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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Cracking Update

So I know I still need to write about attending my co-workers wedding last Saturday.
And how I bailed on MrConsultant the following Sunday.
I probably should write to you about my Wednesday date with MrOralSurgeon.
But I wanted to give you a quickie update of this weekend.
Which I will follow up with pictures in another post.

But y'all I felt like I was cracking a little.
And super overwhelmed with multiple dates etc.
And feeling a little lost.
And just well tired.

So I took this weekend off.
Said NO multiple times.
Started to crack a little and considered going out last night but didn't.
Then today my parents came to visit.

Which ended up being good.
Because then I get to eat out and end up with a stocked fridge etc.
And they may have purchased a second Lily dress that I am in love with.

I just really needed this weekend OFF.
Especially because I feel like I'm cracking a bit.
It might be the pressure of having to sign a new lease (ummm hello I have only been here since like October!  The reason is they usually require to give you 90 days of notice before increasing the rent
(mine is going up by $24.88/month...which is still about $500/month cheaper than living downtown thought I LOVE downtown I don't think it is in the cards for this next year)).

And then the parents are talking about buying a condo downtown.
Which would be great.
EXCEPT I'm considering changing professions/leaving the country/losing my mind.
I don't know I'm going through a whole bunch of thoughts and generalized anxiety of what the heck am I doing with my life.

Don't mind me I'm just having a little freak out.
But on the surface I look cool and laid back.
But under the surface.
Oh the cracks!!!!

But I breathe and focus on how many days until Dallas.
Because no one quite brings me back to focus like my bestie.
No one quite believes in me like my bestie.
I need to re-evaluate my life in Dallas.
Bounce some ideas off my bestie.
Plus I just have the most FUN ever with Taylor (and hopefully some others I can see while I'm there Will who will be in town for the football game :)

I think I just need a BREAK.
Take some pressure off myself too.
I'm putting a ton of pressure on myself.
And just not feeling that great.

This post really was about nothing.
Just the fact that I'm feeling like I'm cracking a little bit.
And feeling a little lost.
Pic from here.  I don't care what anyone says I totally love KimKardashian....I totally understand her.  She is a romantic and love's love...I totally get it.  

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  1. I'm back and I can totally relate to this post. Some days I totally feel like I'm cracking. And I don't know why or how that could be, and I know it won't actually happen but sometimes you just get so overwhelmed with life that you think you surely can't handle it all. But somehow you do and you will and you will figure it all out soon enough. ;) I'm looking forward to catching up on your life (sorry I have been MIA) and hope you'll stop by and visit my blog again too. Hope all is well!