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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today I am annoyed and it is for a battery of reasons and in the interest of just vomiting up the facts as fast as possible here it goes (sorry for the gross reference)

  • Work:  Seriously I had to make 38 new binders for 2011 for accounting purposes (fine no biggies) about half way through I realized the dividers were slightly different (a different # and style they were maybe 1/2" less wide then the "usual" ones I asked the ladies about it and they were like "hmmm weird").  So I finished that task and then the older receptionist is like "gee it is super annoying that they aren't as wide can you replace this dividers with the wider ones?")  I sure can but then why would you let me do that in the first place.  So annoyed.  And then she asked me if I had any "tape-ey"  serious it is m*ther tr*cking "tape" and you are over 50 and it's so NOT annoyed.
  • My mom called me to remind me she was going to the bank to take their requisite 20% of my weekly paycheck in the payback they determined was appropriate (this is another story in and of itself) annoyed. 
  • Then I asked my mom if she wanted to go out for dinner for her birthday and she said no it was too expensive to go out for dinner...and while no I can't afford to spend $500 on dinner at the fancy restaurant she would like (including the 3 bottles of wine my family would consume...which is another issue entirely) I would be up to taking her out to a more budget friendly place (not talking McDonald's either) and really we don't have to order bottleS of wine.  Here's the thing my parents both have companies they run...they go out for dinner on a weekly basis...they just got back from Florida where they went shopping a bunch and it just doesn't add up and I'm sorry is a load of b*ll that they can't afford to go out for dinner (they would have to chip in if it is to a fancy shmancy place because I don't have the budget).  I have also considered making them dinner but they complain everytime I do and clearly it isn't a good enough EVER so why would I offer that again.  I have no idea WHAT message they are trying to get across but I'm annoyed...super duper parent annoyed.
  • My mom also called to move my hair appointment (it is her spa that I go to ~ which I cannot complain because I don't pay exactly) it is much needed seeing as the last time I highlighted my hair was in September...personal care obviously hasn't been a huge factor lately.  So she bumped it ahead an hour (which means work an hour less at work tomorrow = less pay) and then I will just have time to have it coloured not blow dried at all (NOT so fun continuing the cold Canadian weather).  Grrrrr I also realize this make me look like a total spoiled brat but I'm annoyed none the annoyed.
  • My books (that my parents shipped from Spencer's country ~ they couldn't fit them to fly back with not with all the shoes, clothes, costume apparel and lingerie (cringe)) and I had to watch while 2 big bosses and 1 receptionist questioned what a big heavy box was for and I had to be like it's mine from Florida...met with blank stares.  OK I think they know what is going on but of course it would be too weird to bring it yes as a matter of fact these are the books from my exfiance/reallyhusband who determined one day I was the wrong one for him and then my parents had to treck into his country just to get them and ship them back and I'm now fake waiting here for my life to continue but am eternally grateful for having a job here as a receptionist so I can try and save a little something to start my life over...again.  Seriously so over this b*llsh*t...Spencer annoyed.
  • My dad asked me if I wanted to come tonight to get my computer out of their house (uhhhh no I don't feel like going and disconnected a whole desk top and bringing it to my current place of residence mainly because it is so cold outside and after work when it is already pitch dark and I just want to go home eat, spin and clean up and be lazy...and SO weird because my desktop is sitting in their 2nd guest room in the basement that doesn't get used at all...I also may be avoiding the space where I spent hours with Spencer...and where all the engagement gifts are and all my wedding planning paraphenalia :( annoyed.
  • My brother is enabled by everyone (including me) but today it really annoyed me.  He asked the younger receptionist to get him Wendy's for lunch and that bothered me.  Sometimes if she is already going to Tim Horton's I will request a coffee/tea but I definitely don't ask her to go out of her way to get lunch...and that bothered me annoyed
  • The last one I've been more worried than annoyed.  My dog is sweet old dog that is the most amazing dog on this planet!  He has been vomiting daily since I thought Monday (but my brother informed me he also puked on Sat and Sunday!! again annoyed at my brother).  He hasn't been like lethargic or anything still playing daily and still eating (less) and drinking water and still going to the bathroom okay.  Part of me thinks it may have been something he ate this weekend (when my brother dog-sat even though he denies it).  I also want to avoid taking him to the vet unnecessarily because I feel bad when they take his temperature (obviously rectally) and if it was for no reason but a small virus.  So last night I let him sleep in bed with me (which was like the first time ever just about)...he woke up at 3am and had diarhhea, then at 4:30am vomitted, then at 5:30am diarrhea again.  After he drank a ton of water and slept pretty soundly.  So I left him in a smaller space with tons of puppy pads and water and food.  I will see how he does when I get back from work but I'm worried and if he has been sick I will take him to the vet tonight/tomorrow morning.  I would be beside myself if anything was seriously wrong with worried.
And because this turned into a vent post (how un-positive for my new positive 2011 directions).  I will have to try and do a super great gratitude post annoyed.

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