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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So I alluded to my first date with MrPhD before.
Friday we made plans...only he couldn't seem to decide what to do.
I'm usually pretty easy in terms of choice.
I pretty much like everything.

So I let him know I wasn't picky and he could feel free to make the executive decision.
He asked me to give him something to work with or food preferences.
I let him know that anything was good and linked an article to the top 10 new restaurants (a variety of pricing) from the Toronto Life magazine.

He then suggested some types of food like Italian, Japanese etc.
I said they all sounded great and apologized for not making it easy on him.
Then he asked me what to wear.
I told him I was wearing a causual dress with JackRogers flat sandals but had heels in the car if needed.
Only instead he whined about not knowing what to wear.

I was actually getting a little irritated at that point.
Mainly because I wanted him to man up and make a decision.
So then it came time to pick a place to meet up.

We decided on a neutral ground of Bayview Shopping Centre (the same shopping centre that has my favs of Restoration Hardware, Brooks Brother's, and O&B Cafe Grill...and yes if you've been following along the same place as DateEighteen with MrKent).

So he came to pick me up from that parking lot.
Which I offered to meet at the restaurant of his choosing but he still wanted to drive.
And don't worry I always let someone know who I'm going with etc. so I feel safe.

So he picked me up and we started to drive.
There was some awkward first date type chit chat.
Then we headed to Highway 61 Southern BBQ.
Which I was super excited for...
Pic from here

Only it was closed for renovations.
(Which also let me know he didn't try to make any reservations).
So then we walked down the street until we came across Verdi Restaurant.
A cute little place with a cute patio.

Pic from here

So we settled in.
And had some good chats.
It was hard sometimes because you know when you're talking and someone says "yea yea yea" only you think it's because they aren't listening.
That's sort of what he does and the feeling I got.
Like he doesn't quite pay attention.

Dinner was sort of just meh.
Basic pasta but the wine was warm (seriously).
And the bread was stale.
And I sort of wished he had said something about it to the waiter but he didn't.

So then he asked if I wanted to go grab a drink somewhere.
I wasn't having a completely unfortunate time.
So I agreed...maybe I just needed to warm up to him a little was what I was thinking.

So we headed down to College Street.
To a place called College Street Bar.
It definitely seemed like a cool place to be.
And with a gorgeous summer night it was fun to relax.

Pic from here.

And we sat there and talked some more.
Then he suggests we do shots.
I declined.
I'm so NOT a shot girl.
And ummm hi there first date.

So then he asks me if I think we click.
AND if I think we click physically? emotionally? chemistry?
I'm thinking in my head...holy crap I couldn't get MrKent to have this kind of conversation and here we are on a first date and this is totally WAY too soon.
So I think I tried to laugh it off and say something along the lines of...I think you're cute and I think we'll have to see about all those other things.

So it left me feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Maybe he is just sort of socially awkward?
And also...this is kind of weird...he would lean into me with his head tilted down.
But I couldn't tell if it was because he was trying to get closer to tell me something or if he was trying to put his face in my cleavage...SERIOUSLY I'm still trying to figure out that one.

Anywho it started to get late so I suggested we head back to the mall parking lot.
And as we pulled up to it.
We saw them giving my car a ticket!
Booooooooo!  At least my care wasn't towed!

Anyway so he got out of the car.
And we said goodbye.
He leaned in for a kiss so I let him peck me quickly on the lips before turning my head so the second kiss attempt landed squarely on my cheek.

He at least was sweet and asked me to text him when I got in.
I did and thanked him for the fun evening.
He replied with "you too your really sweet and fun".
So that was nice.

Umm yea...that was that first date.
I don't know about it.
He was cute but I'm just not sure how we "clicked" I suppose.

Then he messaged me during the weekend a bunch...which I usually really like.
Then sort of weird but yesterday he messaged me "I missed your smile ;)"
Which just seems like he is full of BS.
I mean we've been on ONE date.

So I managed to side step that one...then he blatantly text me "did you miss me?"
And my heart sunk.

Because I just had a fun long Canada Day Weekend with the girls 
(which will be the next post I write).
And I barely know him so ummm no I didn't really miss you.
But now I'm in this awkward position where he totally has put me on the spot.
I just sort of ignored it and responded later on in the day with something about an afternoon nap...pure avoidance is the way I chose to go with that!

I talked to Laurel about it and she thinks he's just trying to hit it and quit it.
ie. Totally full of BS and just trying to get in my pants.
We sort of made plans to hang out Wednesday.

He asked if I wanted to go on a hike.
I mean not exactly my first choice for a second date but we'll see.
I don't I just be hypercritical because I'm comparing these two first dates with recent amazing dates with MrKent?
I just don't know!

I also don't know if will go on a second date with MrDental Surgeon.
I wrote about the date ditching weirdness here.
He messaged me a Happy Canada Day. 
And then he messaged me yesterday about how my weekend was...and asking what my week looked like.
I responded back all breezy like...I have a few things on the agenda but not too crazy ...what does your week look?
He responds with "Very light week, weekend completely free!"
To which I didn't respond...because if he thinks I'm going to ask him out after he blew me off on Wednesday...well let's just say that's not going to happen.
And I haven't heard from him since.

But don't worry I have a few others on the agenda for this week.
Wednesday a second date (possibly) with MrPhD.
Thursday a first date with MrResident.
This Friday possibly a date with MrConsultant.
This weekend Jacob is possibly coming up to visit.
Just thought I would try and slip that one past y'all.

It's only during the rough times I tend to spiral into that suckhole vortex that is Jacob.
I haven't done it yet but I have chatted with him.
Obviously I'm not feeling that great if I'm resorting to that.
I suck.

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