to kiss me I found myself turning my cheek.
He wanted to get together again this weekend.
Since I already had a date for Friday and a wedding to attend on Saturday and I was really hoping for a lazy couch day Sunday I tried to decline.
But he was so DARN persistent.
Ughhh why do I SUCK at saying no.
So I agreed to meet up with him on Sunday even though what I really wanted was a day to waste on the couch!
I just have this unsettled feeling...yucko!
And that is how it all went down on Wednesday.

Hot Child in the City

So Tuesday night I was supposed to meet up with Val for a wine tasting event at Mavrik.
It's that wine bar I wrote about here.
It may have been also a date with hewhoshallnotbenamedMrKent.
Moving on...

So I was bummed when Val bailed because she was sick.
But in Toronto Tuesday we broke records for heat and humidity.
So I understand not feeling up for wine tasting.

Instead of packing it in though...I invited Laurel to go with me.
So after work I changed into a flowey cool maxi dress.
We hoped on the subway and headed there.

We had a great time sampling.
They had a trio of Korean inspired appetizers which was pretty yum.
From left to right; goat cheese and kimchi puff, Korean Bulgogi "poutine", and a Kimchi fritter.
We got set to have some tastings.
Please excuse my poor iPhone taking technique/shadow.

After with my notes.

We had a great time trying these smaller winery varieties.
Afterwards it was still hot hot hot!
So what else to do but get some Froyo at Yogurty's!

Pic from here.

Clearly the heat wave had this place JAM packed.

My final selection; Creme Brulee with Blueberries and Strawberries YUM!
Afterwards we headed to Laurel's to chat and gossip.
I seriously thought of that one episode on Sex and the City Hot Child in the City episode.
Well minus the pot looks like a hot fun girls night in the I love that song...and that show!

Anywho at Laurel's we schemed out how on earth I was going to manage the next three nights of dates with three different guys followed by a wedding on Saturday.
Sometimes I make my social schedule insane.
What can I say?  I like being busy!
What an AWESOME random Tuesday night :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So I woke up at Laurel's and quickly headed home to get ready for date number four with MrDentalSurgeon.
He was supposed to pick me up at 10:45am for brunch.
And when 11am rolled around I texted him to see if we were still on
(though we had confirmed Saturday night).

He called me in shear panic.
He had slept in.
I could hardly be mad at him because he sounded so sincere and stressed about it.

We headed to the Distillery District to The Boiler House for Brunch.
It was amazing!
Well I also really love the Distillery District.
Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Their brunch is pretty awesome.
And I usually actually really detest buffet brunches.
But this was was great.
And they had live jazz too.

boiler house toronto
Pic from here. These salads were great!

boiler house restaurant toronto
Pic from same as above.  Obviously I had bacon too.
boiler house distillery toronto
Pic from same as above.  The desserts were so pretty.

boiler house toronto
Pic from same as above.  Eggs Benedict...not my fav but I liked how they were all lined up.

boiler house toronto
Pic from same as above.  Some fresh pastries.

After we just sat and talked and enjoyed our coffees.
I really have fun just talking to him.
Then we drove around Toronto.

He wanted to do some comparisons of condos versus houses.
I'm holding steadfast to my preference for condos in the city.
I want to live where the action is and really I have zero interest in ever having a backyard.
He is in the mindset that a house is the way to go...especially with a family.

I get it I'm totally not the majority of people.
And yes even if I had children I would want to live in a condo smack downtown.
Anywho it was great having chats about these kinds of things with MrDentalSurgeon.

As we drove around he had his hand touching my leg.
He has really good hands...I don't mean that in a dirty way at's just I REALLY like how he touches me.
I'm also a pretty touchyfeely person.

He dropped me off at home around 4.
Still profusely apologizing for sleeping in.
And then shared some sweet kisses.

I was supposed to head back downtown for date number two with MrConsultant.
However, I was exhausted (Saturday night was catching up with me).
So I called him and asked him for a raincheck.
And promptly wasted the rest of my Sunday afternoon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Deedeedeedeedadada (aka Saturday Night)

So Saturday I woke up leisurely.
Had a quick gym run.
And started to get ready.
Look at us...all dolled up!

I love doing that...putting music on and getting ready for a fun night out with the girls.
We hopped on the subway and then the streetcar to head to another of the CanadaCrew's condos right downtown.
She had this amazing spread all ready.

The birthday girl!

And us girls had drinks and snacks and got excited for a fun night out.
At around 10 we headed to Pravda.

Pic from here.

It's a Russian Vodka Bar.
It had really cool decor.
And we were all in a really great mood ready for a night of dancing and fun.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Here's what it looking like more with people in it!
PIc from here.

Had a great time.
Lots of laughs, lots of dancing, lots of chatting up boys.
B was there too.
It's not a complete night out without a foggy/blurry bar shot with some of the girls!

It was super fun dancing around, and flirting and just generally practicing catching someones eye.
I'm actually pretty bad at the whole approach thing.
One of the girls from the CanadaCrew actually got annoyed when this guy and I kept making googly eyes at one another and just waved him over.

I though great here comes this guy in a bar which will just lead to awkward conversation.
Only it wasn't awkward at all.
We had a lot in common (and not just because we were there celebrating birthdays with a group of friends) and I had so much fun chatting with him.
At the end of the night we exchanged numbers...and there may have been a few text messages exchanged today :)
After all I am "playing the field".

After it got late I headed home with Laurel and her fiance to crash on the couch.
Didn't sleep that great because they only have a small air conditioning unit in their room.
So I was very warm.
Woke up Sunday morning to head home because I had two dates lined up.
More about that later.

It was a GREAT Saturday night that seemed to really fly by.
And it was lovely to hang out with the CanadaCrew too.
Slowly but surely I'm making a life and more friends for myself in Toronto.
It's getting better.
And that's all I can hope for!