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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Canada Day Weekend Update

Okay so who is up doing laundry on a Saturday and dug out her dirty clothes from last weekend to provide super blurry phone outfit shots on top of a toilet??? This kid

What a crazy whirlwind weekend that extended by two extra days!!!
So here is the breakdown day by day…

I woke up bright and early …well bright and early-ish I meant to pack the night before but I was exhausted so I pushed it until the morning.
Realizing that my brother had packed the only thing (steamer) that got wrinkles out of clothes annoying and left me with not a lot of time to try something else (totally my fault for procrastinating).
So packing the morning of means actually packing too much stuff in a few different small bags (so not convenient for the travel I was going to be doing).

So I wore this.
White dress, red and white striped shoes, and I wore a red cardigan too but that was already in the wash.
Shoe close up because I L O V E shoes...FYI I'm HORRIBLE at wearing heels so platforms like this totally save my butt.
I also happened to have to try and leave earlier to meet MM for a brief brunch date.
I was driving with Val to Kingston for the weekend but Val does street permit parking in Toronto…therefore leaving me without a place to leave my car.
So MM offered to keep my car in his parking spot at his condo downtown…which conveniently also allowed for us to have  brunch date and then see each other Sunday evening (total win win situation).

So we quickly transferred my too many bags to his car.
And grabbed a bite to eat downtown before we headed to Val’s place.
MM was adorable and helped us load up the car before hugging goodbye (yes…still at that stage).

Val and I started the ~3+ hour drive (it was Canada day) to Kingston.
She even indulged me by listening to two Britney Albums (Femme Fatale and Blackout in case you’re wondering).
We had great chats and even stopped for a Frosty because it was H-O-T out.

We headed straight for downtown Kingston.
Picking out a patio for drinks and dinner.
We ate at the Raging Bull…pretty much pub food but good.
As we grabbed our first drinks and pondered the menu we got a call from Jane and her husband (who live in downtown Kingston).
They were going to join us so we held off from ordering.
Then as soon as they got there…Brooke called.
She decided to join us for dinner to with her daughter Calla.
So we just ordered a round of drinks to hold off so we could all eat together.
But literally as soon as she called our other friend Dana called (ummm can you bet the waitress was annoyed with us continuously adding tables and chairs oops) so instead we asked her what she wanted so we could order it for us.
It was a brilliant evening!
Families walking around everywhere, red and white was the colour of choice for everyone’s clothing, and an uncharacteristic display of flags everywhere (all of us remarked how it seemed to be the most we had ever seen and we attributed it to the new found patriotism after the Olympics last year).

After dinner Eva and her husband met up with us…we were quite the gang.
And we headed off to the gelato store before walking down mainstreet to see Jane’s new place.  The lineup was out the door at the icecream and gelato shop on Ontario street.  We decided to go to Mia Gelato.  And it did NOT disappoint.

Jane and her husband just moved in last week to a second floor apartment of an old limestone historical house right downtown…sound cool??? It totally was.  Some limestone accent walls and gorgeous old radiators it is beautiful and filled with so much character.
So we occupied ourselves with some drinks (beer for everyone else), Palm Bay for me which is dangerously good.
We watched some news coverage of the Prince William and Princess Catherine’s trip to Canada thus far.  Everyone was like wait for her outfit today Teagan you are going to freak!  And I did.
White dress and that red hat with maple leaf accents…I was blown away (and secretly happy that I also had chosen a white dress but did not have a cool red accessory like that!)

From here which is my new obsession blog.
Then we all headed to watch the fireworks on the lake.

It was beautiful and perfect.
Though I do have to say I think watching fireworks is quite romantic and it secretly left me wishing I had someone to snuggle in to.
Coveniently I'm not the only one who thinks it is romantic...check this pic of the Prince and Princess watching fireworks in Ottawa...

  I may or may not have also corresponded those feelings during the back and forth texting between myself and MM.
The girls all gave me a good tease about that.  They also gave MM a new nickname that I’m debating about sharing/changing MM to...
I crashed at Jane’s place in her bed with her while her hubby took the couch (chivalry isn’t dead after all).


I know I know these pics are ridiculously blurry!  Chose the pink and yellow dress because I knew Calla would love it.
We woke up around and got ready because it was Calla’s 6th Birthday and we were going to do some things with her (Jane is her godmother).
First she wanted Denny’s breakfast so we obliged.
Then we made our way to pick strawberries (her next birthday request)…but when we go there it was already picked over due to the holiday so all the strawberry patches were closed!
So it was onto her third birthday request…ears pierced!
I think we were all way more nervous then she was.
I held her hand but that brave little girl just sat there very still.
After we asked if it hurt and she said yup but you could barely tell that girl is so amazing!
Then we went to her grandparents place to give her our presents.
She seemed excited about the gifts.
I gave her an outfit from Mexx complete with fedora, scarf and sunglasses because a girl can always accessorize.  Luckily she likes pink as much as I do as this was a very pink outfit.

