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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter X-48: A Continuing Nightmare and Moving On

I really really wish this wasn't continuing on like it is.
Especially with Spencer who was supposed to file on May 1st for the Divorce in Florida.
I have had zero information or contact from him.
I did send him an email (around the 15th) both pleading requesting an update and asking if I should proceed and file here (which again I don't want to do mainly because of the fact that it will cost ME $3600+ versus less than $500 for him to file there).
Nevermind all the money I lost with wedding deposits etc.
It is especially painful because of wanting to move to Toronto and just move ON with my life.
ANDDDDD response whatsoever.
Really I should not be surprized.
This weekend with Jane and Brooke beside me I called him.
And it is like a fax tone or something when I call.
Like one long beep and then silence.
Maybe he has blocked my number???
I have no idea because I have never had a problem with someone blocking me.
Which I find both humiliating and frustrating.
So I sent him an email today ...
I've tried to get a hold of you numerous times to see what is going on.
I believe the phone number you most recently gave me has possibly changed.
You stated last that you had everything prepared and would file for divorce in Florida on the first of May.
Could you confirm this at all?
Please let me know a contact number or information for you.
I would like this to be finalized as soon as possible, as you wished.
I would appreciate it if we could finish this because ideally I would like to not have to keep reaching out to you.
I also would prefer not to have to contact your family for contact information.

I wish this nightmare of Spencer would just end and be done with.
I have a feeling I'm still going to get stung a few more times before I can finally move on.
I would love nothing more then to never ever ever have to speak to him again.
I just don't understand if he wanted to not be married to me.
Why is he dragging his heels and making this impossible?
I have a feeling I may never understand.

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