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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Third time's the charm?

Last night I got dolled up for date number three with MrDentalSurgeon.
I was nervous and giddy.
And was wondering if we were going to head to yet another chain.

He picked me up looking all cute in a white button up shirt.
He suggested either headed to the Danforth area or to Dave & Busters...
Guess which one I was inclined towards...

Plus it would have probably been difficult to play arcade games in a dress and heels.
So we headed to the Danforth area (Greek Town in Toronto).
And walked to Mezes.  
Pic from here.
A casual cozy authentic Greek restaurant.
We settled in and ordered.
I was grinning away at him.

Pic from same as above.  Love the blue doors and shutters!

Loved the little things like the salt on the table.

MrDentalSurgeon ordered the 
Chicken Souvlaki Dinner $18.95
Served With Salad, Roast Potatoes, And Rice.

I ordered the 
Grilled Vegetables $11.95
Marinated Pieces Of Eggplant, Zucchini, Mushrooms, And A Variety Of Seasonal 
peppers, Delectably Grilled.
AND the
Kalamari $13.95
Fried Kalamari, Lightly Floured & Spiced.
Pic from same as above.

The food was great and the conversation was wonderful!
He had me laughing and smiling a ton.
I kept thinking I just want to talk to him all night.

Pic from same as above.

But then he opened a door.
In our conversation he asked, "so you're smart and beautiful and have everything tell me is there anything in your life that you think was a poor decision...something you regret?"
And all I could think about was... Spencer.
The absolute biggest regret and mistake of my life.
Probably the one thing I wish I could erase in my life.

There it was...
Like a flashing red light...SPENCER...MARRIAGE...SPENCER...MARRIAGE
And I blinked and stammered and made some BS comment about trying to learn from every situation and saying something like "hmmmm I don't know let me think".
Because it wasn't time yet to tell him.
But maybe it was.

Probably it was because he said ideally he would like to get married to someone who hasn't been married before...uh oh.

That was my open door.
Only I couldn't step through.

I was able to switch gears though to the excitement of a possible weekend jaunt to Dallas.
He brought it up again.
I can't tell if he's just joking.

I kind of hope not.

He drove me home and we pulled over to have a little makeout session.
He is such a fun good kisser.
And he may have said "I just love kissing you".
So do I Mr, so do I.

Now if only I wasn't carrying around the weight of my awful secret.


  1. Uhhh, that sucks. You have to tell him. I have been reading forever (maybe since the very begining of this blog) and you sound like an awesome person and a real catch. If he can't accept you with the Spencer stuff that he can't have you. You are too awesome for that!

  2. @Flmgodog- First thank you so much for reading :) That is very sweet for you to say. I just feel like that is perhaps a "dealbreaker" for a ton of people. Maybe it was part of why MrKent decided it wasn't going to work. I'm hoping one day it wouldn't be a dealbreaker for someone :)