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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pigs are flyin'

So today was a super weird day.
But I'm going to attribute that to the fact that things are starting to turn out my way.
Or it is the cosmic pull of me exiting suckholeness and entering my new fab life in Toronto.

So first I had to do a bunch of things and realized.
I was out of contacts...crap crap crap those things are expensive and it looked like I would be in glasses for the next 4 months until my extended health care kicks in.
But what do you know daddy to the rescue with a quick lunch meetup and a quick slip of the credit card and a list of things he wanted me to take care of.

First was the contacts.
Then we went to switch my number to a TDot number and while there he upgraded my phone.
That's right I am the proud new owner of an iPhone 4.

Really weird though while at the store my dad had to go outside and take a phone call.
So I'm standing in the store and they were changing my contacts from my old Blackberry to my new iPhone and their company phone rings.
And it' mum.
She totally was tracking me down and since I wasn't answering my phone (the sim cards had JUST been switched and we were activating my new number) for all of 20 minutes.
She had called my dad (he was on a business call and didn't answer), then called his company who told him he was with me at the phone company so she literally tracked me down there.
It was sooooo embarrassing and the two young guys gave me a hard time for it.
So weird.
And she was finding out if I could work a shift for her tomorrow.
In exchange to get my hair done today.  So obviously I agreed.

Anywho my new phone is so pretty.
It is amazing and I'm learning how to use it...slowly of course the first thing I did was download the It's Britney app.  Here's all the features.  Every single one had me excited!

I think the best thing is shaking the phone she literally says, "it's Britney b*tch" and there are fun photo updates and messages from Britney and pretty much my personal heaven.
And I got a very Canadian cover for it too.

Its made by Roots.  And that right a maple leaf with a heart in the middle.
And it's a rubbery tough product which means it should keep my phone from getting too banged up if it has an occasional fall. 
Then he took me to the liquor store to buy Eva's husband and Jane's husband birthday gifts so I wouldn't have to take it out of my tiny funds.

Then I went to the bank and finally took the step of removing my parents off my account.
When I went to Asia I had given them power of attorney and they would remove money from my account as needed (a very very complicated story with that).
However, there were a couple of incidents (like the Mirror incident that I really need to write about) that also led me to this.
So I finally did that.
Which is a huge deal for me.

Then I went to my mum's spa to get my hair done.
Seriously here is my horrible before or during rather.

Is it a wonder I was quickly compared to Hermione in graduate school.
Well sitting between my very own Ron (my bestie Will) and Harry.
But nothing beats the after.
I love it when my hair is blown out straight.

And call me crazy but I'm convinced my straight hair makes me look skinnier.

And the weather here?!?!?! Seriously so amazing...pigs must be flying.
It was officially hotter here today then in Mumbai India!!!

And I am so freaking happy about it.
I love the heat and me crazy but I had a smile plastered across myself feeling the warmth on my skin.

So that was my weird but somehow great day.
Hope if you had a weird day that it ended up being fabulous as well.


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  1. Aw, LOVE your day. And your GORGEOUS hair! It's not crazy to think hair can make you look skinnier - I feel that way about my bangs if they are a certain way.

    PS SO wanting the iphone 4, but unfortunately I realize I'd be too attached and my arm would start hurting again :( .

  2. @PinkSunDrops- Thank you thank you. Yes the iPhone is super addictive and I feel like I hardly know all the capabilities yet. It is an upgrade that I definitely couldn't do without my dad being so awesome.

  3. Your hair is so long and gorgeous!

    Glad you love your iPhone (and that case! It is perfect!) -- I got mine this winter and I am completely obsessed with it. Is is unhealthy.

  4. Thank you...I just can't fathom cutting security blanket. I remember your AMAZING cover too so pretty. Haha I'm already addicted too.