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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bachelorette Party Saturday

So on Saturday it was the Bachelorette Party set for the girl whose baby shower I wrote about here (quick background if you don't want to link...same venue/photographer/florist/dressstore/etc as Spencer and I had booked...thank goodness Eva's wedding is the same day so I don't have to actually sit through it).
Therefore I couldn't exactly miss the Bachelorette Party (especially with no excuse) and it pretty much is sort of kind of family at this event.
And it was set to be a lot different than Eva's Amazing Bachelorette Party (read here if ya missed it).

First up outfit.
I wrote about it a long time ago.
It is the outfit that I bought that forces me to embrace my KimK body.
It is trendy and not exactly something I would pick for myself immediately.
So without further ado here is the MODG inspired standing on a toilet shot.

The outfit basically a skirt with V'd panels it is a super thick material which I love.
A tight gray cami with a super lose 90s style crop white tank.
A black boyfriend blazer to class it up a bit.
And obviously tights (that were kind of shiny in that they reminded me of Barbie doll plasticy looking legs-well not thin stick ones in my case).

So want to see why it is also a KimKardashian outfit???
Well I know you can tell from above I am super curvy (and I admit that is the least favourite thing about always want what you can't have right...I always dreamed of being a lanky 5'10" girl that was nice and thin)
Let me show you the side view of me.
And my nemesis otherwise known as my boo-tay...
That is not padded.
Nor is it an optical illusion.
That is the bootay that I have (large enough to warrant two syllables).
I'm trying to embrace it.
Usually I stay away from anything that fitted in that "area" but I'm trying to embrace (and actually try to like) my super ridiculously curvy self.

Anyway...with my outfit on I headed over around 6 for our dinner (pizza, meatball, breadsticks, salad, brushetta)
We also had a very detailed penis cake.

And if you were wondering if that was glare or inappropriate detail at the front of the cake...

Yup it is definitely inappropriate detail... in the form of white frosting
We had some drinks and hung out and played a few games and got all "geared up" in tiaras and pink boas before heading to a pole dancing studio.

It was actually more fun than I though.
We ended up having some good laughs and getting our dance on.
I didn't know you got "burned" on your skin while pole dancing and do you know what it's called???
Pole burn.

So with only a little bit of pole burn we headed to a retro bar.
See plastic shiny doll legs haha.

They played a decent mix of 80s and 90s
and we continued in the traditional bachelorette party games.
Like getting people to propose to the bride-to-be...

Or dance with the bride-to-be...wasn't she wearing the most fabulous dress???

And you know what?  It was okay.
I definitely felt myself being kind of shy and closed.
I could have forced it and tried to meet people
but I wasn't exactly feeling it wearing a pink tiara and feather boa.
So I made it through my last bachelorette for awhile.
Big sigh of relief.


  1. Bootylicious is what I think of! And heck yes, you should be celebrating that!

    And OMG that cake is ridiculously realistic!! Except it kinda looks like there's balls at the top, too--not so realistic. Love the lips on it. My face would've turned three shades of red had I seen it in real life.

  2. @Pink Sun Drops- haha thanks it is something I'm trying to accept/celebrate :)

    Isn't that cake crazy?!?! I'm so glad I wasn't the one who had to pick it up for the party or I would have been all kinds of red too!

    Funny story the person who picked it up has a 6 year old and 9 year old. They saw it in her fridge...6 year old asked what it was and the mum in a panic told her it was "a funny hotdog"...which we all thought was a pretty good thing to think of off the top of her head. The 10 year old drew her aside later and asked her if it really was a penis. Her mum was honest with her but was so super embarrased about it! I would be too haha.