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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday Night

So Friday I had another date with MrDentalSurgeon.
He wanted Thai but the got worried after reading reviews of a new place.
So instead he wanted to go somewhere he had been before 
(obviously because that is what he does!)

So we headed to Thyme 4 Pizza & Pasta this total hole in the wall in the Etobicoke area 
(ie. mega-suburby...sigh!)
I couldn't really hide my disappointment...
MrDentalSurgeon was like "you totally hate this".
To which I plastered a fake smile on my face and said "no this could be totally fun."
Which made him laugh and call me a terrible liar.
Screen captured it for ya off Google earth...I mean come on you may be a tad worried too right?  Seriously the place looked totally sketchy!
Don't let the nonwebsite only listed on UrbanSpoon deter ya!
It ended up being super good.
Even if I was a tad snobby in the beginning.

I had the Mussels and a garden salad.
MrDentalSurgeon had the Penne Arrabiata and added chicken to it.
We shared a half litre of the Chardonnay from Cave Springs (the vineyard we toured for Eva's bachelorette party...and the ones who produce the bottle Taylor and I had during her first visit to Toronto when we went to Auberge on her last day in 2011).

We had some wonderful conversation.
I found myself giggling and laughing and having the types of conversations where in my head I'm like "okay you need to stop talking because you are talking WAYYYYYY too much!"  and then I couldn't stop!
When the bill arrived...we thought there had to be a came to like $52!!!
How great is that???
Which should teach me to quit being such a snob!

We debated on what to do after.
He suggested a movie.
I clearly wanted to chat his ear off.
So I suggested what he had suggested on this date...a trip to Dave&Busters.
Pic from here.

So off we went to another suburbey type activity (I know kinda of cringe-worthy right?)
First we had a couple of drinks at the bar (where I totally still just nervously chatted away...obviously though still clearly avoiding the Spencer topic).

I totally beat him at Basketball!
Which was awesome.
He beat me in Daytona car I guess it was pretty even.
We were having the best time and stayed right until they were closing at 2am!

Then we were sort of driving around.
He asked if I wanted to check out his new office being built.
He hadn't been up to see it in about a week and he was curious to see what they had done.

So we headed there.
I totally though police would see us in the office and ask what the heck we were doing there at 2am.
There is totally no window covering at this point...just flooring, cabinetry/counters, rooms divided etc.
So of course it just led to a funny made for TV movie make out session amongst tool boxes etc.
This man is too good with his hands to be anything but trouble for me!

At around 3:30am we decided to head home for the evening.
He dropped me off at my place.
I was blissfully tipsy and exhausted.
He suggested he pick me up from my co-worker's wedding the next night.
I may have be continued.

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