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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter X-48: Darkness on the edge of town*

So it was last left off that Spencer would file for the divorce
after he received his paycheck from his new job on the 1st (of this month) read here.
Since I haven't heard anything I knew I needed to message him.

You see I'm desperate to avoid paying the $3600 in divorce fees here.
Especially when it is less than $400 in his state to file (and apparently no need for separation).
This is also way WAY better then his stupid ridiculous idea to go to the Dominican Republic for the weekend for a quickie divorce...did you miss that (you can read about that here).

So I sent him this email today.

Did you have a chance to file yet?
I would appreciate it if it could be finalized as soon as possible or to at least know if I need to proceed here.

To the point and not bitchy (I don't think).
Part of me still want to ream him out and send a nasty email of "how could you's" and "I trusted you's" and "you didn't even try" and "you didn't even FACE me to end our marriage" and tell him he is "an awful jerk to do this" but I restrain myself...after all what would be the point.
The end goal is a fast and painlessaspossible divorce.
It would be the least he could do nice for him to pay half the expenses that occured because of things he had asked for and wanted.
Pretty sure I never proposed to myself...but I did control my own actions in saying yes.
It would be amazing and mature and the right thing to do for him to pay for those things.
But I won't hold my breath on any of that.
Like I said before chalk it up to a VERY expensive and painful lesson.

Now I nearly jump out of my skin everytime my phone buzzes.
I wonder if he will reply.
I hope he does.
I hope he has filed.
I hope I never ever see him or hear from him again after it is all finalized.
I hope this is all for a reason.
I hope I find love again.
I hope I can trust someone again.

I hope.

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