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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lulu "Necessities"

So remember when I wrote all about my mum's birthday gift of Yoga classes? (read here if you don't).
Tonight is our first class.
It isn't a beginner class (those conflict with her work schedule) but I figure its a good yoga studio and she should be okay.
It is also hot yoga...I'm hoping this isn't irritating to my mum.

I have to go buy water bottles because the studio that we are going to doesn't allow disposable plastic water bottles.  I used to have a ton of Nalgene's but can't find any of them.
I went on the Lulu website and they are really pretty.
My dad gave me money for that and yoga towels.
I know I'm totally spoiled AND I am feeling frustrated that I have been turning down my dad EVERY time for money when I watch my brother buy watches, clothing, and other junk all.the.time.  So I'm giving in and taking it this time.
The good news is my dad doesn't ever throw it in my face or ask me for money back for things he gives me...unlike the mum wedding mirror incident which I will have to write about in full detail later.

I'm thinking of getting these because they are thin and non slip.
They are a little pricy at $65 + 13% tax considering it is a towel.
Does anyone have experience with them?
I got Eva one for her birthday last year and she seemed to love it.
Haha guess my Lulu purchases are on the way up.
Well when funded by my dad anyway.
I will keep you posted on what I pick and how it works at yoga tonight.
Can you tell I'm stressing about tonight?

Chapter X-46: I suck

So "will" to ignore Jacob...totally didn't hold up.
I caved...I folded.
When he messaged me at (9:45pm) and I was boredly folding laundry.
So I messaged back "hi"...
Only to start into step one of our pattern (read here for full pattern).

We talked about nothing.
Just your basic, hi how are ya's.
I asked about that disc/flashcard of resources he was supposed to send me and he said he hadn't had a chance to yet.

He wanted to know when I would be coming to the USA (I replied no idea...just that pesky immigration issue looming).  AND I didn't ask him when he was coming to Canada. Go me.
Then he said I should work in Canada for a bit and move to the USA???
Ummm really???
I told him I thought it was a futile dream to do that.
He then put a :( and said he was sad because he wanted me to come to the USA.
I chose that point to say "hey I have to go I have friend coming over to borrow some books" (and YES that was the best excuse I could make to stop talking to him...yes I'm that lame).

Then just as I think I'm in the clear and write TTYL
He writes...bye sexy zuzu (darn nicknames and why WHY must you write sexy????)
I choose to ignore this and not respond (because I have a "friend" coming over to pick up books right???)
Then he writes "I've been thinking about you :)"
So then I respond (I know I know smack me will ya?) "about sending me a disc of resources? haha...gotta go ttyl"
He wrote "bye".

And that my friends is why I suck.
I need to have my paperwork hurry up and get here so I can out of here and start my life over.
And for the record I left my cell phone in my car so I wouldn't be tempted to respond to Jacob if he messages me during the day.

Femme Fatale

So I'm so so exited for Britney's new CD.
I love her music so much.
And YES I love that it is totally produced and put together manufactured and super fun.

I wrote about how much I loved her performances here before.
Seeing her on GMA I felt bad how people were ripping her apart.
I thought she did well and improved with each song performance.

Then on Jimmy Kimmel I thought she was funny (it reminded me of skits she did on SNL before).

And I thought it was her best performance yet!

Go Britney I can't wait to get her album this weekend.

In case you missed when she was on SNL the first time...
Here is her opening monologue...

Here are her fav is the dance audition
Then in 2002...Love how Justin Timberlake showed up in her opening monologue!

And her SNL performances...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter X-45: Knocking Doors

Jacob just messaged me... "hi"
I'm ignoring it.
Watch me ignore it.
Why did my heart race when I realized he had messaged me on my phone????
I will ignore it ...I haven't talked to him since March 2nd!!!
And I haven't really missed it.
I will ignore it.
I will.

Junos 2011 Damn I'm dying to make you feel like a woman baby

I found a way better clip showing Drake and Shania's reaction when he sang to her.
Remember when I wrote about it being one of my favourite parts of all the Junos (read here).
Here it is...

You're welcome ;)

My Self Made Long Weekend Update ~ Monday Funday

Monday I took the day off partly because I was celebrating the fact that I passed all my tests!  I haven't hung out with Eva since Quinn's birthday party (read that post here).
So I decided it would be fun to hang out with her on Monday (her day off) since she lives in a suburb of the TDot.

