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Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday Night Pseudo Deja Vu

Thursday night brought about a first date with a guy I met Saturday night out.
Who I could barely understand over the loud loud music.
Who I was excited to see.

He picked me up from close to my work location.
And I instantly felt like it was a much CALMER start to the date than the one on Wednesday.
In all seriousness I am valuing more and more being able to relax and feel like a woman.
You know to be taken out.
I get it and please don't hate me or think that I'm incapable of a decision or anti-feminist.
It's just nice to feel like a lady...or rather this is what relaxes me.

He was all dapper and suggested Italian.
Even though I had it the night before I was excited.
Then he pulled up to Gusto101.

Only he ALSO did not make reservations (seriously PEOPLE!  Make a darn reservation already!) and we were tight on time because I had an appointment to pick up so dresses I was having altered.
So instead we headed to KiWe Kitchen.
(It is on KIng WEst hence KiWe).
King West Kitchen
Pic from their website.

We decided to sit on the patio and soon settled into some conversation.
King West Kitchen
From their website.

And picked out things from the menu we started with the 
Burrata cheese, grape tomato, arugula, olive oil & crostini
It was only soso.

For the mains he ordered Seared Wellington County strip loin, seasoned fries, veal sauce
I ordered the Spaghettini, white shrimp, Orwell Cove mussels, fresh herbs and white wine sauce
Only when the food arrived...I was brought the Spaghetti, tomato sauce, basil, Reggiano
I hate to be high maintenance so I didn't say anything.

MrPravda noticed.

He asked if I wanted to send it back.
I said it was okay (and also we were tight for time).
Even though I know I ordered something different.
MrPravda asked me multiple times but I didn't want to be a bother.

The food was okay.
Nothing really special to be honest.
Before I knew it we had to go.
And as he pulled up to drop me off he asked if I needed to be walked to my car.
I said no (though I really would have preferred if he did).

What is UP with me lately not saying what I should?!?!
Anywho I went to hug him and he pulled me in for a kiss.
It was nice.
It really was too short of a time hanging out to know if there is anything there.
Perhaps more of a spark than with MrConsultant.

But I'm thinking way too much about everything.
Like should I be waiting for a relationship to grow slowly.
Or does there need to be that intangible something.
The thing that makes me fall too hard and much too fast.
Or is that just a huge mistake waiting to happen?
I just don't know.
I just know that I'm kind of getting frustrated...and sometimes bored of all this dating.
Maybe I'm just a little tired is all.

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