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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkward Texts

So anywho I haven't really written in a bit about MM 
(well except in brief reference here and here).
He had been away on business until this past Saturday.
But I felt so good about it because everyday he would message me and usually he would start off with "good morning gorgeous" which doesn't hurt.
I realized while he was away I missed him and I was excited to see him.

So he had been away but got home on Sat.  We tried to make it work and meet up but my appointment ran late and he had an engagement party to go to.
Also weird he had sort of invited me to the engagement party then didn't know if I would be comfortable (his words) I suggested we play it by ear but he NEVER brought it up again so I took it as he didn't want me there.
So then we were supposed to hang out Monday afternoon but that morning he sends me a text saying basically, sorry I have to rain check because my work colleagues want to have drinks after work.
I responded just "k" because I was PISSED.  I haven't seen him in two weeks and I felt bailed on.
Granted his last day of work is Wednesday at this office (he is switching companies) I'm trying to be understanding...but I'm super bothered.  
And then NO response or no effort to talk to me since.
I'm irritated.
I mean I shouldn't' be that bothered at this non serious point but I'm bothered.
As of Saturday he was suggesting I should stay with him for 6 weeks instead of commuting back and forth to Toronto (as the new place isn't ready until September)!  
I obviously have declined (4 times already) and Saturday was the last time I declined but I explained it was because I liked him and I thought it would be not quite right to do that.
Anywho it was all working out because I'm going to crash at Eva's place for the six weeks but still be moved to the Toronto area.
So yesterday (Tuesday) I messaged him my excitement about it.
And then maybe kind of sort of put him on the spot about if he was excited or if he still wanted to date (hey I was feeling miffed).
Before I knew it text messages were exchange with a lot of
"do you even know what we are" and "I'm confused" and me asking finally asking
Do you not want to date anymore? or am I way off? (bold or bitchy?)
And he then said, we can talk about it later on today.
Ummmm okay???

So I'm not sure how we got here and now it's just totally awkward.
And no we didn't talk about it later on yesterday.
Nor have I heard from him.
SO I"m probably wayyyyyyyy over thinking it.
Oh well but sometimes I feel like I would rather pull away now then get deeper.
Anywho we will see what happens.
I know I shouldn't really care.
It's not like we were super involved or have even had a first kiss.
So I will continue moving on with all the GREAT stuff that is happening in my life and pretending like it doesn't bother me at all.

But it totally does.


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry!!! That has to be very frustrating. It seemed like things were going so well and then to have him start acting goofy, it has to be frustrating/upsetting. You are allowed to express your emotions and hurt regarding it - just do it and then move forward with your fab new life, with or without him! Hang in there lady! :)

  2. Love Early30s thought! Men are so strange sometimes, I just don't get them. So sad that happened, but yay for focusing on all the exciting things happening!

  3. @AnEarly30-It is totally frustrating. And you are right I need to just move forward with all the good in my life and leave behind all the not so great.

    @PinkSunDrops- Thanks :) I'm definitely trying to focus on all the good happy things.

  4. Ugh. Totally sounds like a chapter out of my book. BOYS.