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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Possibly a window...

So you know the whole when one door closes a window is open or maybe it's another door opens or when God closes doors he opens windows or something like that.

Well I wasn't going to post about this BUT I'm so excited I'm practically jumping out of my chair and arm flapping around.

I wasn't going to but I am just way way too excited to not write this down.

There is a job posting that JUST came up
coincidentally as I posted my Master Plan post (see here).
Anywho without getting into too many specifics.

It is SMACK downtown TDot aka Toronto.
It is focusing on my specialty.
There one line posting says that my specialty is an asset :)
I've been told recently by a lot of people that I'm good at what I do (GREAT ego boost).
This opportunity could be really really great.
So I hunkered down fixed my resume and wrote an email and just hit send.
And I'm so excited at this possible amazingly perfect window of opportunity.
It is almost too good to be true.
I will keep you posted.

It is definitely a step in the direction against the inertia of suckholeness.
I could not be more excited though I keep TRYING not to get too excited.
Way totally too late for that.

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  1. Oh so exciting (trying to keep the excitement down for you, too, though)! Crossing fingers for you!!

  2. Yippee!!! Crossing my fingers as well and hoping you hear something soon because the waiting is by far the hardest part I think! :)

  3. Thanks time is DRAGGING on haha. I honestly think that for this one there couldn't be anyone possibly more suited for it. YEA!!!!