Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Funday

Guess what I'm doing right now...



  1. One - love the redesign, very fun! Two, tell me how the movie is. Loved the books, never really got into the movies, but I'm still curious! :) Three, I think you should go with the cheaper "desk" from Ikea because you can always upgrade later when you'll hopefully have more $$. Unless you plan to work from that desk all day every day in which case go with the more expensive version! :)

  2. Thanks :) Movie was great!!! I think I was a little more invested in it since I had also read the books and loved them. I get what you are saying about the movies. The first couple were just okay for me (nice to see what I had read kind of thing). I LOVED this movie but I think it mainly is because I loved that last book so much. I went with two people (who had never read a book or watched a movie) and they enjoyed it but noted there were parts they found confusing. My other friend that was with it had read the books (and saw only a few of the movies) and really liked it as well. Hope that helps. We enjoyed the 3D Imax experience but honestly nothing would be lost if you waited for it to be a rental (more about the characters and the emotion- though the Dragon in the bank breakout is cool in big form). I will keep you posted about the desk. My concern (besides the obvious price difference) is the depth and using it as a desk. I will keep you posted :)