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Monday, May 16, 2011

Retail Therapy

So in a weird dejavu flash back moment.
It had been a rough week.
My mum had been in super dramamama form and I was feeling beat.

So my dad on Friday turned to me and handed over the credit card saying...
"Teagan why don't you go shopping...really treat yourself, get some new clothes".
And believe it or not I did take a second to think about it.

Then I thought about how EVERY time before my brother goes away on a trip or vacation (2-3 times per year)  he goes and gets "vacation clothes" on my parents dime.
While I scrimp and save for clothes and rarely shop (now).
And as I was thinking of this...I thought...why NOT.
Why do I keep punishing myself when it is being offered like this?

Well I know why I usually don't.
Because these things tend to come with heavy duty strings chains attached.
Except when my dad offers his specific credit card 
and I know it is because it is his way to try and give me some relief 
from being given such a hard time from my mum.
So Saturday morning I got up and put on a comfy shopping outfit...tights/tanks/grandpa cardigan/boots/and scarf and headed off to go shopping.
Here is my obligatory MODG toilet shot.

AND yes I do think everything is better with pockets!

Random blather-ey side note...I love bags from stores...especially stiff thick bags that make you feel important while carrying them.  I know this is a rather screwed up and materialistic way to look at things but I love the feeling of swinging an armful of beautiful shopping bags.  I wonder whose job it is to design shopping bags?  I wonder if there is a special school for that?  Anyway I LOVE the lobster on the Old Navy bag makes me think of summer :)  SO moving right along...
The we go.
At first I thought I needed to stock up on some basics. 
Like camisoles that I love to wear under dress shirts (especially because my brothers dryer had a penchant for chewing the straps on mine).

Then some bras...I buy the same kind because I sure do love them.
I think I most love the pretty patterns on the inside.
Really can it get better than animal print and polka dots?

The next basic I got was a black open cardigan. Made of a really soft thin cotton.

Then a thicker one that is basically the same as my gray one that I wore shopping that I practically live in because it is so darn comfortable...and it has pockets!

Then I knew I had to be semi responsible and pick up some things I could wear to work.
I am going to preface this with that I usually hate dress shirts.
I think they make me look like a boy.
I just don't think they are very flattering.
On a boy = super sexy.
On me= awkward!
But none the less I've been searching for some.
The criteria is that they couldn't be low cut (and I was surprised how many in if you bend over you can see right down = not so good on the job!)
The other thing is I wanted a good quality one that would be of good enough quality that it wouldn't look worn out after three washes.
Enter the Banana Republic Monogram non-iron button up shirts.
And because they seemed decent I picked them up in black sateen.
Classic White Cotton.

And a blue striped.
Then a bright summery silk ruffled top. 
A silk top in blues and greens that felt really fresh.
A cardigan (I love cardigans!) that I could layer with the top above or...
This cute dress below...I'm totally blanking on what this pattern is called right now.
And yes I realize that brings the dress count up to 19 but I'm such a "dress" girl.
This long strapless dress I thought would be perfect for walking around paired with some fun jewelry.
This short dress could be paired with tights and my riding boots in the cooler months and super cute strapy sandles in the summer. (Yes I know nineteen and twenty!)
So really that was it.
I do have to say I'm super proud that I stuck with what I sort of needed (minus dresses oops!)
I didn't buy any new shoes/bags/accessories which I don't really need.
And I don't have the guilt of just getting whatever.
I really paired it down and edited and eliminated a ton out.
So that is how I spent part of my retail therapy.
Thanks to my dad.


  1. Dresses are the perfect outfit - one piece makes the entire outfit.

    I have to say, I *totally* understand about just going for it since they *always* do it for the other sibling :/ . Kinda sucks, but since we usually are SO good about not accepting the strings, sometimes it feels good to just be spoiled.

  2. @PinkSunDrops- I knew you would get it :)
    I totally agree and at least I didn't go super crazy with it to the point where I was just taking advantage.

  3. First: apologies in advance. I'm going to catch up on a month's worth of posts now and fill your inbox with comments!

    Second: I have that same cardigan. (I, too, loooooove cardigans.)

    Third: you got the cutest stuff! Love it ALL.