It totally left me with mixed feelings.
A huge part had that darn emeraldeyedgirl coming out.
I have so much love for Eva and she is honestly one of the most amazing women I know.
I certainly am happy for everything with her but it sometimes SUCKS to hold it all in and smile and be happy when by comparison my life blows.
And I KNOW comparing yourself to others likely leads you to being a emeraldeyedgirl but sometimes I can't help it!

Okay so the positives...
I met her early morning for hot yoga.
Generally I shy away from the 90 minute classes.
But Eva has a class that she swears by.
We both share a love for yoga...I had planned to do yoga the morning of my wedding in a private studio to just calm myself down (and Eva was the first one to go HECK yes I'm in)...sigh.
Anywho Eva is really REALLY good at yoga and this was definitely a hard core class.
It felt great to get a sweat on and hopefully get closer to looking like the girls in the class who just about all looked like THIS!

Craziness! But so good.
And how sweet that Eva gave me a shirt from Lululemon (my FIRST ONE!!) remember when I wrote about my mum's birthday gift (read here) and said I had nothing I do!!! It's perfect and so pretty and of course the right size (told you Eva is amazing!)  Now mind you I am the heaviest I have ever been.  So I'm extra glad for the fitted on top loose on the bottom fit of this top.  I think the sweetheart neckline (thank you wedding dress shopping for my improved neckline vocabulary) is complimentary on me.  The back view is a little wonky and rotated but I think the back is really cool (minus the roll over the right side of the top grrrr).  Holla at the KimKardashian booty out in full force in the pic.  I will definitely be looked to Lulu the next time I need new yoga gear.  However, you cannot beat the price of Target and that is 99% of my workout gear.  Though the quality and feel of Lululemon is out of this world...(but so are their prices sorry Lulu but I'm still rocking the receptionist salary here).

So then we went back to her new place.  She just moved from a one bedroom condo (the one we had a final party in the second night of Taylor's visit to Canada (read here)) into a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs.  It is huge and perfect and we went through the entire thing while she told me about her plans and the new furniture they plan on getting for the place.  And while I was so so SO happy for her I had this knot in my stomach the whole time.  It is like getting a glimpse of everything I want in life and knowing I can't have it.  I really really REALLY want to be able to go house hunting with a husband and plan a house and buy furniture and still be planning my wedding (hers is at the end of May).  I'm so excited for her they are already planning on having kids ASAP after their wedding too.  But in all reality besides all the material things I'm super emeraldeyed over... I really just want someone to spend the rest of my life with.  I don't think I will ever be that lucky.

Anyway from there we had to go pick up my bro (who I left sleeping in at the hotel all morning) to go have lunch together.  On our drive down Eva and I chatted away and she showed me pics of her wedding dress fitting (another stomach knot), and about wedding details (more and more knots).  But I smiled and chatted away with her because I am geniunly happy for her.  It is also pretty important to note that Eva and I are so similar (and were roomates in first year dorm and all my years of collge).  So things about the wedding are very similar (we had booked the same videographer because of her recommendation).  From our invites, to bridemaid attire, to planned events they were nearly identical.  A fact that many of the Canadian girls found extremely amusing. 

So we picked up my bro and headed to....wait for it...
CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Toronto got two of them this year!)

How freaking excited was I?!  It's been 2 years plus since I've had Chipotle.
So I had to share this with Eva.

It was awesome to reminisce about my MANY MANY trips to Chipotle with Taylor.
It was just as I remembered and my bro and I even took Chips/Guac/Salsa home for a snack.

Then we headed back to the 'burbs because Eva wanted to show me the cute little "town" feeling in the middle of big city Toronto.
It was adorable they have a little main street that Eva and her fiance walk to.

There is a little park where they will take photos on their wedding day.

The church for their ceremony is also in this little "town".

We stopped by the Old Fire House Convectionery on Main Street.

They had DELISHIOUS candy apples (and bonus they cut them up in slices for you so you don't have to wear the candy part all over your face).

I haven't had a Candy apple since before I had braces (back when I was 14!)
So that was a super fun indulgence.  Yea I know I shouldn't complain about the way I look when I go and eat a candy apple! 

