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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Outfit from Eva's Wedding- Blurry Pic Update

I apologize for the ridiculous graininess/bluriness of this BB photo.
The actual dress colour is better from the accessory pic below.
I famously had the same dress as someone else at the wedding (read here).
But I had fun accessories.

Yup I totally wore a fascinator.
I got the most compliments ever at a wedding.
And even a comparison or two to the fabulous Kate Middleton
(even though I don't look at all like must have been the fascinator).
Also keep in mind this was shot with my other outfit update.
Not the day of the wedding so I was actually showered and had my hair all blown out and pretty.

If I get a photo from the wedding I will post it for a better idea.

I'm already thinking of how to incorporate a fascinator for Quinn and Sophie's surprize baby shower on the 24th.  (Yes that is the day before my first official day at work too.) 
If you remember Sophie is one of the 7 Waterloo girls who I visited in Winterpeg (read here) back in February. 

The hilarious (well we at least think so) is that we all told Quinn that it is Sophie's surprize baby shower since she is in Ontario for work and likely won't be around here before the baby is born.  ANDDDD we told Sophie that we are doing a surprize baby shower for Quinn so that Sophie could be around for it and played dumb like obviously she would be back again before the baby for work etc.

Will we pull off this surprize???
It has been 6 years since we had a Waterloo girls baby shower.
I'm excited...and hopefully we can pull off the surprize.
And we hope that they won't be disappointed with the double party but we didn't know how else to do it so that all 7 of us would be together.
Also knowing there personalities they will probably think its a brilliant idea.
They are not attention seekers like some of us in the group haha.

The most exciting thing is to have all 7 of us together.
That usually only happens at weddings (like Eva's in May, and Jane and Sophie's in 2010) or now for baby showers. 

We joked that we either need to keep having weddings or babies to keep us getting all together.  There is just something magical about having all 7 of us together.
For me over the last 8 years us all being together was what made me feel like I really was "home". to incorporate a fascinator or fun hat...or should I attempt to craft one?


  1. Love the fascinator. Love the dress - it looks great on you and there's no way that the other girl in that dress could've compared!