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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dates Nine and Ten and now it's the Long Weekend (that my rhyme...just saying).

**I meant to post this last Thursday**oops

In an effort to catch up/get back on track.
Here goes this last week in shorter detail.
Had some more job interviews...reviewing the contract for the Option One job...that I "think" I will be taking.  Which means... a move to the TDot in about 3 weeks...and I'm doing a happy dance all over the place.

Had an afternoon interview meeting with Option One but at a different location.
I thought I was going to meet someone who would be a colleague.
Technically he was.
But total bigwig type dude.
It was crazy but I think I held my own.
I was even able to check out an apartment (insert squeals of excitement!) on the way to hang out with MM.

Monday was Date number 9 with MM.
It was a huge big deal.
Because...he wanted me to meet more of his friends (cue the heartpounding nervousness).
One of his friends is moving to Cali this weekend so he wanted to be sure that I met him before he moved away.
So it was me and three boys for dinner.
Talk about nerveracking.
MM was a total gentleman and it was so super sweet he brought up how we met and was super complementitive about it! 
I was seriously blushing and smiling at him as he told them... that I was a little late for the church part of the wedding so he got to see me and Shelby walk in and he thought ~that girl is beautiful!  Imagine his surprise when it ended up that I was the one he was supposed to meet that night!

It was really great to sit beside him because there was a lot more hand on the knee and totally cute and appropriate touching which was AMAZING.
I really liked his friends and it was just a perfect night.
The weather was great, our waiter was awesome, we all traded stories and the food was so incredible.
I love LOVE the area we were in ...which is Yorkville.
The restaurant is called Trattoria Nervosa (and is listed as one of the top 5 romantic patios in Toronto!)

After dinner we headed to his friends place to (in Yorkville) to see all the packing that needed to be done.
When I left there both the guys did the fakeEuropeandoublekiss thing which I immediately responded to (because I'm fakeEuropean haha kidding I am I guess European)...but then I felt totally guilty because I did this right in front of MM yet I'm so terribly shy and awkward around him I don't dare do this to him.
Therefore officially his friends have had more "action" with me then him...womp womp.
After we went for a walk and had more long talks it was so fun.
It is a mixture of comfort but still nervousness with him.
The night ended in a hug...likely due to my extreme nervousness and awkwardness.
I then headed to Val's to crash for the night.

Tuesday was a huge deal.
Here is some super huge news...
Me the most nonconfrontational person on this planet..set out to negotiate.
I was going to ask for an increase in the base pay for my OptionOne Job.
I was shaking I was so nervous.
But I calmly (because I had the safety of doing it over the phone) told him the reasons why I'm so awesome...and...the CEO agreed with me...and agreed to the raise in the base (which sort of amounted to an increase in the yearly base salary by $12000!!!) I did this all by myself!
I was flabbergasted!

This was a huge first for me.
This job also includes 2 weeks paid vacation and benefits after 30 days which is UNHEARD of in my field.
I was jumping up and down the hall and pulling out running man moves at Val's place (her roommate had to bear witness to this) and after I was shaking because I was so so so excited.
I had a different interview in the afternoon but I cancelled it instead.
It's official (well as soon as I get the contract which I'm told I will receive on Tuesday).
I have a job.  It's in the TDot...therefore I will be living in the TDot!!!

Now there are some concessions I will have to I may be living not downtown but more in a a craptastic maybe not the safest area of town but that is neither here nor there I'm just going to focus on the positive.
Which is I'm making some big HUGE deal moves.
I believe I start on the 25th of June which gives me some time to find a place to live (that is the least rundown for my miniscule practically laughable housing budget).
Time to celeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebrate!

Tuesday night MM and I hung out.
Dropped off some boxes at his friends house (he needed more for his big move).
Then headed out for Sushi dinner so amazing!
Then we ended up sitting on his couch and just chatting.
And he totally had his hand on my low back on the couch I guess that is progress.

Then I had to leave to drive back to my home town (yup a fun 2.5 hour drive from his place).
I thought...maybe tonight is the night for a kiss.
He hugged me.
And did the hug pick up thing (weird that the whole time I'm in a constant nervous stream of thoughts like...does he think I'm heavy?  I hope he doesn't think I'm heavy.  Is he going to kiss me now. I feel like our faces are too close like it will be awkward.  Gosh I'm totally already starting to look at the ground and look away.  This is bad. He probably thinks I'm a total spaz.  He is now lowering me down.  This is it!  This is the moment.  Where do I put my arms/head/face...)
and then he kissed me softly on the neck...just a peck.  And I looked down and practically cowered away...why do I totally ruin the end of the night?!?!?!?! Ughhh so mad at myself.
But I guess that counts as a kiss right?

This weekend is Canada Day (well Friday).
So first I'm headed to the TDot.  MM has been kind enough to offer me a place to park for the weekend downtown because Val will be doing the driving out of town.
It also enables MM and myself to grab breakfast Friday morning.
Then MM is dropping me off at Val's and we are meeting all the Waterloo Girls just outside Kingston for an amazing weekend.
I'm so excited to see all the girls!
I feel like it will be so fun to let loose.
And now I can celebrate the fact that I have a job and its in the TDot and I feel like my life might just beginning a new chapter and it is fantastic!

Happy Canada Day!
And Fourth of July to my American friends.

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  1. I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear how it all unfolds.

  2. Oh my goodness this post is just FULL OF GOOD NEWS! Hurray, hurray, hurray! I am so happy for you and so excited for you that I could burst!

  3. @Flmgodog- too ;)

    @A- Thank you! It is nice to have good news posts :) I just needed a good lead to follow like your new fab career.