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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank you overtime and holiday pay...Burberry Trench past the half way point!

Woot woot a little celebration in order because I just by passed the half way point to the Burberry trench!
Which means I feel confident in going with Taylor to get my exact style and size when she is in Canada.  Ackkkk I'm so darn excited because it sort of seems within reach and is SO symbolic of so many things for me.  I can almost see it now me walking down the street in a big city with the perfect Burberry Trench cinched in with the D ring belt...confident, beautiful and happy. 

On this positive note...
today things I am grateful for are

1. Having overtime/holiday pay to first go to my Car Fund and New Place Fund and even some left over for my Burberry Trench fund (I can feel my heart smiling at this).
2. Canada currently winning in the World Junior Finals 1-0 (eeeeeekkkkkk fingers crossed).
3. My dog didn't puke or have diarrhea all day so hopefully he is on the road to recovery and we can avoid the vets office.
4. I will enjoy the cold weather in Canada more when I have someone to snuggle with or at least my girlfriends to have cocktails with after work which WILL happen this year.
5. That I seem to have gotten most of my things back from Spencer...which means more clothes and shoes and since they have been gone for 6+months its like having new clothes/shoes.

There we go right back on track :)

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