So we finished up and dropped off Eva at her house.
I ran in to use the bathroom and Eva opened some of her mail.
She groaned out loud because she is getting back wedding responses now and I guess her fiance's brother wanted to invite some friends.
Eva and her fiance were cool with that and invited some.
But they didn't invite said "friend" plus guest.
However said friends were RSVPing with their name AND guest.
So Eva was stressed because they have a 220 max and invited 250 and only 6 have responded no.
Then my guilt kicked in because remember I invited Will (read here) AND I can't for the life of me remember if my invite was to me or to me AND guest.  (I totally threw out that outside envelope).
And I didn't want to stress Eva out so I didn't mention anything about it.
Jane (who is in the wedding party) seemed to think inviting him was such a great idea (and she is in the know about the wedding) but now I'm not so sure.  (Plus I'm not sure Will will even come even though I really REALLY would like him to but it is Memorial Day weekend in the USA~ remember this post when he responded to my invite?)  I know I should just ASK her about it but I didn't think it was the right moment.  I see no reason to ask her and put her in that akward position if Will can't even come :(

Overall it was great to see Eva and I know it must be nice for her to be proud of all the fun exciting things in her life!  I also know if the shoe was on the other foot she would be gracious and supportive and amazing to me.
It was tougher than I thought it would be...but I managed.
Then my bro and I made the drive back home and I was exhausted from the weekend and was in bed by like 8:30pm!
And that was how I spent my Monday off!
Trying desparately not to be a emeraldeyedgirl...hmmm not sure I succeeded.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Canary YelLOW with the loafters on" breakdown of the Juno's 2011!

So so so much fun at the Juno's.
I highly recommend going to an awards show.
It was a great mix of young and old artists.
I saw a ton of families out (likely due to parents thinking it was an easy cheaper way to see Bieber but alas he is touring in Europe though he did make video appearences).

I picked up my brother at home after feeling AWFUL from the night before.
We made the drive to Toronto.
First we checked into the Westin Harbour Castle which was awesome I have never had a bad Westin experience.  (AND obviously I would have stayed at a W in Toronto but there isn't one there yet!).

It was perfect to because it was only .2km (I totally googled mapped that fact) from the Air Canada Centre where the Juno's were held this year. 

We got all spruced up and I was rocking my best Juno's outfit that included...leather like tights, patent high heels, a silver lame ruffled tank and black boyfriend blazer.  Sorry for the scary face blur but I wanted to show the painstaken ringlet curls I took an hour to do in the hotel room with a curling iron.

So we walked up to the ACC (Air Canada Centre slang).
It was super exciting to see all the limos pulling up to the Red Carpet.  Here is a pic I snapped with my cell phone of the limos.

We didn't have wrist bands for the Red Carpet plus it was FREEZING outside
(like -13degrees Celsius) so I'm glad my brother wasn't into that part of things.
Then my brother suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and just stared and all he could do was point.
To me it wasn't a big deal... just a fancy looking car that had curtains drawn over the window but that one didn't join the lineup, instead it drove down immediately to underground secured parking (you can see/imagine on the right where the entrance at the bottom of the photo would be right in front of where I took the pic).  We just happened to be right at that spot.  Well my brother after he could compose himself was flipping out because since he knows everything hiphop he knew it was Drake's Maybach.  I teased him that he should have taken a photo.  Anywho Maybach?!?!?!...don't know the car?...neither did I.  Apparently it is a $360,000 one that was gifted to Drake from his label when he released his CD last year in Toronto and its the vehicle he uses now to get around the TDot.

Pretty fancy looking eh?! 
So we went in found where we were sitting.  Not crazy good seats but we could see everything going on and there are big screens everywhere so it was nice to see everything.
Of course they served alcohol haha and the Producer of the show was nice enough to come out before the show went on live to air to say..."please don't drink in front of the camera it doesn't make us look very good...but have fun."  I guess the clear plastic ACC cups of beer don't exactly scream "awards show posh" haha.

I had goosebumps before the show even began. 
Interesting enough there are 40 awards but only 8 are presented during the show to make it more about performances etc... plus there are some really random categories like there is Vocal Jazz Album, Contemporary Jazz Album AND Traditional Jazz Album awards.
The other 32 awards were awarded the night before at the Juno Gala (you can see that full list here).

