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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Night Fun

I'm still kind of mad at blogger right now for erasing yesterdays post....grrrrrrr...moving on.
Well my roots have been calling out desparately for some much needed highlights.
So after work today I headed in.

My fav hairdresser at my mum's spa was doing it (she has been doing my hair since I was 15).
She first chastised me for not colouring it since February (oops).
I didn't fil her in on the mamadrama of having to pay for it (can't and won't do at this point).

I love how she does my hair because let's face it...
my hair is black so it can look really skunky with highlights.
She does it subtle enough that I think it is a pretty caramely-brown.

So we start and I had a super weird reaction.
I'm not sure what it was but as she was combing through a toner on my hair.
I felt so upset and the swirl of thoughts in my head was all about Spencer.
Maybe it was because I tried to call him this morning (to no answer obviously).

It was like I all of a sudden got choked up...
like the tears were going to start to pour down my head.
And in my head I thought...quick Teagan think something else.
Think about the next two weekends, and moving to the TDot
and working in your career and all the good stuff.
So I managed to push them back somehow.

I then headed home and still feeling on the verge of tears.
So weird.
I'm not sure why.
Things are coming together and I have my plan and I'm moving forward.
Maybe it's because of Friday the 13th haha...
but I had planned on pulling a little Taylor Swift action and tihnking that it is actually lucky.

Here is some pics of my hair and my comfy bum clothes at home.
Sorry for the rando blocked face but I'm just not there yet for sharing.
Maybe one day.
As I uploaded these pictures to this post...

I realized what I wanted to be able to think about myself and do I dare say it...
maybe I do think so a little bit...
Deep breath...

I'm too pretty and nice to be sitting at home on a friday night.

I deserve to be going out and enjoying life and laughing and flirting and being WHO I AM...
Which is not someone that sits at home by herself on a perfectly good Friday night.
I cannot let this ridiculousness continue.
I am making my moves and soon I won't be wasting my Friday nights.
I promise.

Oh yea and in case you're wondering...I didn't have to pay for it.

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  1. It looks GORGEOUS!! And YOU look gorgeous in your comfy bum clothes. Love the last paragraph!