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Thursday, May 12, 2011

(This is where I would have put a screencapture pic
of when Carrie accidentally finds the box of her Wedding Dress
in the first Sex and the City Movie but I can't find it.)

And I'm just so frustrated and upset right now.
After spending 2 hours on Tuesday helping my mum on the computer.
She called yesterday night to have me switch things with a Kijiji ad (which is like Craigslist).

She literally wanted to READ me line by line on what to change.
Then she had me call them for a different ad she had tried to do and didn't seem to post...
so I spent another 2 hours last night doing those things.
So last night I told her it would be faster and easier if she just did them on her computer herself.
I do admit I was trying to get out of doing it.
I'm just annoyed that my parents can run companies but claim they can't email or post an ad on craigslist.
I feel like telling them ...look I never took a class on how to "learn how to use email" or "how to use craigslist" I just TRIED and it is self explanatory and therefore you teach yourself.
I never had a magical ability to understand computer things...I feel like I'm really not very technologically savvy myself.   

Anyway.. today she called me at work to b*tch me out tell me
I should just do the 4 other Kijiji ads (she needs done) based on what she can tell me over the phone.
And that I was being a brat for not being excited or wanting to do these things because they do so much for me (true but with chains attached *which is way stronger than strings in case you are wondering). 
AND she then dropped the bomb.
After all she " had to pick up YOUR useless wedding dress yesterday"
I don't know if it was the wedding dress or the useless part that hurt more.
I just know I'm blinking back tears that are poking my eyes like hot pokers right now.

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