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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Shower Sunday

Happy Sunday!
So I was in my hometown for my cousin's baby's Baptism.
This morning started off a little rocky.

I didn't know what time it started at.
I had assumed that it would be around 1:30 because Sunday Mass is usually around 12 so I figured it would be after mass.
So my mum called my brother and I at 12:23 to let us know the Baptism began at 12:30.

So instead I had more time to take outfit pics in the giant mirror at my parents place.
(Which is part of the Great Mirror Story that I need to tell).
Like this.

And this one. (I had the cardigan to be conservative in Church ...that I ended up missing.

I apologize about scary blurry face but you know...internet "privacy" and all that.
Did you notice I got more bangs...felt like a change was needed.
Here is a closeup to better see the bangs and my fun necklace.

So I was a little perturbed that we didn't go to the Church part.
Especially because I drove the two and a half hours home yesterday to attend.
So instead we met everyone at the restaurant for the lunch afterwards.

The restaurant looks outdoors but is actually indoors.

And as in tradition with my big European family.
There was a lot of people, tons of food and an open bar.
And because there are not a lot of places in my hometown to run events such as this...
Does this look familiar?
I attended a Bridal Shower here (read here).

Which I will pretend being there didn't send me into a brief contemplation of timing and circumstances...and just life.
I tried to push the emerald eyed girl down and keep her from resurfacing but I couldn't help but think about how things could be different.
That if things had worked out differently this could have very easily been my bridal shower.
The questions my family asked would be about if we were all ready for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon...but it wasn't.

Instead it is just this...and I busied myself trying to think of other things like how I really liked the blue hydrangea centre pieces.
The linens were chocolate brown and blue.
It was the same linen (square picqued I think it's called) as my engagement party linens (they were the new style of last year from the 2 different linen companies in my hometown).
I was trying to force myself think of something...anything different.

But you know what?  It was okay.
I survived...through the games of "how can I one up you" etc. that I mentioned yesterday (see here).
Here is the little man of the hour.

After surviving the afternoon.
I left and headed back to the Tdot.
But not without my baby shower favour.
Cute right?

It did make it back to the Tdot though not in it's correct upright position.

I very much dislike the long drive...too much thinking time.
Thinking of how I need to get ready for the week ahead.

When I got in I bumped into Eva and her husband on the way out on a date night.
And despite being able to keep the Emerald Eyed Girl from coming out for such a very long time.  I currently am feeling very very Emerald Eyed.


  1. Positives: you looked great and managed to have a good time despite the craziness! Also, you are moving soon (like in a few days right?) and can hopefully be off and running on your own fun life! :) Hang in there!

  2. @AnEarly30- Thanks for pointing out the positive :) I should definitely do more of that! And yes I am moving soon too! Really a lot more good going on then bad and I need to focus on that for sure.

  3. You looked GORGEOUS and you survived. It will keep getting easier. I am sure of it.