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Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Canadian throwback!

So my brother was so excited that they were re-releasing Beaver Canoe hoodies.
They (I think Roots bought them out in the 80s) are a logo from our childhood.
Definitely uber Canadian.
The logo was from a Canoe company that had a retail line as well.

The famous canoer Omer Stringer invented a paddle style AND really made Algonquin Park (a very Canadian Famous National Park in Ontario...think like Yosemite in the USA).

These pictures were from the website linked above.
Anywho he is a Canadian legend which is why it translated into a super famous logo that Canadians wore growing up especially those who are now between 25-35 (like my brother and I).

And my brothers big reason for finding it...the rapper Drake (Canadian also by the way) has been wearing them which has increased their popularity immensely.

They are all sold out in stores, with only a few left online in weird sizes.
Luckily, my brother was able to order his in the typical XXL.
I was able to order a women's small (hopefully it isn't too small or maybe it will have to avoid dryer trips).

This is from the Roots website. It totally evokes memories of childhood and really I think you cannot get better sweats or leather products then at Roots.
Can't wait to get my sweatshirt!



  1. AWw, YAY!!! How FUN!! LOVE roots!!!

  2. And now I have to stop by my Roots store (yep, we have one in metro Detroit) to see if I can snag one for myself. Because I love it. They can't be as popular here, right?! (Crossing my fingers.)

  3. Got the sweater and it is fabulous and very "Roots" (with double stiching and the hoody and sleeves are double lined/thickness, and the logo is felted (JUST like when we were kids!) Another reason I love Roots is there sweats last FOREVER even in Asia when so many of my clothes feel apart (because of humidity) they still held together and look good. The small is perfect and I'm going to keep checking daily for the hunter green one because I would purchase it IMMEDIATELY. Love Roots!

    @Goldilocks- how did the toque work out?

    @A- I can't believe how much Canadian stuff you have there! I knew there were some Tim Hortons but I didn't know about the Roots store too. I say buy it. I still have stuff from 1st year university (gosh like 9 years old) that has lasted all this time. My fingers are crossed for you.