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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So I woke up at Laurel's and quickly headed home to get ready for date number four with MrDentalSurgeon.
He was supposed to pick me up at 10:45am for brunch.
And when 11am rolled around I texted him to see if we were still on
(though we had confirmed Saturday night).

He called me in shear panic.
He had slept in.
I could hardly be mad at him because he sounded so sincere and stressed about it.

We headed to the Distillery District to The Boiler House for Brunch.
It was amazing!
Well I also really love the Distillery District.
Pic from their website.

Pic from their website.

Their brunch is pretty awesome.
And I usually actually really detest buffet brunches.
But this was was great.
And they had live jazz too.

boiler house toronto
Pic from here. These salads were great!

boiler house restaurant toronto
Pic from same as above.  Obviously I had bacon too.
boiler house distillery toronto
Pic from same as above.  The desserts were so pretty.

boiler house toronto
Pic from same as above.  Eggs Benedict...not my fav but I liked how they were all lined up.

boiler house toronto
Pic from same as above.  Some fresh pastries.

After we just sat and talked and enjoyed our coffees.
I really have fun just talking to him.
Then we drove around Toronto.

He wanted to do some comparisons of condos versus houses.
I'm holding steadfast to my preference for condos in the city.
I want to live where the action is and really I have zero interest in ever having a backyard.
He is in the mindset that a house is the way to go...especially with a family.

I get it I'm totally not the majority of people.
And yes even if I had children I would want to live in a condo smack downtown.
Anywho it was great having chats about these kinds of things with MrDentalSurgeon.

As we drove around he had his hand touching my leg.
He has really good hands...I don't mean that in a dirty way at's just I REALLY like how he touches me.
I'm also a pretty touchyfeely person.

He dropped me off at home around 4.
Still profusely apologizing for sleeping in.
And then shared some sweet kisses.

I was supposed to head back downtown for date number two with MrConsultant.
However, I was exhausted (Saturday night was catching up with me).
So I called him and asked him for a raincheck.
And promptly wasted the rest of my Sunday afternoon.

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