It was so exciting and to have all the Canadian greats in the building was pretty phenomenol.  I loved the way the stage was set up.   It looked like a fancy American Awards show haha.  Here is what it looked like from the side of the stage...

Especially hosted by Drake...honestly he should be on Saturday Night Live...Lorne Michaels listen up this Canadian is HILARIOUS!!!
I loved his skits and his monologues.  His interaction with the crowd was FABULOUS.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  He danced and interacted with the crowds during comercial breaks.  He was an AMAZING host. 

He totally was ROBBED though.  He had 6 nominations and didn't win anything!  Everytime they were about to announce an award I hope Drake could hear that the audience would always SCREAM Drake!!!!  (It was like the Grammy's and he didn't win a single award)...and seriously after talking to my bro who is OBSESSED with hip-hop I totally appreciate his talent.  He grew up acting and doing music from when he was really little in Toronto.  So his music isn't about drugs or gang banging or whatever is usually negatively associated with hiphop.  He makes no claims to being gangster etc. which I actually really like but I now know this is sometimes looked down on in the hiphop world.  I am now commited to buying his new CD (in September because he is SO super nice he is waiting to release his CD until AFTER his label mates ~Young Money is his label name).

Teagan Tangent...Okay let me break down the label mate thing because I had no idea before my bro told me about it.
So a label is who helps make CDs and label mates are all the artists on the label.
So kind of like team mates.
Often this is how they do collaborations.
Young Money is one of these groups.

"Young Money Entertainment is an American record label and group founded in 2003 by Lil Wayne. The distributing label of Young Mula is Universal and they are also an imprint of Cash Money Records. The president of Young Money is Mack Maine who took over from Cortez Bryant in 2009, but Cortez is still the manager of Lil Wayne, Drake and Lil Twist."

Here is a link to the list of all the artists that are a part of Young Money.

I guess it's not super important but it did help me understand more about the hiphop world.  And why Drake wasn't releasing his CD until September even though it is done now.  My brother explained to me that they don't release CDs at the same time so they aren't directly competing basically against their friends. 
How cool is that?!

Okay so back to my Juno's break down.
The opening skit was GENIUS!
Here it is I'm not sure how long the link will be open...

How funny was that??? Best part was Drake/Beiber singing to each other Sarah McLachlin's ~I will remember you~ to each other...everyone was rolling in their seats.

Then he came out and introduced everyone like Arcade Fire, Brian Adams, Neil Young and Shania Twain...
He was pretty much hitting on Shania Twain but it was hilarious!  He sang to her (like a crooner type song with piano..."baby we have so much in used to work at McDonalds...I eat I can't wait to make you feel like a woman baby" 

...again the whole audience (and Shania Twain) was rolling with laughter.  I hope it is found in this grainy clip.  It is!  Fast forward to 3:15 when he starts to talk of Shania or 3:50 where he sings to her...hilarious!  Follow this link to a way better link that I posted later.

Then later on he had this skit.
Basically saying he was going to go after a new demographic and instead of young money he was going to target "old money"...and this skit involved a ton of Canadian Seniors in a retirement centre in Toronto.  HILARIOUS...then as you can see at the end of the clip he had them at the Juno's in the front row.  They were so adorable and excited to be there (even if they had no idea about hip hop or Drake).  For a half hour after you could see people continuously going up to them to take pictures with them it was awesome.

So did you catch the "Canary YellOW with the loafers on" is when Drake first walks up to a senior and is complimenting his outfit in the way that rappers often do to each other.  So so so darn funny!
Then I love how he had the older lady drink straight out of the Champagne Bottle and gave her a blinged out cane.  It was pretty funny to ask them to complete hip hop sentances.  Overall I thought it was totally brills (aka brilliant) and he should for sure host SNL. 

It was really interesting that Neil Young beat out both Justin Bieber and Drake for Artist of the Year. 

He himself seemed STUNNED and asked "what year is this?" and went on to compliment the other artists in the category (including the Biebs- who won Pop Album of the Year and Juno Fan Choice Award).  Click here for the full list of the 8 Big Juno Awards from that night.  Also kind of funny that the International Album Award went to Katy Perry (just weird because I don't think of her as an "international" artist but I guess she is in Canada haha.

