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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Like pushing on a bruise to see if it still hurts...yup it does

Today I got an email with this Subject Line
Subject: Confirmation for your September 17th Wedding!!!
And I felt the now less familiar knot in my stomach.
As I opened the email my hands were shaking...

Hi Teagan,

My name is Lindsay and I have since taken over for Candice since she is away on maternity leave.  Your wedding is fast approaching us and I would like to confirm a few details with you.

Based on my information here, I see you are hosting the cigars ($15.00 each) and would like the roller to start at 5:30pm.  Correct?

I also need you to confirm
1. Number of Guests
2. You current billing address
3.  Is it still the same location as initially discussed?

Also, the credit card used for the deposit is no longer here can you please provide with one for your remaining balance?


I responded to let her know that there is no longer a wedding.
I has cancelled with Candice in December
(which is why there is no longer a credit card on file).
And I was actually surprized at how much it bothered me.
I think it was because I was so caught off guard.

Maybe because this was one of the surprizes I had booked for Spencer.
Him and all the guys in his family love cigars.
What better then cigars all night and someone rolling them by hand?!
Well if the hypothetical wedding was still on that is.
It's not.

And it still hurts.
I wish that date didn't practically leap off the calendar at me.
It still does.

Pic from here

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Shower Sunday

Happy Sunday!
So I was in my hometown for my cousin's baby's Baptism.
This morning started off a little rocky.

I didn't know what time it started at.
I had assumed that it would be around 1:30 because Sunday Mass is usually around 12 so I figured it would be after mass.
So my mum called my brother and I at 12:23 to let us know the Baptism began at 12:30.

So instead I had more time to take outfit pics in the giant mirror at my parents place.
(Which is part of the Great Mirror Story that I need to tell).
Like this.

And this one. (I had the cardigan to be conservative in Church ...that I ended up missing.

I apologize about scary blurry face but you know...internet "privacy" and all that.
Did you notice I got more bangs...felt like a change was needed.
Here is a closeup to better see the bangs and my fun necklace.

So I was a little perturbed that we didn't go to the Church part.
Especially because I drove the two and a half hours home yesterday to attend.
So instead we met everyone at the restaurant for the lunch afterwards.

The restaurant looks outdoors but is actually indoors.

And as in tradition with my big European family.
There was a lot of people, tons of food and an open bar.
And because there are not a lot of places in my hometown to run events such as this...
Does this look familiar?
I attended a Bridal Shower here (read here).

Which I will pretend being there didn't send me into a brief contemplation of timing and circumstances...and just life.
I tried to push the emerald eyed girl down and keep her from resurfacing but I couldn't help but think about how things could be different.
That if things had worked out differently this could have very easily been my bridal shower.
The questions my family asked would be about if we were all ready for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon...but it wasn't.

Instead it is just this...and I busied myself trying to think of other things like how I really liked the blue hydrangea centre pieces.
The linens were chocolate brown and blue.
It was the same linen (square picqued I think it's called) as my engagement party linens (they were the new style of last year from the 2 different linen companies in my hometown).
I was trying to force myself think of something...anything different.

But you know what?  It was okay.
I survived...through the games of "how can I one up you" etc. that I mentioned yesterday (see here).
Here is the little man of the hour.

After surviving the afternoon.
I left and headed back to the Tdot.
But not without my baby shower favour.
Cute right?

It did make it back to the Tdot though not in it's correct upright position.

I very much dislike the long drive...too much thinking time.
Thinking of how I need to get ready for the week ahead.

When I got in I bumped into Eva and her husband on the way out on a date night.
And despite being able to keep the Emerald Eyed Girl from coming out for such a very long time.  I currently am feeling very very Emerald Eyed.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yipes how did this week fly by?!

Yikes how did this week fly by?
Which I suppose is a good thing.
It seemed kind of rough.

I had sort of a stressful time at work.
Many factors but mainly I'm just stressed about being able to generate enough income for my work to justify having me there.
And this has me stressed to the max.
AND they JUST added someone else in my division (not my position).
However, I am perplexed as to why add on at this point when I clearly haven't generated enough growth.  Ack!!! So needless to say I have been on edge.

So this week sort of went like this...

Monday was ridiculously fun.  I met up with Eva and we met up with Val and Quinn for a quick dinner than Harry Potter 3D IMAX and it was awesome.   I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed it immensely.

