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Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Update #2 (of 2011)

So I had a good weekend here's the rundown.

Got home from work and my dog hadn't been sick so I thought I was in the clear.
Successfully took down all the holiday decor and Christmas tree.
I do have one special ornament that you can put a piece of paper in so I wrote down some wishes for next year so when I decorate my tree again I can see if they come true!
I spun!
I took down the Christmas tree while watching two movies.

Easy A- which was AWESOME!  It was so good and funny and interesting.  Totally has made me a fan of Emma Stone.  I've always enjoyed Amanda Bynes movies (I'm a perpetual teenager) so she had a fun role too. Here's the New York Times Review of it.  It had 80s movie references (LOVE!) and had the feeling of how 80s movies used to be think Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Say Anything etc.

Check out the trailer!
Twelve- worst movie I have seen in a long long time.  There was a narrator that was super duper annoying throughout.  I thought it would be similar to Gossip Girl (which I love!) since it has Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts and follows some rich kids in New York but it was terrible! Random cut-aways of contents of one of the characters pockets (yes I'm serious!).  And a drug hallucination scene where a girls teddy bears talk to her.  I thought it was not good.  Here's the New York Times review of Twelve. Waste of time...oh well.

Don't be fooled...this trailer makes it look way better than what it was.  The narrator at the beginning of the trailer is in the WHOLE darn movie!

I got up and spun again (yippee me!)
Then I got ready and headed to Quinn's house for her 30th Birthday celebrations.
On my way I dropped off my dog at my parents place because they have been complaining that they haven't seen him in awhile and wouldn't mind looking after him.  He is basically the grandchild my parents never had and they looked after him while I was living away in Asia.
Who was there: Quinn, Quinn's husband, Jane, Jane's husband, Eva, Eva's Fiance, Val, and Quinn's friend Collette
We had been planning on curling (I know how Canadian of us) but we couldn't get any good ice times (seriously who knew curling was so popular?) so we will just save it for another time because we are all pretty excited to try it.
So instead Quinn's husband did a super amazing job planning ...a "Minute to Win It" challenge.
I didn't even know it was a TV show ...which interesting enough is hosted by Guy Fieri (who I love his Food Network shows Diner's,Drive-In's and Dive's.

Anywho basically our "challenge" was 60 second games that he got off the Minute to Win It website.
Can you tell as group we are a little competitive, and we aren't exactly a group that sits around and watches TV haha.
I will do my best to describe them all were played in a living room and Quinn's husband spent around $18 on all the games but we only got through half of them (due to much laughter and fun) before going to our dinner reservations.  If I get pictures from Quinn I will add them in later.  All games had a time limit guessed it one minute.

Game One:  Tapemeasure Luge
Take one tape measure starting at 3 feet and take a ping pong ball and let it "luge" down the tape measure and try and get it on a cup (think Solo plastic cup) sitting on the coffee table.  Only rule is you couldn't touch tape measure to actual cup.  If you got one in then you had to add another "foot" to the luge/tape measure.  I think Jane did the best at 6 feet (which is pretty hard to do with a tape measure).

Game Two:  Apple Stacking
Literally on the coffee table stack apples on top of one another.
The max someone got was 5 apples (this was actually pretty tough!)

Game Three:  Peanut Butter Target
Picture a towel on the floor with a piece of bread with a thick layer of peanut butter.  Then you threw ping pong balls (by bouncing them off the coffee table) to try and land on the piece of peanut butter bread.  This actually worked (someone got 5 ping pong balls to stick!)

Game 4:  Key Fishing.
Quinn's husband made a fishing rod out of 12 inches of dowel, floss and an open paper clip (so it looked like a hook).  6 keys were laying on the coffee table with the round end overhanging the edge.  Using the dowel fishing rod with no hands (ie. in your mouth) try to "catch" the keys by hooking them.

Game 5: Tongue Depressor Dice
This challenge involved using a tongue depressor (the wood large popsicle stick doctors use when they tell you to say "ah".  Tongue Depressor is held in your mouth and then you stack dice one on top of the other on the tongue depressor.  Six was the max amount of dice.

Game 6: Final time breaker challenge
Two tables about 3 metres apart with a beer bottle on each table.
Player had a piece of string tied in a circle that they had to use to transfer an egg (hardboiled for safe use on a carpeted living room) from one area to the other.

The champion was Eva! Followed in second place by Jane's husband...I totally came in last as I usually do in these super competitive games because I'm too busy giggling and having fun. 

Then we went to dinner at this super cool place called Vicar's Vice.  It is 150 year old stone church that is now a restaurant and pub.  There was pretty good live music and we just had a great time eating and drinking and chatting up a storm. 

