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Friday, January 14, 2011

Chapter X-28: Twas the day before Christmas and I'm talking to an Ex

Our random conversation continued the day before Christmas.
Probably one of our least exciting conversations, just an FYI...

3:15 PM me: Hi
3:16 PM Jacob: hey
 me: Did you get lots of presents from clients? :)
3:17 PM Jacob: a few cookies and chocolate not too much, boss gave me 200
3:18 PM me: That is nice
  I got only a few thing bc I'm temping at my dads place to make some extra cash
3:19 PM Saving up to move :)
 Jacob: to where
 me: Not sure yet...its a big world :)
  And there are a few countries I haven't lived in yet haha
3:22 PM Jacob: haha
3:23 PM me: Maybe I should just settle down in north america haha
 Jacob: yep
3:25 PM me: Haha yea right
3:27 PM It is so fun to learn and travel but I guess I feel most "at home" on this side of the planet
 Jacob: yep
3:28 PM me: But there is something to be said about travelling...I love it!
  I bet you would have been addicted if you had gone to new zealand that semester

when we were in graduate school together he almost spent a semester abroad but it fell through...other than like Caribbean he isn't a big traveller
 Jacob: maybe
3:29 PM theres no point in traveling unless u have someone else to share those experiences w in my opinion
 me: Ouch

That really stung...I felt like he was like bashing me
 Jacob: i mean for me personally
3:30 PM me: Kinda harsh
 Jacob: i wouldnt want to go somewhere and have a life experience unless it was w a significant other
  but Im sure its fun
  i would feel lonely going alone
 me: Wow way to make me seem like my experiences were shallow
3:31 PM Jacob: u had friends throughtout the way
 me: But not "significant others"
 Jacob: thats still good i would go places w friends if i was single
3:32 PM me: Ok

I was still kind of miffed about it...did he know that secretly I was dreaming to travel the world with my soul mate (not sure who that actually is at this point)
It is much better to travel with someone you love than alone BUT
at the same time I'm not going to wait for someone before I travel either.
Now I was kind of peeved.

5 minutes
3:37 PM me: Well I guess I will just get used to travelling alone but of course everyone would like to share those experiences with someone special

there was a huge time lapse then I thought maybe he was mad at me...
5:43 PM me: You mad?
5:44 PM Jacob: no i was busy, im at work
  im about to make two more vidoes for my website
 me: Oh yea...sorry just thought that
  Do you use flipvid?
 Jacob: do u ever see my new one
 me: No
 Jacob: my video cam is vadoHD
5:45 PM me: I like flipvids :)
  But I like simple
 Jacob:, its still under construction and Im changing the main top pic
 me: Cool
5:46 PM Jacob: are u online or on phone
 me: Phone but can check online I'm at home
5:49 PM Jacob: i have a new top pic that is great
  but not up yet
5:50 PM me: I want to see email it :)
5:51 PM Jacob: u have a pic im waiting on lol, it will be up tonight. its a background pic not of me
 me: Ohhhhh what is it?
5:54 PM Jacob: it replaces the top banner on the page
 me: What is it?
  Like letters, scenery etc
5:55 PM How is your online stuff
5:57 PM Jacob: not bad, i get a check from one company like 500 a month for nothing really
5:58 PM me: That is great! See you are doing really well :)
  Is that through like affiliate marketing? Or how does that work
 Jacob: it helps supplement my income
5:59 PM yeah
6:01 PM me: Interesting at least you have your dad to help you
6:02 PM Jacob: yep
 me: That is really good...I don't think I could make a website to save my life
6:03 PM I wish I could
 Jacob: i do our work one too im good at the webstuff now and w optimization on search engines
6:04 PM me: Awesome I might need your help haha
  Is it hard?
  I want a website I just have no idea how to get started
10 minutes
6:15 PM Jacob: not really, I had someone help me with the fram work then handed over for the content
 me: It looks hard
6:16 PM But you are technically savvy
13 minutes
6:29 PM Jacob: im working on a video
6:30 PM me: Cool see you are technologically savvy
5 minutes
6:35 PM Jacob: haha
 me: I bet
6:37 PM Jacob: im leaving
6:38 PM me: Ok have a great night :)
 Jacob: u too

I left this conversation feeling kind of uneasy.
At this point I hadn't heard at all from Spencer.
It was the day before Christmas and I felt and alone.
I wondered how his Christmas would be.
I wonder how my Christmas would be.
Mostly I thought of how last year at Christmas I never would have thought I would spend a Christmas without Spencer again.
I could not have been more wrong.

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