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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shiny happy new toys

So I ordered a new laptop my dad bought me a new laptop.
Another "perk" of living in Canada I'm usually spoiled with things.
Not that these things don't come with strings attached but my willpower is weak.
So after much debate and thought over the perfect laptop to get (well being in the Dell family because that is what my dad's business Mac dreams will have to wait until I'm the one doing the purchasing).

I settled on the Mini 1012 which technically is a "netbook" instead of laptop...whatever that means.
I wanted something that I would actually tote around and could possibly fit into a large purse.
I wanted to use as something portable.
This being especially essential because my last "laptop" was about as portable as a cinder block.
It was huge and heavy and wouldn't even fit into my backpack.
AND I even lugged it all the way to Asia and it survived minus 5 brightly coloured vertical lines that are permanent (I'm told).

Then I got super excited when I found out they came in glorious fun girly colours!

I thought of course I will pick the pink one...hello kind of obsessed.

Then I got even more excited when I realized they had a special edition one...inspired by OPI nail polish...I forget what colour it was but it was perfect.

So I was all set to pick it.  Then I talked to Taylor and we pictured myself using it...and it wouldn't be just on airplanes or coffee would be at work (I'm a professional in my real job) or presenting at a conference (could I picture whipping this out in a room full of my (male-dominated) colleagues?)  Hmmm way to not be taken seriously.  Which stinks because as much as I hate to admit it ...even though Elle Woods was smart and had it all together she WASN'T taken seriously and had to prove herself essentially. Yes I just threw in a reference to Legally Blond.  So I decided to try and be a grown up about it and professional.  And I ordered...

The black one...I know it is hard to tell from the pics but it is so tiny it doesn't have a disc drive...which is one of the main reasons I love it.  Tiny and portable and just what I need it for.  (I have a great desktop that I use for home use).  But don't fret...I did inject a little bit of Teagan into it...and ordered...

This neoprene case...after all I can always conceal it in my briefcase and slip out my computer...while my colleagues are none the wiser.  I feel so mature for that decision.  Can't wait until it comes in.

the new mature professional Teagan


  1. SO jealous! I can't wait to get a new computer!!!! I hate my computer! It's SO slow I makes me want to bang my head against the wall every time I use it. Considering it is now 4 years old, I guess it is probably time for a new one...wouldn't that be like 85 in computer years??

  2. That's exciting! So glad you decided to get the pink case for it!

  3. Oh, those pink computers are delightful, but - good call on the professionalism aspect and, hello, fantastic pretty pink compromise of a sleeve for it!

  4. Thanks everyone...guess I have to grow up at some point haha. But I am glad that I went for the pink sleeve for it to keep it fun! Good thing too because when I first went to order it they were "out of stock" but I'm glad I stuck to it because it arrived this week (and I'm still waiting on the netbook!) It is the PERFECT pink colour. Yea :)