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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Steve Yzerman quotes for a non-"sports" Teagan

So I had a huge moment of gratitude last night and that was for my fellow Canadians.
In the World Junior's hockey tournament...a game where the "Canadian's" were the underdogs and the tournament being held in the USA (who beat us last year).  I believe from water cooler talk that team USA had all returning from the starting line up and team Canada had one returning starter.

I'm not sure my American friends even know that this tournament is going on.
I would liken it as important to Canadians as NCAA Bowl Football games are to them.
So important that though it was the semi-finals and the game was in the USA...80% of the fans there were Canadian.  We (Canadians) drove there and dealt with reported 2 hour border delay (solely because of Canadian travel to the game), expensive game tickets and overpriced parking. 

One of the players noted  "The biggest thing: our fans were there for us," Canadian forward Ryan Johansen said. "During the warmup, you're basically shivering because of how loud it was. We know we have our country behind us and it's a great feeling." 
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I know it looks like the Canadian is in the worse position but he went and fore checked the team USA player hard into the boards and set the tone as in I will work my hardest and be as aggressive as possible to show you how bad I want it.  He did he went full tilt into the USA player and it was an awesome good clean hit. 
One of the things that really resounded with me (being not really a "sports" kind of girl) was the reported pep talk from one Steve Yzerman (my sports knowledge know he was a really good hockey player in the NHL and I want to say he played for the Red Wings)...

"He told the youngsters to have fun and know that sometime during the game they would face adversity. How well the juniors dealt with that adversity would determine the difference."
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Canada's Curtis Hamilton celebrates his goal in the first period. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)
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Hmm now there is something I can totally apply to my is how I deal with the situations that I pass in my life that will determine the difference.  I can take my current situation and be bitter and depressed and angry at the world and wallow OR I can take it as better it happened now, better to be with friends and a support system, and better to not settle when picking a life partner.  Now this is nothing new...Taylor has been trying to tell me this for weeks but in reading this in a way struck a chord with me...probably because it wasn't directed directly at me. 

So the Canadians won 4-1 against the US and now move on to the finals (fingers crossed).  And all signs point to my life being in my control and I can choose how to deal with these circumstances that will make all the difference in the world.  I know it won't be easy but I have a fantastic fan base (my girls) and if I look at the positive, things can work out so that I will have a better life then I probably could even have imagined.  
Go Canada...Go Teagan!

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