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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chapter X-41: Nothing like a little bit of ice cold reality

So as much as its nice to revel in the attention that is Jacob.
I needed to handle some things that have been put off.
First and foremost to finish things off with Spencer.

So I sat down today to write him an email.
I haven't heard from him since December 27thth which I wrote about here.
So I guess I wasn't expected to feel to bad about it...WRONG.
My heart was pounding and I totally had a lump in my throat.

So here is what I managed to write...

I was just wondering if you could check on a few things for me please. I haven't heard from you since December 26th and wanted to know about how your meeting with the immigration lawyer was etc. if there was any information I needed to know.

I seem to be missing the following items from the things returned to me December 27th, 2010.
I'm missing my iPOD and my iPOD traveling speakers (incidentally I have the charger just no speaker).
I didn't come across the receipt for the $700 that you were to pay the Bank of America credit card from the cash I gave you.

I need to confirm your current address please.
Also we need to file for separation and divorce.
It is my understanding that it is a lot faster and cheaper to do it in the USA.
I would prefer if you filed and took care of everything since I've had to take care of everything here on this end.
I have also attached the wedding deposits that you said you would share the costs in ($4600.00)

Please update me as soon as possible.
Thank you

As soon as I wrote it and sent it I burst into tears.
I was not expecting it to be so hard.
I really really feel like he has had no consequences at all because of this.
It literally was as easy as putting my suitcases in his garage for my parents to come pick up.
I am heartbroken.
I didn't think someone would just leave me (especially a husband) especially given the circumstances.  We didn't even try to "make it work".
It literally is like one day he woke up and changed his mind.
And now I have to pick up the pieces.
Guess I'm not exactly over it.
I better take care of this before there are anymore horrible consequences.
It really can't get much worse at all.


  1. Yikes, I'm just getting into the nitty gritty your blog. Is this real life?


  2. I wish it wasn't but this is so my real life. Thanks for the support :) It really helps.

  3. Sigh. I'm so, so sorry. I wish that I could say something to make this better...or hurt less, anyway.

    Sending lots of hugs!

  4. Thanks, your comments do totally help and make it easier :)