Funny to think that it has been 10 years in the making.
Funny how that is a longer relationship then both Spencer AND Jacob.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was pretty much work and home and stress

Friday Eva and I went to a hot yoga class and it was GREAT.
It has been the first time I've done something since taking a break (due to my knee).
Though it was noticibly weaker when my left leg had to do the supporting things on seemed okay.  Well it is still swollen and stuff but it worked.
So it makes me excited to possibly increase yoga and see how it goes.
I'm also have felt in a funk because this crappy knee injury has me on 0 activity.
Then we made Chicken Parmagian and watched 500 Days of Summer.
Which I liked even though parts made me mad.

Today (well tonight) I am in my hometown.
Tomorrow morning is my cousin's baby's Baptism.
I got the guilt tripped into coming.

Why was I planning on avoiding it?
Because it will be my whole large family.
And there will be many rounds of "How can I one up you?" and "Backhanded complements"
I'm secretly terrified.

It began as any other family event began.
My mum thought I should get my hair done (so I did).
And that turned into a manicure and then a pedicure...that I talked myself out of and just did a file and fresh coats of nailpolish.
Suzi  & the Lifeguard in case you were wondering.

I know I shouldn't whine about these things.
It is just the way that if I didn't I would be not good enough or not up to par.

Then I grabbed my dog and headed to my brothers for the night.
Part of me thinks I should have tried to be more social being in town.
Maybe call my cousin Bella or my friend Shelby.
But instead I am watching Tangled with my dog.

Sometimes I put myself right into the position I detest the most.
It's totally my own fault.
To put a positive spin (obviously desperately needed)...I think things will change once I move next weekend into my new place.
In all reality I am in control of where I am.
I just need to remember that more often.

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her.
But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.

I need to stop playing like I've already lost...
Just saying.

Pics from here, here, here, here

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Desk Dilemna

So the countdown is on until my new place.
And I need a new desk.
So here is the dilemna.

I have this desk chair already to go with it.

I sort of had my heart set on the Parsons Desk in White from West Elm.

Then I started my comparison shopping to see if there was something comparible.
And here is what I found.
The Malm Dressing Table from Ikea.

So here we go with some comparisons.

Parson's Desk $405.67 
Ikea Malm Dressing Table $145.77

Parson's Desk 48"W x 24"D x 30" H
Ikea Malm Table 47 1/4" W x 16 1/8" D x 30 3/4" H

Looks difference:
Parson's Desk: 4 legs and smooth surface and deeper, 2 drawers, white lacquer finish, "engineered wood" whatever that means 
Ikea Malm Dressing Table: 2 legs (sort of solid sides) and not as deep, 1 drawer, glass top, less nice finish, particleboard

I have not seen either of these in person yet so I'm not sure if you would notice greatly the difference between these two pieces.
Part of me wants to get away from the Ikea pieces as they do not seem to last as long be as well made etc.
Does anyone have one of these or know someone who has?
Long term quality wise would there be a huge difference?
The main consideration calling me is the price because then I have an extra $259.90 to buy other apartment things.

What do you think???

What's up with the Sobriquet?

So I had a great question about my blog title or why it is know as the T.Dot.O.
My understanding is T.Dot.O is the short term or slang version of Toronto, Ontario.
I always loved it because where I'm from (my hometown) is the name of another big famous city so I always said I'm from X, Ontario.
This has always carried over for me my entire life.
For example when I lived in Dallas ...I told people I lived in Dallas, Texas.
(As IF there is any other Dallas besides that in Texas!)
Huge shout out to all my friends in Texas :)
Gosh I miss them all so much...cue the song Come Back to Texas...sigh.

Anywho there I go tangent-ing again.
SoI'm a big fan of full names or nicknames that reference the full name ;) 
So I wanted to double check where specifically the T.Dot.O comes from.
So I did what anyone else would do and consulted the absolute truth via the internet (Wikipedia haha).

  • TO or T.O. – from Toronto, Ontario, or from Toronto; pronounced "Tee-Oh". Sometimes used as T-dot, T-dot-O, or T-dot O-dot.

  • So I was correct there (thank you internet).
    I also would like to say that due to my messed up accent.
    I don't say anything correctly.
    My friends say I say "Toronto" like an American.
    Glad they glossed over the fact that I still say y'all because I like it.

    Locals (aka my Waterloo Girls) say Toronto like TRAW-nÉ™. (sounds to me like Ta-ra-nah said fast). 
    A pronunciation of toh-RON-toh in casual speech is usually seen as a sign that the speaker is not a native of the city.
    It drives me nuts because the local way to me sounds like they are not enuciating.
    I think I say it the correct way...even if everyone thinks I'm American based on my accent here.

    Further research (via Wikipedia...side note: can students reference Wikipedia academically?...I would think not but anywho) indicates that Toronto has a bajillion nicknames.

