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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chapter X-54: Youtube video

So this is random.
So random.
But y’all he sent me the youtube link to his powerlifting competition from this past Sunday.
And no I'm not going to link it up here.
Of course I viewed it…I was curious.

Plus you can see like the video in your gmail email instead of having to follow a link to youtube.
So I watched it and it is just a clip video of him doing powerlifting stuff.
And he is wearing like a wrestling unitard (that’s what I call them).
And he yells and huffs and puffs and I was just a fit of giggles.

I mean seriously???
The good news is I don’t seem to “miss him” or want to contact him.
I think it is more of an (evil?) ego boost to myself.
One day I should probably be mature and figure out how to block it all from incoming.
But I'm not there...yet

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