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Monday, July 11, 2011

Yesterdays packing break

So this whole weekend was spent packing.
For a place that I likely don't have.
The rental agent called this morning and said that someone had beaten my application in (I was waiting on my letter of employment from HR)  and they have 72 hours to sign back and if they do...I just lose the place :(
Boo because I planned on moving this weekend and clearly finding places over the internet is a bad idea.
Anywho that is a run on tangenty thing...

Yesterday with the nice weather I took a break with my dog to sit on the deck steps and read a few chapter so he could sunbath.
I can't let him sit in the backyard by himself because there are hawks or eagles or something and he kind of looks like a rabbit..
Small dogs in the area have been snatched so I don't let him there without me right beside him.
These simple moments make me smile.
Looking down at my loyal dog who has been through everything these last 7 years with me from Texas to Philadelphia to here.

It was a great afternoon break.
Now back to "work" and also fretting over a place to live...

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