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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What happens when you have ZERO concept of real life...

Okay so this is how I know my little brother has ZERO concept of real life.
Remember when I told you that he had returned Saturday from his trip to Vancouver? (read here)
He did.

And what does one do when they get home???
Unpack (though I know sometimes I wait to unpack over the next few days).
But he takes it to a whole new level.

Here are his
In the middle of his front entrance.
Where they will remain until his maid comes.

Yes THAT maid (read here for my annoyed story about her).
Which is either this Friday or next Friday.
Where she will UNPACK his suitcases and do the laundry etc.

My brother has no concept of real life.
It can be so utterly frustrating sometimes.
Granted I can't complain because I live here rent free.
So maybe I'm the one without a concept of real life.

All I know if it frustrates me that he does this.
And I bet that if the house keeper doesn't come until next Friday those suitcases will not move.
And hello?! clearly he has gone into them to look for like a clean unused t-shirt.

I don't get it at all.
And I'm annoyed.
And I can't wait to get my own place.

xoxo Teagan


  1. WHAT?! That's completely ridiculous.

  2. @A- Seriously the suitcases are STILL there. Seriously.