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Monday, July 16, 2012

Deedeedeedeedadada (aka Saturday Night)

So Saturday I woke up leisurely.
Had a quick gym run.
And started to get ready.
Look at us...all dolled up!

I love doing that...putting music on and getting ready for a fun night out with the girls.
We hopped on the subway and then the streetcar to head to another of the CanadaCrew's condos right downtown.
She had this amazing spread all ready.

The birthday girl!

And us girls had drinks and snacks and got excited for a fun night out.
At around 10 we headed to Pravda.

Pic from here.

It's a Russian Vodka Bar.
It had really cool decor.
And we were all in a really great mood ready for a night of dancing and fun.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Here's what it looking like more with people in it!
PIc from here.

Had a great time.
Lots of laughs, lots of dancing, lots of chatting up boys.
B was there too.
It's not a complete night out without a foggy/blurry bar shot with some of the girls!

It was super fun dancing around, and flirting and just generally practicing catching someones eye.
I'm actually pretty bad at the whole approach thing.
One of the girls from the CanadaCrew actually got annoyed when this guy and I kept making googly eyes at one another and just waved him over.

I though great here comes this guy in a bar which will just lead to awkward conversation.
Only it wasn't awkward at all.
We had a lot in common (and not just because we were there celebrating birthdays with a group of friends) and I had so much fun chatting with him.
At the end of the night we exchanged numbers...and there may have been a few text messages exchanged today :)
After all I am "playing the field".

After it got late I headed home with Laurel and her fiance to crash on the couch.
Didn't sleep that great because they only have a small air conditioning unit in their room.
So I was very warm.
Woke up Sunday morning to head home because I had two dates lined up.
More about that later.

It was a GREAT Saturday night that seemed to really fly by.
And it was lovely to hang out with the CanadaCrew too.
Slowly but surely I'm making a life and more friends for myself in Toronto.
It's getting better.
And that's all I can hope for!

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