After that Jane, her husband and I packed up to head to Quinn’s parents lakehouse for the night.
In case you didn’t realize (Val, Quinn, Jane, Eva and Brooke are all from around Kingston …I’m the lone out of towner that somehow made it into the group!)
So we headed just outside of Kingston to a place called Loughborough Lake.
Talk about stunning...I do have to say Canada really trumps out the rest of the world in lakes.

We got there to find Quinn, her husband and her parents, Eva and husband, and Val there.
We sat on their dock having drinks and chips and salsa, hummus, pita, fruit, and veggies (yum!)
The sun was shining and our feet were dipped in the water and we laughed and laughed.
This is what life is about.
Making memories with your best friends.

Then Val and Eva turned to me and said something along the line of …”see you totally belong here”…I bravely smiled and nodded that I do love THIS.
They all then joked “well everytime you came to visit us from Texas or Philadelphia you would cry when you left…geez it took you long enough to realize you could have this much time and fun with us on a regular basis”.  I never looked at it in that way.
But in a way they are right.
It does make the heartache of everything falling apart that much easier to bear.

We had an amazing barbeque for dinner.
And I had my first potato salad ever.
Let me explain…I’m notoriously picky.
I don’t like condiments.  So no mustard,ketchup, relish, peanut butter, jam or mayonnaise for me.  So I sort of have given up ever liking things that my friends love…no pasta salads or potato salads for this kid.
BUT Quinn had made me a potato salad without mayonnaise and it was amazing!  I took one bite and exclaimed…”I like potato salad!” to which everyone laughed.  Some of the girls even like my version better then the mayonnaise version.  It was delicious and I can’t wait to try and make it myself another time.
We then stayed up pretty late playing dice and having drinks.
It was a perfect lake house night.

Long patterned dress in a fabric that is like silky and cool and perfect to travel wrinkles.
Quinn and her family made us all a huge breakfast and around Jane, her husband and I left to go back to their place.
This left me enough time to grab a shower and have Val pick me up so we could head back towards Toronto.
My original plan was to head home from Toronto that night but I had some leads on possible places to live that would have viewings on Monday so Eva suggested I stay at her place and then we could check them out together because she doesn’t work on Mondays…it also left me some time to hang out with MM.
Val and I drove back in crazy long weekend traffic.
She dropped me off at MMs.
We ended up on my suggestion just having a quiet night in (for the first time).
We ordered pizza and watched a movie…well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (he must really like me either that or I did an excellent job selling how great this movie is).  We cuddled during the movie (which is definitely a huge step I think).
At the end of the night he walked me down to my car.  Gave me a big hug and kissed my neck (again).  I know I know what is my big problem all I have to do is turn my head towards him but I chicken out every single time!!!

With Cardigan.
Without Cardigan.
Eva and I got up and had breakfast on her patio.
Then we headed to look at possible places to live in Toronto.
We saw some scary places for sure.
My budget isn’t exactly meant for great places.
At the first place Eva just looked at me and mouthed “you can’t live here”.
Maybe it was the family of pigeons on the balcony or the washer and dryer that the previous tenant had placed onto their balcony and ran lines from their kitchen to run (this is highly illegal in Canada and Eva and I were puzzled on how exactly they were able to smuggle them into the building!)
Needless to say the day was a little frustrating.  We went into Eva’s old building in Toronto and found a listing for a one bedroom place and they were willing to show it to me on…Tuesday…Eva suggested I stay over again.
She had some things to do which made it okay for me to hang out with MM again.
So I headed to his place and we watched the season finale of Top Chef Canada as well as got Swiss Chalet chicken take out (it’s a very Canadian thing).

The night ended with our customary hug and awkward neck kiss again.
I drove back to Eva’s place…where we had a brief little text message thing...
These are approximate
Me:  I like hanging out with you.
MM:  Ouch we’re hanging out??? I do that with my friends.
Me:  Well what is it then?
MM:  Dating or seeing each other?
So I took the moment to be bold …
Me:  which one has kissing?
(see this is me saying kiss me on the lips!  Please because I’m too chicken)
To which he replied… Which ever one it is I want that.
So I would say on the MM front... we are pretty good 

Woke up had breakfast with Eva and was out the door at the same time as her.
The place I went to look at is the same exact layout as her old place just on the 8th floor.
It was okay but really run down.
Eva took great care of her place so it was weird to see one all messy etc.
Who shows places like this when they are trying to rent it out???
The bed was unmade clothes EVERYwhere, dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter.
It was so gross!
Needless to say the apartment hunting continues.
Then I drove back to my hometown to work the rest of the day at my dad's place.
And that was my super fun Canada Day weekend.


  1. Okay, so first: I am not a condiment fan either. Second: you had an entire weekend of incredibly adorable outfits! Loved them all, but I think I loved your Canada Day outfit the best. Third: WAY TO BE BOLD in your text to MM. Perfect line. Loved it.