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Monday, May 9, 2011

Eva's Bridal Shower

So after last Saturday night's bachelorette party
I woke up bright and early Sunday morning
to make the drive into Toronto for Eva's bridal shower.
It was set to be interesting because her fiance is of a different cultural background
and my Waterloo girls are all very "Canadian".

So I dressed up for my final (scheduled) bridal shower for the year (I hope...totally kidding they are okay and I even enjoy myself ...but I can't help but sometimes get that feeling in the pit of my stomach of the emerald-eyed girl being bitter and disappointed at all my missed out showers/parties this year). 
Anywho... onto the MODG-inspired toilet shot of the outfit.

I love the fact that this dress has fantastic pockets! Just like my almost wedding dress.  Though I just realized now that the dress colour basically blends into the walls... random.

And since I loved all the fascinators etc. from the recent Royal was my fun attempt from the side..

From the front...ignore the inch+ of black roots that desparately need a touch up
(this Friday...I think).

So Val, Quinn and myself met up at Tim Horton's before hand to pow wow about game organization.
The shower was being hosted by Eva's fiance's mum.
The only thing she asked of us was that we organize some games.

We headed over there and got to meet a ton of his (soon to be her's too) cousins.
I spotted some red soled shoes that practically had the emerald-eyed Teagan ready to snatch them off their feet!  All of them were impeccably dressed up.
They are all of Persian decent so these women had gorgeous thick dark hair, big Jasmine (yup Disney Princess reference) eyes and beautiful skin.
It gave me some excitement to see what they will all wear to the wedding in just a few weeks.
And sort of wondering if my $70 dress from H&M is not formal enough
(I got it a few weekends ago read here) which makes me super duper panicked because I'm not sure where else I would get a formal dress from on such short notice.

So the bridal shower was a lot of fun
and actually reminded me a lot of my family (European) showers.
My Canadian friends and Eva's mum and grandmother's were stunned that there was a full meal for the shower (which is pretty par-for-the-course for European showers that I'm used to).
The food was fantastic and all Eva's favourite Persian dishes!
I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures  of the actual food :)
But I managed a few of the dessert table (all totally made by hand of course).

So for the games we had...
A Wedding Word Scramble (umm can you tell 2/4 are school teachers organizing  the games)
Bridal Shower Bingo
The Apron Game
Finally the Toilet Paper Bridal Gown

I wish I had taken more pics but I lost my camera during the games organization.
The most hilarious one (because no one knew the big "trick") was The Apron Game.
Have you played it???
So you dress the bride-to-be in an apron COVERED with kitchen items.
(We mangaged to get most of them from the Dollar Store).
She walks through once with the instructions given being "pay attention to her appearence".
She then goes into another room until the game is completed.

That is her flower girl to be who looked ready to go that cute!

So then you give them a piece of paper with an apron picture on it and have them write down everything on the apron...BUT then the game actually begins!
Hahahaha oh the trickery!
You have them turn over the paper and ask questions like...
what side was her hair parted?
what colour were her shoes?
how many rings was she wearing?
It was awesome and met by a collective groan once the true game was revealed.
It also is a nice gift for the bride-to-be and a fun memory...especially a bride-to-be like Eva who is a regular Martha Stewart in the kitchen.
These were all the prizes for the games!

Overall the games were a total success and honestly probably so much more fun because I don't think Eva's finace's family had ever done anything like that.
They said their favourite game was the Toilet Paper Bridal Dress game.

They did do one of their traditions which was to ask the bride-to-be who would be the next girl to be married...(because apparently that is a gift that the impending bride-to-be has???) and Eva sort of stunned was like "hmmm I have no idea..." and someone from her fiance's family pointed out me.

I went red immediately and thought to myself
oh gosh if only you all knew how far off you are...
and now that I actually have time to think about it
I wished I had graciously smiled
and asked if they knew any cute single guys with a wink...
maybe I could have improved my fun times at the wedding since I'm going solo
but alas I was thrown for a loop completely.
I tried to brush it off and Eva tried to help by saying one of the cousins and talk about why
(thank goodness for the rescue attempt).
So beside that minor random awkwardness it was fun.
Val, Quinn and I were able to laugh about it in go figure out of EVERYone
I got picked out of the crowd for THAT.
Though Quinn was quick to point out that you never know.

So overall we had a fun afternoon
and then I went for coffee Val so that we could devise "the Plan".
More about that later.


  1. Maybe the cute guy they would've mentioned will be there any way! That was a sweet save on Eva's part. Can't wait to hear the thoughts you two came up with!

  2. Hmmm perhaps you are right...wait Eva's fiance's brother is best man and I wonder if he is single haha. Thank goodness for Eva thinking on her feet! Just posted on the thinking too much build up oh well. xo