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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Foul Mood

Not to be a whiny person far this day is sucking big time.

My second box arrived from my parents mailing it from Spencer's state.
It was huge and heavy and of course the postman is like "what is in this". (All my reference textbooks).
Then I had to scrounge for money to come up with for duty...awesome (not really).
Thinking to myself the whole time Spencer has had this so frickkin easy...he hasn't had to lift a finger or pay for anything...he basically put my things out like yesterday's trash. 
This sends me into a spiral of being down and angry again...did I mention I haven't heard from him since the blow out over a week ago now?
I am just so angry...when I think about how SOMEONE could treat ANYone in this way and I was/am his fiancee/wife (sorry I know it is a confusing complicated mess).

So back to this box (which weighs in excess of 75lbs)...the postman put it up on my desk (my desk that is in the very front office with 5 other offices off it that nearly every employee see/goes by).
It is way too heavy for me to move so it was there and every. single. person. who walked by had to comment about that or ask about it or ask "oooooh did Spencer send you a gift?" (Our office has over 80 employees and while the ones I'm related to (probably ~20) know I don't feel like telling them all that has happened.  Guess I shouldn't have been so darn excited with all the wedding festivities and glowing and telling everyone who wanted to listen details (stupid stupid stupid me!).
Finally I manage to drag the box off my desk to the floor so that at least it is not so obvious.

Then I ordered soup for lunch because I'm cold (I hate this cold crap weather).
Then I  noticed my brother dragging my dad to take him somewhere for lunch (again I'm annoyed because my dad doesn't have time to do that)...did I mention I work with my dad and brother??? 
When they came back from lunch it was from freaking McDonalds.
Now I have been known on hungover occasions to partake in McDonalds (but mainly eat a healthy balanced diet) brother LIVES off junkfood...I would be super shocked if his week didn't include at least 3 meals from Pizza Hut, 1 from McDonalds and 1 from Wendys (minimum).
He does play hockey once a week but really treats his body like crap.
The kid (well he is in his mid-twenties but will always be a kid many more ways than one) gained so much weight that I almost didn't recognize him when he came to visit me in Asia (and it had been like a year since I had seen him).
The reason it makes me angry is he took my dad to dad the guy who was diagnosed with diabetes this year and has been trying to reverse it with diet and exercise (completely achievable IF you do it right) but likely to still get something "small" and still without any nutritional value.

Then to top it all off the head secretary left early (noon) and she stopped by my desk and asked to borrow the "squirty" after looking completely puzzled at her (what the f*ck is a squirty?!) she takes off her glasses ....rightttttttttttttttttt she wants to borrow my lens cleaner AGAIN.  Seriously people ask for lens cleaner if you want lens cleaner.  I hate baby talk and this adding "-ey"'s to the end of office supplies is like nails on a chalk board to me. 

Today I just want to scream!  I have to leave work early to get my hair coloured (it has been 4 months which is too long when your hair is as dark as mine is...but I blame the dark hole I've been in)...and I orginally booked my appointment for AFTER work but remember my mom changed it.  AND I'm about to show up there without a birthday gift or without anything...and it is the first time in the spa since my huge engagment party prepping.  All the employees there were so fun and all we talked about was planning my "big day" the "big day" that isn't happening anymore.  And since I have the WORST communication skills ever with my mom I don't know if she told them or if it will be a surprise for me to tell them...hmmm maybe THIS is why I've avoided having my hair done?!  Thats its I'm done b*tching.
Peace out.

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  1. Sorry you're having a not so great day. I know how tough those days can be. Hope your hair appointment went well & you're day improved a bit.