Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Are you going to the party?

The main head secretary as she was leaving the office a tad early (2pm) just now...
turned and asked me...

Her:  "Teagan are you going to your parents party Saturday?"

Me: (trying to hide my surprise...really even SHE was invited?!) 
"No I can't I have to pack and get ready to move".

Hopefully she bought the lie. 

Guess my parents are having some kind of big party Saturday.

Guess I'm not I said...not exactly a close family.

T-7 sleeps until Toronto (if I get the apartment I applied for).

Just breathe...and try not to feel so humiliated.


  1. Oh, goodness. That's so...ugh. You deserve better from your family.

  2. @A- It just makes me feel humiliated and it is very frustrating for sure.