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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Child in the City

So Tuesday night I was supposed to meet up with Val for a wine tasting event at Mavrik.
It's that wine bar I wrote about here.
It may have been also a date with hewhoshallnotbenamedMrKent.
Moving on...

So I was bummed when Val bailed because she was sick.
But in Toronto Tuesday we broke records for heat and humidity.
So I understand not feeling up for wine tasting.

Instead of packing it in though...I invited Laurel to go with me.
So after work I changed into a flowey cool maxi dress.
We hoped on the subway and headed there.

We had a great time sampling.
They had a trio of Korean inspired appetizers which was pretty yum.
From left to right; goat cheese and kimchi puff, Korean Bulgogi "poutine", and a Kimchi fritter.
We got set to have some tastings.
Please excuse my poor iPhone taking technique/shadow.

After with my notes.

We had a great time trying these smaller winery varieties.
Afterwards it was still hot hot hot!
So what else to do but get some Froyo at Yogurty's!

Pic from here.

Clearly the heat wave had this place JAM packed.

My final selection; Creme Brulee with Blueberries and Strawberries YUM!
Afterwards we headed to Laurel's to chat and gossip.
I seriously thought of that one episode on Sex and the City Hot Child in the City episode.
Well minus the pot looks like a hot fun girls night in the I love that song...and that show!

Anywho at Laurel's we schemed out how on earth I was going to manage the next three nights of dates with three different guys followed by a wedding on Saturday.
Sometimes I make my social schedule insane.
What can I say?  I like being busy!
What an AWESOME random Tuesday night :)

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