This is where we sat on the balcony section (which at one time I like to imagined housed a choir and church organ.)  It gave us the perfect view of the band which played on the second story directly opposite of us over the bar.
Side note:  I hate it when someone orders the
"what I should have ordered" meal
when I'm left going "darn it I should have ordered that!"
  I should have known in a pub to order fish and chips...
but was lucky enough to steal a bite from Jane's husband's plate!

Then we headed back to Quinn's place where we all hung out and had a couple of drinks before all crashing. 

We woke up in the morning to a great breakfast before everyone started to head home around noon.  I made the drive home.  Then cleaned up the house (for Taylor's impending visit YIPPEE!!!) and spun (again I'm keeping my 2011 Goals so far!) 

Then I got a phone call from my mom...(they were dog sitting my dog but since they had complained about missing him so much I didn't rush to pick him up).  I barely got out "hi mom" before she lay into me...awesome.  Here's how it went down.  Remember my dog had been sick with vomitting/diarrhea that cleared up later in the week?  Turns out he had a relapse...turns out that relapse happened in the 1 hour he was alone at my parents house when I dropped him off on Saturday.  However this is the typical conversation with my parents (which is why I sometimes cringe when I look at my phone and see that it is them calling).
Me: "Hi mom"
Mom: "your dog is sick" (I guess we usually skip the usual pleasantries of hello etc.)
Me: "darnnit I thought he was feeling better"
Mom: "well he isn't. He vomitted all over my house and sh*t all over my carpets.  I don't know why you wouldn't think to lock him up if he was sick"
Me: "mom I didn't drop off a dog at your house thinking that he was still sick"
Mom:  "well I'm not sure if you were thinking at all...and now this bloody dog (not really bloody but my parents use these kinds of expressions...I think it's a British expression) is sick and he looks like he has lost way too much weight!  Has he even been eating?  It looks like he isn't eating!  And his eyes look funny...this dog is very very sick."
Me: "mom I told you last week he was sick earlier in the week but then was playing and eating fine and not sick during the end of the week so I didn't realize he was sick when I dropped him off"
Mom: "well I don't know how you didn't have a clue he was sick because clearly he is very sick so I should take him to the vet tomorrow."
Me:  "I can take him to the vet it's okay"
Mom: "well I have the day off and its better if I take him because I know what happened"
Me:  "is he still eating and drinking?"
Mom: "yes but not enough...maybe I should make him rice"
Me: "did he eat any human food this weekend?"
Mom: "no...I didn't make him sick he was sick when you dropped him off...and rice stops diarrhea"
Me: "well maybe you should take him to the vet before giving him human food"  (the only thing I know of that is a natural anti-diarrhea food is bananas).
Mom:  "well he looks like he is in bad shape"
Me: "do I need to take him to the hospital?"
Mom: "no he isn't that bad"  seriously if he isn't that bad then why are you making it seem like he is
Me: "okay well if you are taking him to the vet tomorrow I'm guessing you want me to leave him there for the night"
Mom: "well yea"
Me: "okay thanks for doing that"
Mom: "bye"
Soooo this is how it goes...imagine if it was an actual grandchild and not a dog?!  I'm so frustrated about these conversations.  Then I sat there debating on if I should just go pick up my dog anyway. 

Then I called this morning to see how he was doing...
Me: "Hi"
Mom: "hi" (wahoo she said hi...but I think I woke her up)
Me:  "how is the dog?"
Mom: "I think he is fine now"
Me: "oh thats good"
Mom: "yea last night after I got off the phone he was playing and running around and drinking lots of water"
Me: "oh okay well I may still take him to the vet because it is twice for a few days that he was sick in the last week or so and I just want to make sure everything is okay" (thinking in my head...especially if you think he drastically lost a lot of weight etc).
Mom: "I will take him then"
Me: "okay thanks"
Mom:  "I will call you and let you know how it goes"
Me: "okay well I can pick him up right after I'm done work today too"
Mom: "okay"
So that conversation was depends usually when she calls me she has a mission (usually one involving negative yelling) so maybe I should call her more often.
And that was the end of my good weekend (I don't think I cried even once!) and the start of my week that will be incredibly long because Taylor gets here Friday!
I cannot wait.


  1. We defnitely need to email about Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. ...I've got a good story for you. :)

    Also: loved that ya'll were going to try curling.

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Yay!

  2. @A- Cannot wait to hear the story about DDD! I'm seriously addicted to the show and the next ime I'm in the US I'm so going to try and hit up at least a couple! We didn't make it curling (unfortunately but we all want to put it in the schedule!) Yay for fun weekends.