Deadmouse (written something like Deadmou5) won for electronic album.  His head is always easy to spot in a crowd.

It was cool to see Brian Adams speak so kindly of Shania Twain and induct her into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. 

Shania looked as awesome as ever on the Red Carpet.  Yes we totally have mountees on the red carpet.

Another TeaganTangent:  Brian Adams wore a jacket from these guys...

They are Canadian Designers Dsquared.  Who make AWESOME clothes..IF I could afford them I totally would.  They had a store in Singapore that was GORGEOUS and filled with beautiful clothes.  And they just happened to design all of Britney's clothing for her most recent tour (Circus!).

I really enjoyed all the performances of the Junos. 
I loved Hedley (how cool is the Piano with holes of light streaming out?)

and Sarah McLachlin. 

I know that Arcade Fire totally cleaned up (they won 4 awards) and seemed genuinly happy and surprized.   

I'm not crazy about them or their music but from what I know of them they did things SLOWLY because they wanted to make their music their way.  So I do appreciate that factor and I guess not everyone loves every type of music...I'm sure not everyone loves Britney (though I do and her album comes out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After I was pretty tired so we headed back to the hotel and had a drink at the hotel bar.

We headed up to the room and my brother rented a movie as I promptly fell asleep (I had morning hot yoga scheduled with Eva!)
It was cool that my brother didn't push going out (he is a partier).
But I did feel bad the next day when it was revealed that Drake was at a regular bar in Toronto that anyone could get into.  (And my brother loves Drake and well now so do I).

Oh well I wasn't exactly feeling like going out after my Saturday night adventure (more about that later).

Overall a pretty good bro/sis trip to the Juno's.

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Weekend Quickie Recap

Here is just a quick recap of this past weekend with extended posts and pics to come.
But I wanted to mention them real quick before I forget anything and it will help me recap later.

Friday~ Bummed around and tried to ignore the boyparty occuring downstairs at my brother's place...random blaring rap music at 3am NOT so cool...realizing the next day that someone had eaten 2 week old shrimp stirfry (gross gross gross) that was hidden in the back of the fridge...enough to make me laugh on the inside for some passive aggressive revenge.

Saturday~ Headed to the 'loo (that's Waterloo for ya).  Drunken night with girlfriends (Shelby and Mandy).  It was interesting...and I will have to delve into it soon but 2/3 of us were highschoolprommakingout on the dance floor within 45 minutes of arriving.  And just like college someone puked in the cab on the way home.

Sunday~ headed home to head back to the T.Dot for the Junos (I now posted about it here)...I'm still watching clips on youtube because Drake did the most AMAZING job hosting...all I'm going to say is ..."Canary yellOW with the loafers on" and I will explain it later BUT my brother and I have been saying it for the past two days and it sends us into fits of giggles.

Monday~ met with Eva and we went to 90 minute hot yoga class, had lunch, saw her new GORGEOUS huge grownup house and more about that later.  Obviously skipped work on Monday but I felt like I needed a break especially in light of passing all the exams!!!!

Now back to work and I really need to make some steps for my life.  But first finishing the training manual for the next employee (more about that later too!)

I hope your weekend was fun filled too!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fingers Crossed for a new Lauren Conrad show to find a way to air!

So in random TV news.
Remember when I wrote about Lauren's new upcoming reality show on MTV here or when I wrote about how much I admire her here.
Well her new show that was filming was probably the show I was most excited to see EVER.  I always really enjoy Lauren Conrad's shows, fashion and books.

So when the new show was filming I was so excited!
Then I heard that MTV decided NOT to air it.
Here is MTV's statement. (from Here)

“She did do a pilot. There were talks about whether we could somehow manage to put together a special based on that footage but that’s also a big question mark based on her interest in that and the finances. We love her! We would love her on our network. It was a great attempt but it just didn’t feel like a perfect fit for us now.”

Interesting enough Lauren released her own statement over why it wasn't going to air any more.  AND I have to say so super proud of her to stand up for herself and state her own opinions. (from here)

“We sold a show to MTV, filmed it and are really proud of the final result,” Conrad tells Gossip Cop in a statement. However, she adds, ”MTV felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life.”
As opposed to “The Hills,” which followed the reality star and her friends as they partied around Hollywood, the thrust of the yanked show was Conrad’s work as a fashion designer.
We agreed going into the project that this show would be an aspirational one, focusing on my career and my goals and not my personal relationships,” Conrad says. “We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it.”

