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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Warming Up

So last night.
Third date with MrPhD.
And I think I'm warming up to him.

I was a little cranky at first and almost cancelled the date.
First he messaged me that he would pick me up around 9 or 10.
He had a family function that he was at.
And I was pretty tired from being in the office at 6:45am to start.

So after a bit of debating.
I decided why the heck not.
He came to pick me up.
And I have to admit I'm a little disappointed.

NOT in how he looks.  
He definitely handsome.
But his personal style lacks a bit.
I'm just not a huge fan of t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

So we actually headed to the Shops at Don Mills.
Sound familiar?
It's the place Taylor and I went after being hung over to do a little shopping and dining.
It's an outdoor type mall (very unusual for Canada and really the only one in Toronto).

Pic from here.

Initially we tried to check out Joey at Don Mills.
Which is the same Joey from downtown that I went to here.
However when we got there...the wait was 2.5 hours and it was 10:30pm!!!
Though it looked like they had a cool patio upstairs.

Pic from here.

So we decided to try out Mark McEwan's newest restaurant Fabbrica.
The only problem.
It was after getting close to 11 so the kitchen was closed :(

Pic from here.

The menu did look great and would be a place I would go back to again.
The inside was quite pretty as well.
So we decided to stay for a cocktail.
Pic from here.

A Bellini for me and a Tony Danza for MrPhD.

And I kid you not our server said the Tony Danza was a good choice because "he's the boss".

So we had some conversations.
He's a little bit awkward but I could talk to a brick wall so I tried to keep him entertained.
Then we were starving and  a little buzzed from the strong delicious cocktails so we decided to try Joey again.

There was still a wait for the upstairs patio (and this was after midnight).

So we headed to the bar to grab a bite.
Pic from here.

We chatted and grabbed a bite to eat.
There were some awkward silences.
He teased me about my small hands...all because his engineering ring (that is worn on the pinky finger) may have fit on my thumb.

So then we walked back to his car.
And he said that he liked hanging out with me but found me tough to read.
My my have the tables turned for me.

I told him it was because I just liked to go slow...I think I said I was shy too.
And also I didn't really want to rush into things.
Then he leaned over to kiss me and y'all just it's a whole lot of tongue.
That made me wonder...maybe he has a larger size tongue then most.
I think that is definitely an area of improvement.
So we'll see.

I'm always left perplexed at the end of our dates.
Am I just not "feeling it"?
Some of our discussions I can really identify with.
He told me he tends to over think things etc. (which hello that is what I do).

I tend to sometimes have a soft spot for guys sometimes.
Especially if I identify myself/my feelings in what they say.
It's not a pity thing though.
It's more like a ...hmmm will this person never leave me/abandon me/etc because they are more into me than I am into them/will it be enough that I can fully open up to them and they will love me anyway...
Is that totally messed up?

So yea....maybe a fourth date.
I don't know maybe this is what MrKent thought about me???
That he wasn't really feeling it but thought maybe why not...I was nice enough...
Or maybe I still have a little bit of a hang up about MrKent (which is annoying).
So clearly the best solution is to continue going on dates with multiple people.
Look at me..."playing the field".

Pic from here.

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