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Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update ~Afternoon Tea, Back Seat in a Parking Lot and Beach Bumming

So after Friday night (read here) with MrPhD left me quite perplexed...
I was ready for the rest of the weekend.
Saturday in the morning I mainly bummed around and got ready for my first date with MrConsultant.
I was excited because we've been chatting on the phone and we've developed a pretty decent banter.

Oh I did scrounge up for a fun breakfast that involved a pie crust, pancetta, kale and I guess it would most resemble a frittata.
I slightly over cooked it but it was still decent.

The other reason I was excited?
His choice of first date...afternoon tea at the Le Meridien's King Edward hotel downtown.
As IF he could have picked a better first date for me!
So I got dolled up in one of my favourite dresses.
So off I went downtown to meet him.

I pulled up filled with a sense of anticipation...
Pic from here
How could you not?

With a place like this?

Pic from here.

And I totally walked past him.
Mainly because I thought surely this guy in the lobby cannot be him.
Because he was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

I mean really?
For a first date?
And with his suggestion of the venue and everything....what the heck?!
AND not to mention our last conversation we had was about how he had 82 pairs of shoes and Prada loafers were part of the conversation too.
So ummm have to admit in person sort of disappointing...mainly because it looked like no effort was placed.

Pic from here.

I enjoyed his company and all the treats...
the tea...
Pic from same as above.

the sandwiches
the scones
and the pastries
were lovely
Pics from same as above.

I enjoyed my time.
He's certainly quirky and smart.
I enjoyed the conversation.
He suggested we go out again.
I accepted.

With that I headed home.
And MrPhD gave me a call and suggested we hang out that night.
I thought about it and thought...hey why not?
I figured maybe I could at least figure out a little more one way or another of how I felt.

So I accepted.
He then told me I should make the plan for the night.
(Which I don't love but am totally capable of...sort of like how I feel about opening doors).

So I picked a restaurtant from Toronto's Life's Top 10 new restaurants for 2012.
Called Keriwa.
Described as Toronto's only Aboriginal fare.
Pic from here.

It was definitely a different type of restaurant.
Upon entering it had sort of a smokey campfire scent.
MrPhD said it smelled like incense.
I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
But it was definitely unique.
Pic from same as above.

It was busy and had a good mix of people in it.
The couple beside us raved about how good the food was.
So we were excited.
Pic from same as above.

I had the Lamb.
He had the Bison (found a pic online of his).

Pic from here.

And we generally had good conversation.
Enough for me to suggest we grab a drink at Cocktail Bar.
Obviously one of my favourites....went there with Taylor and hewhoshallnotbenamedagainbecauseitsgettingannoyingMrKent.
And we started having some cocktails.

Pic from here.
And he proceeded to try and kiss me full on at the bar.

While I squirmed away.
Then our conversation somehow had him asking "so how much do you weigh?"
Ummmm what?!?!
I told him that wasn't really an appropriate question...especially coming off a conversation about him complaining about his last date that he met off EH was overweight.
Yea it was sort of downhill from there.

Then came the most awkward moment ever.
We walked hand and hand back to where he parked.  
Then he said ummm why don't we sit for a second before we go.
I said "oh okay do you not feel okay to drive?"
He said he would prefer to wait a little while.
I of course said that was okay and suggested an alternative of us each taking a taxi home.
He said it was okay and wanted to sit for a bit.
And then opened the the back seat of his car.

Are you raising your eyebrow yet because I was sort of stunned at this point.
I suggested we go for a walk.
He said he would prefer to sit.
So I reluctantly climbed in.

And then it was just awkward as he grabbed my chin, tilted my head and proceeded to jam him tongue into my mouth.
And I just felt uncomfortable.
And the more he persisted the more I pulled away.
I mean here we were in a well lit parking lot off a main street downtown.
I felt so silly in the back seat of his car.

So then he drove me home.
And I thought to myself ...yea this is probably not going to work.
And when I got home I promptly fell asleep in a mixture of confusion and tipsiness.
Today's text of "how was your day?" has been unanswered and leaving me with trying to figure out how to respond because really it's just not working out.

The next morning with a slight headache I dragged myself from bed to get ready for a beach day.
I headed to Laurel's where I met up with her, her fiance, and B.
We headed down to the beach to meet two of the other CanadaCrew girls and one of their cute guy friends.
The weather was perfect.
And we had a fantastic yummy potluck picnic.

Then the boys played some frisby.
And I just watched all the eye candy of them showing off.
B was looking really good.
And had me re-thinking why I blew him off for a date.  
Okay that sounded ridiculously know what I mean.

I headed home in the early evening because I had my second date with MrDentalSurgeon.
I was anticipating this was going to be the ending the hanging out type date 
(much like the Saturday one with MrPhD).
He picked me up looking quite handsome (1 point).

He said he almost forgot how beautiful I was (1 point).
He picked out Moxie's (a chain) for dinner (-1 point).
As we sat down he seriously you are really beautiful (1 point).

Pic from here.

And as the dinner went on I found myself having more and more fun with him.
As we talked I also brought up the Wednesday night ditch (I wrote about it here).
And he said, well I didn't hear from you on Tuesday or Wednesday so I figured you didn't really want to and I didn't want to push it (0.5 point).
One of the other interesting things is he joked around (I think) about going with him to a conference in Dallas during the first weekend of July...
hmmm I wonder if he was actually serious.
I giggled about it but secretly might be hoping that would work out...guess we'll see.

As we walked out of Moxie's he grabbed my hand.
And he walked to open my car door.
And as he did he said..."well there is a small fee of a hug for that".
I hugged him and he lifted me off the ground commenting "gosh you're light" (1 point).
And as he gently placed me down I tilted my head up and he kissed me.
And it was a REALLY good kiss (plus like a zillion points).
And when we finished he commented "I could definitely get used to that".

Then he drove me home and stopped short of the entrance to my apartment.
When I looked at him quizzically.
He explained...I'd like to kiss you again only not put on a show for the concierge.
Which I found actually very sweet.
And the kiss was just WOW.

And I giddily walked up to my apartment.
What a busy interesting weekend I had.
Made even better this morning with this text from MrDentalSurgeon 
"Have a great day gorgeous".
After that text...I sure did.

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