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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter X-29: Between Christmas and New Years 3 days of flirting with disaster

~The 28th~

1:47 PM me: Hope you had a great Christmas
 Jacob: hey
 me: Hi
1:49 PM Jacob: how was yr holiday
 me: Okay how was yours?
1:50 PM Jacob: good
1:51 PM me: :)
1:53 PM Jacob: what is the smiley face for
 me: I'm glad you had a good christmas
1:54 PM Jacob: oh ok :)
1:56 PM me: So how did the video go?
 Jacob: i have one more u[
  have another to do
1:57 PM its on youtube but not my site yet
 me: Oh okay
1:58 PM Jacob: not on yr other computer yet haha
 me: No haven't yet haha sorry ;)
  As soon as I can I will
2:01 PM Jacob: k
2:02 PM me: Any fun new years plans?
2:03 PM Jacob: missed yr last message
2:04 PM me: Just chatting :) I said any fun new years plans?
2:05 PM Jacob: going to sally's
(as in Sally and Marc...a couple we used to hang out with quite a bit) me: Fun!
2:08 PM Jacob: you
2:09 PM me: We rented a lake house (all the girls and their boys) 2:10 PM Jacob: cool
 me: Yea I'm excited
2:14 PM Jacob: thats good
2:15 PM me: Yea good to be around my best friends
 Jacob: yep
2:18 PM me: Is it super fun having a little one to be around for Christmas?

I'm referring to his niece whom I was a labor coach for her mom (his sister) while she gave birth

2:21 PM Jacob: yep almost 3
 me: How fun! I think that makes Christmas so much more fun :)
2:26 PM Jacob: yeah it does
7 minutes
2:33 PM me: I am happy for you
9 minutes
2:42 PM Jacob: thanks

~The 29th~
6:22 PM me: Hi
22 minutes
6:45 PM Jacob: hi
 me: Hi
6:47 PM Jacob: hi :)
6:48 PM me: :)
 Jacob: HI :)
6:49 PM me: Haha you're silly
 Jacob: whats up as u would say
6:50 PM me: Nothing just packing for new years ...looking for my boarding pants
6:51 PM Jacob: oh ok
 me: What's up with you?
6:52 PM Jacob: not much at work
 me: Everyone is on vacation!
  The way christmas and new years falls
6:53 PM What was your fav gift you got for Christmas
6:54 PM Jacob: snowboard
6:55 PM me: Nice :)
  I didn't know you did that
6:58 PM Jacob: i started last yr, ski bf that
6:59 PM me: That's what I thought I've always been into boarding (I hate ski poles haha)
7:01 PM Jacob: u dont like anything cold

(which might be kind of true in a way)
8:35 AM me: I like outside sports
11 minutes
8:46 AM Jacob: not cold stuff
7 minutes
8:53 AM me: I snowboard
8:54 AM And tube
  And snowmobile
  And snowshow
  As long as I have good clothes I'm good
8 minutes
9:02 AM me: :)
8 minutes
9:11 AM Jacob: haha
9:17 AM me: I know right? I just need my canada goose parka and I'm good
23 minutes
9:40 AM Jacob: haha
31 minutes
10:12 AM Jacob: zuzu
46 minutes
10:58 AM me: Hi
11:00 AM zuzu
11:03 AM Jacob: im here
 me: Hi:)
11:04 AM Jacob: hi

uh-oh warning you here comes my akward flirting
11:05 AM me: Excited for new years
11:10 AM Jacob: me too
 me: Big kissing time ;)
11:11 AM Jacob: who are u kissing
11:15 AM me: I'm weighing my option ;)

my attept to be coy and flirty
 Jacob: ?
  u have any

what is he saying...I wouldn't have any options??? or is he curious about these options
45 minutes
12:01 PM Jacob: no response? lol
8 minutes
12:10 PM me: Many choices haha what about you?
12:16 PM Jacob: like who
  u know mine

Hmmmm he actually wanted to know...lets see besides my girlfriends (and we don't roll like that) I had NO ONE and that realization blowed!  And I wasn't exactly sure about his for he actually engaged etc?!

12:22 PM me: My friends :)
12:24 PM Jacob: who do u want
  if u can have anyone

Really?! Did he really just ask that question.
Honestly I want someone to kiss me at New Years who won't abandon me...someone who will love me forever
43 minutes
1:08 PM Jacob: no response lol

Guess I coudn't think of a response

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