I love that she addresses this issue.  Also I think that it is a different audience that would like this show (like ME!!! even though I totally watched the Hills and Laguna Beach too but I think I would actually like this more because I love Project Runway and the parts of the other shows that shower her fashion, etc).
Also I love love LOVE the opening that was released for the is so pretty and fun and different.

I reallly hope that a network picks up this show because I think it will be AMAZING.
Fingers crossed.
Go Lauren!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Canadian Pet Beaver Misconception?

Morning giggles...hahaha sometimes I love the "Canadian" misconceptions.  It would be awesome if this was actually true hahaha.  Happy Saturday. 

xoxo Teagan

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stepping Forward

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation." - Brian Tracy

So real quick.
This morning I went to the lawyers to get my applications, pictures etc. notarized so I can begin my career in Canada (yippee again!!)  Another step forward in the right direction for sure.
Yesterday I tried to call Spencer and just left a voicemail...saying "Hey we need to talk to get everything finalized.  I would really like to move forward with everything as soon as possible.  Please call me back when you get a chance."  Because I haven't heard from him since February (read here) and he obviously doesn't give a flying fern that he said he would get back to me on March 10th!  What.a.jerk.

Anyway moving on and back to me...I felt like I was a super savvy saver because the application requires a 2" x 2" photo.  So instead of going to get a random passport photo taken I just used photo paper on my home printer and printed off a picture (instead of paying $16.99 + 13% Tax).  Also I think it is important to have a nice photo for things like memberships, student ID cards, etc because you never know what it may be used for.  For example based on my student ID card photo in Texas I was picked to be photographed for the new campus campaign in my last year (which was so fun and as close to modeling as I will ever get). 

Anywho my usual lawyer wasn't there so his hotter younger associate filled in to get me all "notarized".  He looks at my photo (don't totally was one of my individual shots from my engagement photos (but it doesn't look engagment-ey. I like it because my hair/makeup/lighting is pretty freaking awesome!))  And he said, "wow that's certainly not a driver's license photo you look great!"  I blushed and said, "thank you."  As he walked out of the room to grab his notarizing instruments I glanced down at his left hand and yes...totally married but I just took the compliment and cherished it. 

We chatted for a bit after that and he asked me about my career in Canada and if I was just beginning to practice so I gave him the "cover story" (read about that here where I tried it for the first time) and it seemed to go pretty well again.  I think it is a positive enough story anyway.  When I left he said, "welcome home Teagan."  I actually felt pretty good.  How do I judge how good I'm interacting with people?  I totally have a system.  Well you see I have some people that I know that have the BEST interaction skills with others.  You know those incredibly social people who are just amazing and friendly and everyone instantly likes...that is my bestie Taylor.  It is impossible to meet her and not instantly like her and she can get along with anyone.  Well... I felt like Taylor as I was conversing...I felt smart and bubbly and pretty and friendly.  So when I walked out I noticed the sun was shining (albeit on the snowy walkway).  The air is still cold and crisp here but when I looked up to the sky I could feel the warmth from the sun on my face.  I took a deep breath in and smiled ...welcome home indeed.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Passed Provincials!!!
Now get everything submitted by tomorrow and hopefully that means a job switch very very soon!
Doing a happy dance and fist pumping all over the place! 
Thank goodness!!!!

Weekend Plans

This weekend will include a weekend trip to...

So on my mission to be less of a hermit I am trying to get out there and be social.
Shelby invited me with her and another girlfriend to go out in Waterloo Saturday night.
Which is our (the Canada girls and Shelby's) old undergraduate city.

I haven't been there in YEARS!  Which will be cool to reminice.  Oh the campus and the fun and studying that was had there.  I spent way WAY to much time in the Library...

Our campus is know as the "Silicon Valley of the North" and is definitely an academic school.  But our campus isn't exactly pretty like pictures I've seen of Auburn or the amazing U of Michigan Campus.

The library is quite the sight at night all "lite up".