    In his book Naming Canada: Stories about Canadian Place Names, Alan Rayburn states that "no place in Canada has as many sobriquets as Toronto."[9] Among them are the nicknames:
    So there you have it. 
    And really if I called the blog Teagan in Hogcity or Teagan in the City of Churches???
    Doesn't exactly have the same ring to it don't ya think??? 
    Though Teagan in Hollywood North could be a contender haha.

    With that I will leave you with a T.Dot.O Hip Hop artist that did a love song to Toronto essentially.
    Sort of when the trend of when the trend of songs like Empire State of Mind etc came out.

    Saturday, August 20, 2011


    Just playing around with the blog.
    It felt time for a fresh new change.
    What do you think???

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Sweet Treat Thursday

    On Thursday Eva and I made Angel Food Cake.
    From a box yes.

    But it was great.
    We had it with Strawberries and Cream.
    But we gobbled it up so fast I didn't take a picture of it at all.
    Gotta love random Thursday baking.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Just another dinner at Eva's

    So officially the Couch to 5K program is on hold.
    I tore my medial meniscus in my knee and mandatory minimum 6 weeks off.

    It's not like I'm also going to get any thinner either....
    Because Eva makes ridiculously good dinner's.
    Like on this random Tuesday.

    We had this as an appetizer.
    Basically baked zuccini, eggplant, tomato and feta cheese to put on bread.

    Then a Caprese salad...with boccini, tomato, fresh basil and balsalmic.

    The TWO mains...
    A Persian dish which had rice, green beans and turkey.

    And Mousaka.

    Seriously I'm going to be huge eating like this haha.
    But it sure tastes delish. 

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Pretending like it ain't no thing...

    So I'm going to pretend that I don't notice that every day on my drive home I drive past one of the three bridal stores (one of two in Toronto) where I went to try on dresses.
    Every day.
    There is no real route around it.

    I know it doesn't look like much from the outside but it had super high priced wedding gowns.
    This store was where I tried on this dress.

    You know the one that immediately grabs your eye in a magazine.
    It was the first one that I tore out and put in my wedding binder.
    It was perfect becuase it had all my requirements no lace/beading and pockets/huge big ballgown.
    It made me happy to actually realize I didn't like it on (thought the fabric was luxurious!) because it was $6000 versus my $900 still totally useless wedding dress.
    But it sure was beautiful...on the model.
    In real life if you didn't pose exactly like this model (which made me think of chicken wings for some reason) it gapped all weird away from the body.

    So me, I'm going to pretend that it ain't no thing...
    Happy Monday...

    Pic from here

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Weekend Update

    Came home from work exhausted and just did some cleaning.
    I also watched Bridesmaids which was still hilarious.
    Made me a little worried that I will be perpetually single but hey that is my usual stress.

    I spent the day cleaning up the house.
    Then I tried to run again.
    I had taken four days off because I suspect I tore my medial meniscus.
    Suspicion confirmed...running became excruciating even though I powered through my distance and my pace were awful.
    Turns out I likely need a few weeks off which is annoying because I was just getting into the swing of things.
    Super duper annoyed about that.
    So then I set myself to make dinner for Eva, Jane and their husbands because I figured after their long flight back from Rome they would be hungry for non airplane and non restaurant food.
    Saute Onions
    Add crushed tomatoes

    Add a ton of white wine

    Pork tenderloin (I used 4 for us)

    When they are golden add everything else
    The crushed tomatoes

    I told you it was a ton of wine
    Crushed chilis for heat

    Add the pork
    Add 6 bay leaves

    Paired with roasted potatoes, sweet potato, onion and carrots
    So this is what I set about making.
    Oh yea and a big garden salad and baguette too.
    They were happy with it.
    I had a dessert to make but they were too stuffed.

    So we are going to make it another day.

    Seriously how spoiled am I?
    Look at the adorable keychain they brought me back.

    Things I love about it...the key (I'm sort of obsessed with them too), and it has pink and it has hearts.
    Really it is perfect.
    The rest of the day was spent bumming around, doing laundry, ironing, blogging, icing the knee, debating about joining a dating website and just getting ready for the week.
    Oh yes and my parents came by for us to exchange cars again.
    It was a rather pleasant time because I had Eva and her husband which sort of acts like a buffer.
    Things have been getting better with my parents.
    Case and point my mum brought me too new pairs of yoga pants just because.
    We obviously do so much better when we don't live in the same city.
    It's just easier.
    So anywho...I got a lot accomplished but seemed like yet another rather uneventful weekend.
    I need to get the social Teagan back out there I just have to figure out how to enter that world again.