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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend 2012

So after my Friday night first date with MrPhD.
I got up bright and early to head to Kingston to meet the girls.
I headed up to Jane and her husband's house and was joined shortly after by Brooke, Brooke's daughter Calla, and Val.
It was great because Sophie and her daughter had flown in from Winnipeg too.

We had all kinds of food.
Of course this app is the only pic I took.

So we had a big BBQ and sat outside drinking and eating.
Then we headed to Menchie's in downtown Kingston...I guess they have locations in Toronto too.
It's a franchise of Frozen Yogurt stores where you mix and match and pay by the weight of your concoction.  

We all enjoyed!
Plus Kim Kardashian likes it too (always a bonus in my book!)

Pic from here.
Then we headed back to Jane's house.
And one by one the girls' headed to their homes 
(they are all from around Kingston except me!)
So I crashed at Jane's place.

Oh and turns out Val forgot to bring home Jane's gift to Eva.
So now it's in my trunk as I debate what the heck to do with that.
(Likely give it to Val to give to Eva...
since I STILL have not seen Eva since the St.Patrick Day fiasco!)

The next morning we woke up.

Jane and her husband had plans to head to a friends cottage.
So I puttered around getting ready to go to Brooke's parents place to hang out with her and Calla.

It was Calla's birthday again this year (7!!!)
I also got to hang out with them last year when Calla turned 6.

If you missed it you can read about it here.
It was also around the time I was dating WEIRD it was a year ago.
I had yet to move to Toronto and things felt abundantly positive.

Anyway we filled our day with going to Costco and ToysRUs and picking up an ice cream cake from a Marble Slab Creamery.  
We did find some time to sneak to the park.
Calla and I hopped on the swings.
I wore my traditional Canada Day outfit (same as last year!) obviously I'm the one in the white dress haha.

Then Brooke's big family all came over.
And it was sort of weird.
In the sense that at times I was bored.
And at times I felt lonely.

It was a weird mix of feelings all together.
The realization that I'm soon coming up to a year in the TDot.
The year of commitment I forced myself to try before giving up on Canada.
Thinking I would feel totally settled by now but instead I feel a lot more insecure about everything.

This year over the long weekend I was messaging three boys instead of one.
So I suppose that is an upgrade...sort of.
I don't know just a feeling of weirdness all around.

Then Sunday night while I slept in Brooke's parents guest room I had a total restless sleep.
I had this CRAZY dream about a crazy inappropriate dream.
Maybe because I found out this week he broke up with his girlfriend ....though there has never been any weird sexual tension or anything between us.
Clearly I'm just in a weird place.

So Monday I woke up early had Calla's birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes made by Brooke's mum.
Then I hopped on the road to head back to the TDot.
Which left me with 3+ hours of driving/thinking time.
And just a general feeling of unrest.
Something about this weekend felt very unsettling.
And I can't put my finger on what that is...


  1. Will broke up with his girlfriend??? OMG SoMidwestern and him MUST meet!!!

    You're probablty feeling unsettled because you aren't in a relationship. You never feel settled unless you have a boyfriend.

  2. Ummm I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much would I love to set those two up. Hopefully during my annual fall trip to A2 I can meet up with SoMidwestern and I'll be conveniently visiting Will :)

    Okay you are obviously my bestie...and know me so well that you point out things that are true that I simply can't see.