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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I just about fell over this morning when I heard on Breakfast Television (our equivalent to like the Today Show in the mornings) that Target had bought Zellers.
From an official Canadian website

"As part of the transaction, Zellers Inc. will sublease the properties back from Target Corporation upon closing and continue to operate them as Zellers stores for a period of time.  Target Corporation expects to open 100 to 150 Target stores throughout Canada in 2013 and 2014.  Additionally, it is anticipated that a select number of Zellers locations will be assigned to other retail enterprises.  Zellers Inc. will continue to operate a portfolio of certain Zellers stores in specific communities across the country".

For those of you who don't know we don't have Target in Canada, we do have Zellers.
This is one of my fav fav FAV go to stores for basics (things like camisoles, tanks, socks, pantyhose, basic cardigans, etc.)
I love their work out gear and I seem to always find cute shoes there.
I love their bathing suits, purses, home decor, their linens, I love how they have designers come and do a line (like Jean Paul Gautier, Anna Sui, the late Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen)

Anna Sui's line

Zac Posen

gahhhhhh I love EVERYthing about Target.
I used to love going there I could spend so much money there even if I only "needed" paper towels.
So much of my furniture (that I had to leave in the US when I moved back) was from the Simply Shabby Chic Line which is girly and white and perfect.  I would love to rebuy that again...see there I go again falling 100% in love with something enough to buy it twice!
This is great great wonderful news!  It makes the transition of living in Canada again better (I know I know it is frivolous and materialistic).
When I lived in Asia I missed going to Target...knowing you could go to one place and get just such a vast array of things (from vaccum cleaners to vodka)! 
I want to shreak with excitement.
Taylor is TOTALLY with me on the Target vs. Walmart debate. 
We both can't stand Walmart and we both love Target.
It is a completely different experience between the two.
We even have the same black perfect cocktail dress that is timeless and I've worn to so many events!

Target dog!

I cannot wait to be walking down these aisles again!
So here is something to look forward to in Canada OBVIOUSLY besides/less important than my fabulous girlfriends and my family.


  1. Oooh, that is SO exciting!! I remember living in a small town and getting excited about getting a Starbucks - not quite the same, but, still, I understand your excitement.

    Also, I looove the Shabby Chic line and decorated our entire room in it when I lived in California for a year.

  2. HURRAY! That's amazing. Target is the BEST EVER. Totally on Team Target with you. Walmart (which is always chaotic and crazy and interfering with my shopping zen and usually smells odd) does not compare at all. The end.

  3. I hope they bring their customer service with them and dont rely on Canadians to dictate when to thank customers and when to help them find items.

  4. I'm trying to reply to all three in one message...

    @pinksundrops- love the shabby chic line and their sheets are so soft they are one of my favs (I was able to keep those when i moved).

    @A- So on the same page as you.

    @Suburban Princess- I've always had great luck (with Customer service) at Target let's hope it translates well across the border :)