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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Midweek Date

So Wednesday I had my makeup date with MrConsultant.
After bailing on him this day.
So I hurried home from work to head downtown for dinner.

He told me to meet him at Gusto101.
I was super excited because it is owned by the same people who own Trattoria Nervosa.
The awesome Yorkville place Taylor and I hit up the afternoon she flew out during her 2012 Toronto trip.
Pic from here...only picture this place with people streaming in a line out the front door!

I headed there and was trying to find a place to park when MrConsultant called me.
The place is SO popular the wait was 2 hours at 7pm on a Wednesday!
So part of me was disappointed because I was looking forward to trying this place...the other part disappointed in that he didn't get reservations before hand.
I know I know I'm becoming kind of nit picky aren't I?

So he hopped in my car looking much more dapper in a dress shirt, tie and slacks then on our first date.
So we headed towards Queen West Area to find somewhere else to eat.
Pic from here.

One of the things that stresses me out about Toronto is street parking.
It's just that sometimes it is seriously super busy and to try and parallel park with angry drivers all around you stresses me out!
Enough so that I will park farther away for slightly more money in an actual parking lot.
So it was kind of annoying to have MrConsultant point out parking places that 
1. were too small for my large SUV 
2. it was pretty much as I drove past them.
Which made me feel all self-conscious and silly and apologizing like crazy.
And it just started off the night in the most stressful way.

So finally we turned down a more residential street.
And one teeny tiny parking space was available.
So he jumped out to guide me into it.
Which I was able to do successfully.
Then he high fived me.

Gosh I HATE when boys high five me.
I'm not your playground buddy.
Anywho as we walked up the street he pointed out a very cool thing I had no idea about in Toronto.

Graffiti alley.
Pic from here.
There is actually a documentary made about this place in Toronto called Between the Lines you can check it out in the link above (under the pic).
It was actually a really cool place.

We then headed to Terroni in Queen West.
I had been to the other Adelaide location previously and love it (read here).
Pic from here.

Pic from here.  It was LOVELY spending the night on the patio.

Anywho we shared an appetizer of 

Funghi Assoluti12.95
baked oyster mushrooms, parmigiano, bread crumbs, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, arugola

Mr Consultant ordered
Pappardelle alla Iosa16.95
homemade spicy sausage, button & oyster mushrooms, peas, parmigiano, extra-virgin olive oil

I ordered 
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese16.95
traditional bolognese rag├╣, parmigiano

And we had an amazing bottle of red wine.
For dessert we shared the Tiramisu and sipped cappuccinos.
And it was lovely.

And it's like I'm immensely enjoying the food and the location and MrConsultant is interesting and kind.
But there are definitely some points where I think we don't actually click.
I don't know...its so tough.
Part of me might be a little hung up still on hewhomustnotbenamedMrKent.
Which is just ridiculously super annoying by the way!

Anyway, at the end of our date I dropped him off at his place.
And when he leaned in to kiss me I found myself turning my cheek.
He wanted to get together again this weekend.
Since I already had a date for Friday and a wedding to attend on Saturday and I was really hoping for a lazy couch day Sunday I tried to decline.
But he was so DARN persistent.
Ughhh why do I SUCK at saying no.
So I agreed to meet up with him on Sunday even though what I really wanted was a day to waste on the couch!
I just have this unsettled feeling...yucko!
And that is how it all went down on Wednesday.

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