Especially when people have been studying way too long.  I remember this occuring every exam season with people rushing and opening/closing curtains in reflect the general feeling of exam time at school.  UWaterloo really prepared me for graduate school.  Our UNDERGRAD Honours Bachelor of Science was 32 hours a week  (which was not the case of my friends in the south where 18 hours was considered full time).  So that plus Varsity Cheerleading PLUS Kappa stuff and I was a super busy girl.  Hence the generalized panic feeling during exams...(warning: it is explicit!)

So this Saturday will be a chance to get dolled up and go out and have drinks and not worry about being seen.  Not in the sense of carrying on and being belligerent but just to be able to let loose. Not being in my home town where I will ALWAYS run into someone I know.

I know on weekends I've been bumming around in baggy sweats and being all hermit like.
But I think it is time to get out there a little bit more.
So maybe this is the weekend to push that.
Maybe push myself into dressing up and embracing my KimKardashian curves haha.

Also...this is very exciting and one for the bucket list which is...
Attend an awards show!
On Sunday my brother and I are doing a "bro-sis trip" to the Juno's in the TDot!

Not excited?  I am because it is Canada's Music Awards...our equivalent to the Grammys.

Remember when Taylor came to Canada we went to the Bata Shoe Museum and there was this exhibit on shoes?  (you can read that here)...well they were all from these artists who had performed/been awarded Junos.

Its the 40th Anniversary of the Juno's also!
Hosted by Drake (who I love).

He had this to say about hosting...""I am beyond honoured to be hosting this monumental Juno Awards in the greatest city on Earth," said Drake in a press release issued this morning. "I want to bring a youthful energy to the show and encourage people to be excited about what Canadian music has to offer."  Rumor also has it that Drake is trying to bring in some of his big name friends to boost the Canadian award shows, especially being hosted in his home town!  It is set to be the biggest Junos EVER.  The Biebs will be there I'm guessing.

With performances by...

"Hmmm…how to I keep warm during a Canadian winter? Check out who’ll be taking the stage rocking, popping, and crooning during the 2011 Juno Awards Ceremony on Sunday March 27.

Watching the show from the suburbs? Arcade Fire leads the performances pack with 5 nominations and a performance right here in Toronto when they take the stage to show Canada why they’re celebrating 40 years of fan-frigging-tastic Canadian music!

Need a challenge? Who will appear on stage and how will they all fit on stage when Broken Social Scene marches up to show the nation why they secured 4 Juno nominations? The band had anywhere from six to nineteen members!

Pop music your thang? Down With Webster are your boys (and they’ve got two nominations to boot!). Still exploding since they broke out on the scene, they’ve delivered hit after hit so you know you’ll be outta your seat when they rock out on stage!

Feeling cold? Grab a sweater from Hedley who’ll take the stage. And if their past performances have taught us anything, they can do soul, rock, pop and ballads– they’ll own the stage with whatever they’re planning to make us move! Let’s hope they’ll take the stage another time for a win from one of their 4 nominations.

And we haven’t forgotten Canada’s love for country music (we all watch CMT!). We’re hoping the 4 nomination-scooping Johnny Reid can make it two for two as a multiple Juno winner when he takes the stage to perform! Let’s go country!"

Also Sarah McLachlin and Chromeo.

The presenters include: 

Billy Talent, Metric’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, Randy Bachman, Buck 65, Great Big Sea, Melanie Fiona, Keshia Chante, Classified, Dan Hill, Wes Williams (Maestro), Royal Wood, and eTalk TV host Ben Mulroney are the final Juno Awards presenters added to Sunday night’s two-and-a-half hour broadcast from the Air Canada Centre (CTV, 8 p.m. ET).  They join previously announced presenters Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Daniel Lanois, deadmau5, K’naan, K’NAAN, Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley, Robbie Robertson, Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee and Shad. and Minister Charles Moore.

Admittingly I only know the ones that are I highlighted PINK!
Anywho I'm really really excited.
And I can cross "Attend an Awards Show" off my bucket list!
Yea!!!!  I'm so excited?!
I have no idea how it works in terms of if we just go to the auditorium or do we try to check out the red carpet or all that stuff!  I'm pretty excited though :) 
I'm slowly but surely getting back to myself...thank goodness!!!

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